CL40 Ford Skid Loader

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CL40 Ford Skid Loader

Bob Can anyone tell me about this machine, horsepower,were to get parts.The dealers all laugh and say its a throw away machine. Thanks alot Bob
HTR They have 104 cid, v4, with 40 engine horse power. Parts are no longer avaiable from Ford, for the machine.

They were made in Ohio by a company named Kinsey.(not Kinze the planter people) I had always bought parts directly from kinsey. When I called one day for some parts, the phone had been disconnected. This was about 1996, I think. I don't remember who refered me to Holmes county court house, but when I called they told the company was out of buisness, assets, equipment, and parts were sold at local auction, and the owners were in jail. Nobody bought the company to continue the buisness.

For parts, the hydraulic pump, motors, cylinders can be had at any good hydraulic repair shop. The steering linkage and lift linkage are just rods and pins that could made. Might have to do some searching for engine parts, but it is a Ford engine. Axle bearing and seals are generic.

George Is there a control to disengage the hydraulics on my CL-40? If so where is the control located. The reason I ask this question is because I would like to be able to move my skid loader without driving a hydraulic pump. If you could post my question and send me the answer to my email I would be greatly appreciative.
Bob Thanks HTR
c w goerge, i have a cl-40. no way to wove it not running.i need a front right axle for mine /it is in middle of my driveway. ha ha .if you know of a axle to be had i would thank you ever-so mutch. later c.w
Art I have one I need some engine parts for or an engine
Steve Tester I have a CL40 on my farm. The govenor fell apart and I had a machinist rebuild the shaft inside of it for $200.00 Canadian. Then the motor started leaking oil out by the fan. I just keep adding oil but it's getting worse. The other day the left front wheel broke off. Now I'm driving it around on three wheels. Does anyone know where I can get an axle cheep. I talked to the Parts Boys web site and they said they had just sold the last one. Can you belive this bad luck? Anyways good luck with your machines and hopefully it works out.



Steve Tester George, you are in the same boat as I am. I broke my front axle this summer. I have been driving it around the farm to lift heavy objects without the front axle. I'm going to try to weld it this winter. If you want I'll send you a picture of the welding. If you ever decide to part out your machine I would like to buy some parts from you. These machines are real powerfull lifters for their size.


Steve from Calgary, Alberta Canada

Paul I am helping my father-in-law locate head gaskets for Ford CL40. Does anyone no where I can locate some head gaskets and how much they will cost.
keith i have a 79 CL40 in good shape. but it needs axle seals on one side. i noticed you wrote that the axle seals were generic. does anyone know where to get a whole set. or know the specs and dimensions on the seal. i would try to match it up.

thanks for response

keith i have a 79 CL40 in good shape. but it needs axle seals on one side. i noticed you wrote that the axle seals were generic. does anyone know where to get a whole set. or know the specs and dimensions on the seal. i would try to match it up.

thanks for response

ryan I am in need of a rear axle for my little loader anyone know where i can find one.
dryerp We are hunting for a wiring diagram for CL 40 for the alternator (5-posts). I believe this loader was converted to a 12-volt system, but have been told someone did not hook up the wiring correctly. so need to find a wiring diagram. any input would help.
len I just wired up a chevy alternator from a 1981 Camaro. Cost less than 30 new, and took less than 2 hrs to wire up. Now I have a simple, cheap charging system. I chose a 3 wire alternator due to the fact that it is SUPER easy to wire up, and extemely reliable. With a bit of work, you can put the 1981 camaro alternator on just any piece of equipment ever made. Oh yeah, and I think it was 18.00 with a 5.00 core charge at advanced auto
murray barber I have had a cl40 for many years and broke an axle a long time back. I had it welded by an engineering firm and it has been fine.
bruce rims for cl 40 skid steer 4 5/8 hole 6 studs 6 across studs
alex A local auto machine shop had no problems ordering the engine parts and gaskets for mine. Tractor dealers and auto parts were useless.

If anyone has a spare set of used rims for sale cheap, let me know. My loader has a wide set made by proffesionally welding two rims together. This thing can almost float across water with these wide tires. Problem is my tires are rotten and I cannot afford new replacements of the large size. I need to go original.

Luther I just bought back my old cl 40 from a friend who used it for the last 10 years and he broke one rear axel 6 years ago had it welded up and it is still going this thing is better than any 4x4 tractor I have had
gary I have a good running CL 40 My lift cylinders are leaking fluid. Anyone know where I might get a rebuild kit, part # ERK22606?
jjake threw the belt and the pulley wheel off my mechanical governor cant find parts for less than arm and leg at the dealership any body have any ideas. owned less than 2 hours and it broke

kenny Van I got an axle welded today for $60.oo time will tell if it holds.
Re: CL40 Ford Skid Loader

I just listed my Cl 40 for sale. Has 1940 hrs on the meter, I inherted this unit a few years ago and it has been a life safer doing my acreage development. It has a 3rd valve installed for grapple bucket ETC. Pictures on prince george BC. I have not broken any of the parts you guys mention above but I installed a new fuel pump 3 months ago. Great little machine.
Email with any interst or for pitures and pricing Thanx.



Barry Can anyone help me to find the proper hydralic pump hose connections.I tried to hook up the hoses myself after rebuilding the hydralic pump. Now I can't find the proper connections!!!!
Doug Hello..I am looking for a picture of the pump,hoses and control lever linkage for a cl-40.almost any pictures of the pump would probably help.exploded view of the complete pump assembly would be great if possible.this machine was given to me with a seized engine and the pump removed and disassembled..
Michael Paul I have a cl40 parts machine will sell parts and ship them to anyone who is interested have a complete machine less the engine so contact me with your needs
murray barber I NEED A WATER PUMP. I have a CL40. I have had it for many years and it has served me well. I have pulled out the radiator and water pump and the water pump has had it. I can not find a new one. Does anyone know where I can get a new one or a good second hand pump. I am in Australia but being aluminium if it has to be shiped it should be affordable. If you can help and are in USA send me your phone number and I can ring you.


B Nester Engine parts can be ordered through a Powermax Engine Parts dealer. Google Powermax Engine Parts to find local dealer.
Dan Hutchings Just bought a C L 40 4 good axles, hydostat, eng parts, 2 good wheels engine is apart dont know why. 1000.00 complete machine will not part out call before Jan. 15 '10 or I'm putting a big V- twin air cooled motor in it 641 664 1632 Iowa
wildbill I recently got a CL-40 it ran alright at first when i got it minus the burning oil smell now it wont stay running. Since the motor is discontinued i was wonderin if there is any other motor that will fit in it its still a good machine. I hope someone can help
RD I got a guy wants to sell me a CL30 for the cabin. Whats it worth? Parts avalible? Or should I pass?
jb i just bought back my cl30..its a die hard 79..i want to redo the whole what i can .find the rest any info appr..i need a manual.ect..
Jim H The hub broke off the Ford CL40 axle and I can not get the axle out. I removed the nut from the inside and the two bushings one inside and one out side but axle will not come out. What am I doing wrong?
Kenny S I'm looking at buying a CL 40 Ford and I've been reading about the issues you guys have been experiencing. I contacted a Ford tractor dealer that works on the old Fords and they tell me that the wheel seals can be ordered thru them. This CL 40 i'm looking at is in good shape and i will probably purchase it for some small jobs around the house.
Vince Help!! We parked the cl40 in the shed last fall in perfect running condition. Now won't start. Turns over fine has spark and fuel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Ken G
Re: CL40 Ford Skid Loader

Looking for BRAKES! Previous owner stopped it with the bucket.
can anyone tell me the model number? I think it is a newer CL40?
Somers, CT

dave hey i just bought a 1975 or 1979 cl40
it was converted to propane runs great.but iam curious where to buy parts here in connecticut
anyone know about this propane conversion and if its easy to make back to gas or diesel i dont know what it was before
and it seems that the weights on the back are to much if iam on a small incline and buckets up all the way it tips back to much weight??? shoul i put some on front or take some off? let me know

Eric I just bought a Cl-40, is there any way to move it without it running? Took it all apart in my shop, now I want to move it out to clean it up before re assembly... can it and how can it be moved without the engine running?
please advise..

JOHN have cl-40 skidloader in ILL. has broken axel will sell make offer
Scott I have a CL40 that ran hot, and now there's a knocking sound. Any advice? If needed, where can I buy parts - bearings, crankshaft, etc.

Thanks for your responses.


Walt I have a CL 40, just got it out of the shop, it ran great for two days, and now it won't start. Turns over and everything just doesn't start. Anybody have a clue?
dave i have a great running cl40 iam looking to sell
iam located in connecticut 06704
could use a coat of paint but other then that it runs grweat
runs on propane but can easily be put back to gas run

john Hey. I am picking up a 1976 cl40 tommorow with a bad motor. If anyone knows of another motor other than the v4 or of any v4s that will fit please let me know. My dad owns a salvage yard and i have tons of motors. Just wondering if a saab motor from a car will fit? I heard of someone getting a bronco v6 into one? If i end up giving up on this thing i would be willing to sell it preety cheap. But what i really want to do is get it running and use it. Any info would greatly be appriciated.
merv I have a cl40 for sale cheap if some one is looking for parts the block is cracked but runs

ken 1984 cl-40 for sale 330 301 5874. sept,16 2010
dave Hi iam selling a 1979 for cl40 skidsteer
runs great,3000 hours.
tires are decent could use new rears down the road.
bucket could using beefing up or a new one...
paints ok...
has original engine i think..but was converted to run on propane...runs good but if you want it back to gas...its very easy to set it back up....
propane burns slower and is alot cheaper
iam in connecticut 203-906-0103...
runs good..great starter alt,starter,cap,rotor.chains,alot more just call and ask...anytime call anytime

Kurt I would like to find a used engine for a cl40 if anyone is interested in parting one out. I have two machines and am trying to restore one good one.
Jeff I am looking for parts to rebuild the engine of my Cl40. Any ideas as to where to get the parts or even a complete rebuilt engine?
Charlie Rohrbacher Need Fuel Cap for CL-45, or part cross reference.
Bill Kelly Im looking for an axle for a CL40 My machine is actualy an Erickson 5058. Its my understanding they use the same axle part# 26190 (please correct me if Im wrong) Thanks for any info. Bill
phil montagno i just purchased this skid loader from a friend who was going out of buss. i really dont want it so i have to sell it, he needed money i decided to help him out and now im stuck with this on my lot.anyone interested?
Steve i just purchased cl40 need engain parts harmonic balencer is missing does anyone know where i can find one

Eddie looking for hyd steer pump and engine
call 219-644-6102 with price & ect

conrad my 75 cl40 lost pressure,wont move ,or lift.the right operating control lever is locked forward.any ideas?
eddie smith Cl40
V4 ford
The engine has been rebuilt and needs installing
The engine is still on engine stand
Eddie. 317 372 5963
It is for sale I need money
It is in my garage with cage removed
I am located in indianapolis in

Shannan Hovey I need a starter for my CL 40 Ford skid steer, and a drive motor, can anyone assist me?
Don I need a starter for my CL40 skid steer. Can anyone help me?
george does anyone know correct timing and point gap
Randy hi michael paul im interested in buying the spool valve for the lift and tilt on you cl 40 email me or call me if you still have it or anyone else has one please let me know thanks or 567-203-3716
Rob For anyone wanting a motor fix. Back in the late 70s early 80's we modified the cl40's for drilling. The 4 cylinder was actually a saab motor and you can sometimes get lucky finding the parts looking for 4 cy saab parts. The fix is that a older 6 Cylinder ford v6 bolts in out of a ranger etc. you will need to move the weights and radiator back very easy. we found that the weights balanced out the machine well mounting them vertically on the back sides just behind the rear tires one on each side. I still have one that needs some minor repairs to get it going if anyone wants a v6 version.
jerry ok guys i no of a place were we can get all of the parts ya need for th cl40 here are some numbers for ya 1.507.553.6241 that is the #for hermen manufacturing thay make the axles and kromming motors for parts there #1.319.465.5443 also we have bakesville garage they have parts also # is 1.330.897.7561 hope it helps i have a 40 myself would be lost without it but always has problems im looking to sell mine and buy a newer one that is 10 years old instead of 30 lol
Henry looking for starter number for this eng
Mike Schmidt I have a complete CL 40 /5954.. with a bad hydraulic motor runs great. would like to fix. but i would sell for parts , if i could sell enough parts. I am located in Omaha NE 68107. todays date is May 26 or Mike 402.320.2600.
Thank You

Steve Paige Cl40 V-4 Motor. I have everything with it besides the harmonic balencer. I replaced it with a diesel reefer motor so i dont know much about its orignal motor (CL40 V-4). Text for pictures Thanks. (417)437-9493 DATE:Thursday JUNE 2nd, 8am
Steve Paige $450 OBO Cl40 V-4 Motor. I have everything with it besides the harmonic balencer. I replaced it with a diesel reefer motor so i dont know much about its orignal motor (CL40 V-4). Text for pictures Thanks. (417)437-9493 DATE:Thursday JUNE 2nd, 8am
Brad Where is the coolant sending unit located
Nathan I'm looking for the following parts and information:
I'm looking for auxilliary hydraulic kit.
I'm looking for decent tires/wheels.
What type of hydraulic fluid goes in these? In the chain box the guy I bought from told me just use used motor oil and cover the bottom chain, is this correct?

dale im am selling my cl40 1981 has the 4cly ford due to illness had to stop paving yes i have books on it to
Fritz Maurer Built by Erickson Corp in Minneapolis, Minn. Last known parts distributor after Ford acquired New Holland was a Ford dealer called Kromminga in Monticello Iowa. They were at Erickson's auction when they closed the doors, and purchased 5 pallets filled with unknown parts. When they ran out of axles(a fast-moving part on a CL-20) they had a machine shop make a few. When Ford bailed, Kromminga decided Ford skid-steer parts market ceased to exist. The way I understand it, Kromminga still has the drawings if you need an axle. Cylinder pistons will have to be custom made for available seals, as Erickson had their own design which is NLA. The balance of the machine shouldn't present a problem, since the components consist of Vickers, Gresen, Ford, Wisconsin, and Onan.
grover fisher i have an cl30 -cl40 axle they are all the same i have one for sale 603 730 2865 603 6622577
grover fisher the hydraulics take 10 w 30 motor oil and each chain box gets 1 gal of clean gear oil chain box i need an axle from a cl340 ford i have an cl30 -cl40 axle they are all the same i have one for sale
grover fisher
wanted axle Ford Skid Loader

wanted axle Ford Skid Loader must be from front cl340

grover fisher
Re: CL40 Ford Skid Loader axle for sale

my last post shows a hyd. motor i have for sale here is the axle i need off a cl340 ford skid steer

Barry Harris I need to find out where to get the bearings that go on the axles. I removed my axle today from my cl45 and I need both bearings for the front right axle.. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks..
Todd Ive read some of the comments here, but cant tell when they were posted. I have a cl40, with a bad pump, and I see one comment that a good hydraulic shop should be able to repair that? I have had this for about a year, and everything was working great, other than the one drive pump, so I will have to get that apart.
butch Wireing for a cl40 skid an points consider motor? ?
Justin If you need axles talk to John at 507-553-6241 or He makes new cl40 axles.
greg I am looking for the hydraulic hose routing diagram for the main pump for my gl40. If someone could post a picture that would really be helpful,thank you.
Michael After a Fuel pump replacement, (6 months ago) I am reassembling my CL40 I can for the life of me figure out how to remount the governor, I think I am missing a bracket the goes between the head or block and the governor, I don't remember removing one but it just doesn't seem to fit or align up with the holes in the water pump or block? any help would be appreciated,,,
Steve I have a CL 40 was running it until this winter until the muffler went . willing to either sell the whole unit or parts
loader is in eastren PA

doug I have a late seventy cl40 everything there,engine runs very good,new battery,one new tire,others good.It needs one hyd. hose replaced,underneath the seat platform.It has the v-4 ford motor made for Saab.late 60s,mid seventys,been sitting for about 41/2 months,no longer need,I've got a ford 350 model,same as cl30,but with v-4 saab,will sell $2200,fairly new toro seat
Todd Well,, the hydraulic shop said it was gonna be about 3500.00 to fix the pump and another 2000 to check the drive pumps,, so I guess I am gonna part it out or hopefully find parts i need.
Dave I am trying to finds some wider rims for my CL-40. It has 6 lug on 6 inches Rim, with a 16.5 diameter, 5 1/2 wide, 2 inch back spacing. Does anyone have any wider tires/rims for sale or know of another Skid steer model that may have compatible wheels?
Todd I am parting out my skidsteer, good running engine, has a freshly rebuilt starter, four wheels and tires, everything but a drive pump, lift cylinders have been replaced by previous owner and this unit used to have a backhoe attachment, so it has aux hydraulics also. I am located in Montana. 8-15-2012
Tim I have a 77 CL40 I need axle seals. Does anyone know where I could purchase them , or know the specs and dimensions on the seal.
Shaffer We have a CL series I'm selling for a friend . Runs great and operates bu on the one side the hyd. drive motor is failing . We are asking $3900 or best of . Open to all offers .We are located above pittsburg pa. E-mail or call #724-352-5832
Gordon Longstreet I am looking for a spare starter for my CL-40, anyone know where the timing mark are on the front of engine and where it show be firings, I install new points and cap, gap at about .016, seems to start and run ok.
mike malcanas i have a cl40 in good condition just had the whole motor redone runs strong. tires like new ,buckets good just blew a right side drive motor so gave up bought another so now want to sell mine as back up machine to someone
jesus I best the ignition switch with the key.
Dan I have a 1979 cl-40 I have had great success buying parts for a 1979 Volkswagon sirrocco, used the same motor. But I can't locate a carburator. Can anyone help?
william come on what you need is out there i have one and mi can get all parts it not hard water pump
Meyle #813 603 6362
if you need a engine or hyd parts i point you to can help or part# on seal kits for hyd thay are 60$ i give you a phone number and give you parts # for that nave a grate day

Re: CL40 Ford Skid Loader

i have a ford cl30 skider running great,new condition for sale, not sure how humch its worth so i will sell to who ever makes the best offer
it has 2 complete sets of tires on rims one set for mud and snow one set of 19inch rail tires solid ruber cant go flat i was offerd $2500.for the rail tires but want to sell it as package all offers considerd,its in my yard in surrey bcmake an offer cash best but some trades considerd thanks call craig 604 760 0037 for serrious buyers,also selling 2 ride a mowers,maybe even the trailor so come on give me a call or email you never know if your the only offer over $?????? you may get exactly whatyou want from a honest guy who just dosent need it anymore thanks for you consideration

mike just bought this and do not know what kind of oil to put in the hydralics help
terry proffitt im in need of the ford axle you have . could you please call Terry at 5748497338
John Morris are you still looking for an axle, We do have this axle, off of the front axle on a 340 605-290-1582

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