long 900 tractor

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long 900 tractor

Ken I have aquired this tractor with some land we have purchased. I am trying to find some one that knows about this tractor. Such as where to get manuals and what size is th engine?

Can someone help me?

Wilson Try http://www.farmtrac.com/ Farmtrac now owns Long. They still sell two models of the Long tractor with the Farmtrac name. They're located in Tarboro NC. If you have a Farmtrac dealer in your area he may be able to help also.
Dave I have a long 900, infact, I have just finished
overhauling the engine. the Long 900 is
about 1974, the engine is a Zetor 4 cyl diesel,
4.6L (285 ci)rated @ 85 hp. the tractor is
made by the Ursus co. in Czechlovakia. they still
make tractors today but I dont think they ever
export them. The Long tractor is almost identical
to the Zetor 8011/8045 you can see pictures on
Zetor world.com and puddings.com
For parts and service for the Long series of tractors you'll have to find a zetor dealer.
the long tractor dealer in Tarboro NC. no longer
supports that line - its no longer made,discontinued. Be careful on parts, they can
be expensive because of being foreign parts.
The fuel injection pump is made by Motorpal and
have been told that it is no longer available but
that a Bosch pump can be retrofitted as a replacement. The motorpal pump can still be
serviced. make absolutly sure you keep the oil
level full inside the pump. there is 3 plugs on
the pump for oil. fill, check and drain. the
Zetor 8011 which is equiv. to the long 900 was
made from 1968-1987 with Z8001 engine. the long
900 engine in your tractor is probably a Z7501
like the one in my tractor. Im pretty sure the
Z8001 is what parts were ordered when I did the
overhaul. I have a copy of the owners manual and
the updated supplement(pn's: 756007 + 756038) It
can be copied if you need it. When I was
able to get a copy from a original it really came
in handy, as with you I knew nothing about this
tractor. the zetor crystal series tractors were
very popular over in europe and made for quite a
while so I really dont think major components will
be a problem, some parts have either been updated
or discontinued. everything I needed for my engne
I was able to get.

Bob Crowder I would be more than happy to pay for a copy of the owners manual you speak of. I have just purchased a Long 900 and would like to find out all I can about it. I do not know the shift pattern on it either. Does it have a hand prime pump for the injector pump? It has sat in a field for about 5 years. I thought I would put a good battery on it and prime it and try an pull start it in the truck with the tractor in a high gear. I will probably have to move the wheels in as well.
Ray Smith I have a Long 2310 it was not running when i bought it. Everbody told me that the injector pump needed replacing. I took the top off of the pump and washed it out with strating fluid and WD-40 The tractor had been setting up for several years, It now cranks up like a new one. Also check Long Tractor Parts you might find something there good luck.
Bob when did farmtrac buy out long?
Jay Ficht I have a long dealership in my area, it is
Wanette Tractor
Rt. 2 Box 350
Wanette, Ok 74878
Phone 405-383-7270
Fax 405-383-2389

leiv holmedal The original name for the tractor is ursus 385.
Ursus is a polish firm that made tractors for Czechlovakian firm zetor in exchange for motors.
the zetor crystal line is made by ursus.

case anybody lookin to buy a 900 long
rick i have a 900 long running and one for parts will sell pair or trade for some thing i bought a nother tractor with loader 918 798 1750
mike I'm looking for the parts break down of the injector pump on a 1977 long 900 tractor to order the parts I need to overhaul the injection pump
Stillman Stone Dave, I would like to purchase a copy of the owners manual for the Long 900 tractor. That you mentioned in your comments at www.ssbtractor.com. Please contact me at Thanks.
Daniel Ihave an 8011 aristocrat and the injector pump was extremely low on oil and the revs constantly peak out does anyone know how to fix or supply a manual for this or should it be replaced or is this the problem
Jerry Clayton When I try to ingage the pto to my hedge hog the gears grind . I have turned it off and ingaged it that way but then it will not start what can I do to stop the grinding of gears.
ryan take it to the scrap yard these things are the BIGGEST piece of shit in the WORLD without a doubt. it doesnt get cheaper than this
bernard I have a motorpal injection pump on my v3s truck but there is a cap on the top of the pump saying oil.Do I have to put oil in this or it is getting oil from the engine

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