Farmall 140

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Farmall 140

Al Fornicola Most interested in identifying my tractor with a identification plate 29094 J. I would like to know the year and availability of parts, especially a starter motor for this tractor.
Hugh MacKay Al: Your tractor is either later 1964 or very early 65 model. Either way won't change anything. Your starter is rebuildable at any auto electric shop. Where do you live? I could give you other suggestions, however geography will have some effect on who I recommend.

If you want to buy a used or remanufactured starter, go to top of page, I expect SSB have them.

I'll get back to you on that year, don't have my information in front of me.

beagle Where does the Hydraulic fluid go in a Farmall 140 Tractor? I put it in the hole on top of the transmission shifter cover. Is this right? The seal is leaking in the rear around the shaft now. Upon viewing this leak, I noticed that the fluid is very vanilla looking as it oozes out of it. What causes the fluid to look vanilla in appearence? Where is the Hydraulic pump located on this tractor also? Thanks for any information you may have on it.
Lewis The hole by the shift knob is actually for transmission fluid. Hydraulic fluid for lift goes in the side of the control box underneath the gas tank. Vanilla (or milky color) means the fluid has water or moisture in it. I am in the process of restoring a 140 and also have water in my transmission and need to change it, however I don't know the type of transmission fluid to use or the quantity.
wendell blaine heath use the hytrans fluid from IH. max amount is 1 gallon, its about 10-15 dollars at your local IH dealer. thats for the lift now. the transmission will use hydraulic fluid not gear oil. Just ask the IH parts counter guy, its not that exspensive.

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