International 444 ran out of Fuel

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International 444 ran out of Fuel

Barney My son ran my International 444 out of Fuel today, i put more Fuel in it but it won't start, Isn't there something you have to pump up or do to get it to start pumping fuel it's self?? and if so where is it at ??

Thank you


MGS Is it a gas or diesel?
Hugh MacKay Barney: Do you have an operator's manual? I'm assuming from reading your post, this is diesel. I'm most familiar with US built IH tractors. What happens with a diesel is air wont let the fuel flow to the pump and injectors. The Farmalls of that era had bleeders on fuel filters to let air out, once you got all air out of filters, then it was just a matter of loosening a couple of injector lines at the injectors until you get fuel without air. Then tighten all but one, the tractor should start, then tighten that final injector line. I say should start, some are more stubborn than others.

That failing, I find a vehicle heavy enough to tow the tractor in high gear with clutch out until it starts firing. Remember to use your glow plugs in conjunction with the tow start. Running a diesel out of fuel is something you'll probably not allow to happen twice. It's a mean task getting that air out of the system. One of the main problems with a diesel out of fuel, you usually run out of battery, before you run out of air in the fuel system.

MGS Yeah, if it's a diesel, they are a bear to bleed. Be sure to get all of the air out of the filters before trying to bleed the injector pump and injectors. Sometimes it helps to fill the tank with fuel. This helps put a little extra head pressure on the supply side of the pump. I'm not familiar with the 444 but you can often find a manual pump or lever on the system that helps get fuel bled to the injector pump. From there you need to crank the engine to bleed the injectors.

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