1066 clutch?

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1066 clutch?

kim i have a gear drive 1066, that i just replaced my self, the hydraulic pump on the MCV valve and had the MCV valve cleaned and completely gone through by a IH dealership in northern WI. i don't have any rear wheel movement in high or low range, in reverse i have some motion, but as soon as the tractor starts to climb an incline it comes to a stand still. the tractor does have a T/A. i used it once to get back to the house. i have adjusted the clutch and it does not seem to make a difference. CLUTCH TIME???
MGS With the limited info, I would say it may not be the clutch. I assume the clutch worked before the MCV repair and there is nothing in the MCV that would affect the clutch directly.

It is possible that the TA is smoked, especially if you had a bad MCV pump. The TA clutch pressure comes from the MCV. It is also possible that the MCV was reassembled incorrectly and the TA just doesn't have any operating pressure.

You say that you never use the TA but in reality you are always using it. The TA high is a hydraulic clutch pack on the input of the driveline. TA low is a separate hydraulic clutch pack and a sprag style over-running clutch. If the tractor is operated without good MCV pressure, the hydraulic clutches will burn out and put the drive load on the weaker sprag clutch, eventually it will give up.

jim I think MGS has explained it very well. Hard to do some of this long distance trouble shooting. Need some pressure reading on mcv to diagnois it, or a seat of the pants drive .
kim Ok, thanks for your replies. Let me try to explain this again. i was having the loss of high, low,and reverse range before i replaced the hydraulic pump and rebuilt the MC valve. The person i bought the tractor from broke a thrust washer in the IPTO on the 540 shaft, when he put it back together used that blue silicone form a gasket. when i got the machine home, i was changing filters and the hydraulic filter was loaded with pieces of blue silicone. My thought was this was in my system.
jim Does the red light for the transmission oil pressure work, it is a good indicator of hyd problems. It should light when turning switch on before starting engine. Should go out after it starts and come on when pushing clutch pedal, and again go out as you engage the clutch just a tad before the main clutch engages. If you have a serious leak in ta the light will be on all the time, and or if the mcv isn't functioning properly. Does power steering work good, that is first thing mcv pump does is steer, returning oil from steering then operates ta, brakes and lube. Can't possibly tell you all the ways to observe the light but that is a start but I like to have the red light working , serves as a poor mans hyd pressure gauge.

kim Tel-light did not work when I got the tractor.Looking at the service manual,If the t/a clutches are shot or not working, does that also effect the transmission? Is that what I understand?
kim After rereading all your responses, I think it is starting to sink in what you guys are trying to say. Ok next, is there a way to test the pressures off the MCV to see if it is the T/A clutches that are shot?
jim Yes you can hook up gauges on mcv, one goes in where lube sending unit is and other one on bottom below steering relief valve, the thing is though, the interpetation on the reading. a reading alone means very little except in relation to the other one. hard to explain. and then again all reading may be normal if the clutches in ta are smoked, sprag shot, it still won't move. You can put a 60 psi gauge in lube circut by , removeing sending unit, and see if you have about 22 psi at a moderate engine speed in all ta lever positions, if you do cramp steering wheeel and hold against stop, reading should stay, if not you have a high pressure leak in pump or mcv.If pressure holds close it is not a hydraulic pressure problem, however, even if it is a hyd problem one has to determine if due to internal leaks or problem in mcv. A lot of times there is enough leaking in system that it will not pull at idle but will work with engine reved up . Confused, yes it gets that way. Hope this gives you some ideas anyway.
kim I made test equipment to test the hydraulics on the pump and mcv they go as follows,in t/a safety valve is #280-285psi, and lube regulator is #21psi. Next test is mid position with the t/a, safety valve pressure was #250-260psi, and lube regulator #21psi. with t/a lever in d.d. the safety valve pressure was #280-285psi, and lube reg. pressure was #21psi. next was steering stop to stop, safety valve was 280-285psi, and lube reg. was #21psi. do these numbers do anything for you MSG or jim? help?
Paul Grage With the good pressure on both sides of the TA it sounds more like a main clutch problem.

Although with good lock up pressure the low side and still slip if the sprag is gone. The low side clutch pack was only designed for down hill engine braking.

In either case you will have to split it at least the clutch then farther if the clutch is fine.

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