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farm pro tractors

Jeff Could anyone give me information reguarding Farm Pro compact tractors?
thingy They are the chinese made jinma tractor,,many different dealers sell the jinma under other names,,,farm pro doesn't have the best record for the jinma,,a lot to do with these tractors is assembly,and how you order them,,sevice after is another,they are all the same,but then again they aren't.Northern tool sells them under nortrac name,I have one,,got almost 250 hrs on it works great,no problems so far in two years,,sometimes you can only take the money savings so far,I'm talking farmpro here,,anything else about the brand? look for new york state chinese tractor owners ass. on a search,,also look for chinese tractor owners ass.,,,,thingy
Allen Miller I have had a 2425 Farm Pro with nothing but trouble and now have a 2430 Farm Pro with 19 hours on it and it has been in the shop now for 13 weeks.I am at my last wits with this company and my lawer is getting ready to go on these people for the poor sevice and customer relations that I have experienced in the last 13 weeks. This tractor has cost me so much money having to hire out to get the work done that I bought it for I could have bought a John Deer!
Its time we all stand up on this export stuff that is crap!The owner once again gets ripped off.

THINGY Allan,,export stuff?,,,where do you think john deere and kobota are made? it ain't the u.s of a. I don't think any of the top 5 or 6 tractors[or any],are made in america,,,thingy
AL MILLER Japan tractors and parts have been around a while and seem to be much better than the China stuff for sure! And yes JD tractors have many parts from Japan,but they will stand behind what they sell here in the states.
thingy Allan,,,not only the parts come from japan,,,the whole damned tractor comes from japan,,chinese and japans tractors are both made by orientals,overseas and shipped to the u.s. by ship,,,so they have a lot in common...Now is a john deere or a kobota of same type[25-30 hp,4wd,desal engine,],the same as chinese tractors or better,,,,yes,,,,,the question is,,are they 8,000 dollars better? Unless you use a tractor to make money with,,,it is hard to justify a 15 to 20,000 dollar tractor purchase,,,just to cut a couple acres grass,till a 1/4 acre garden and plow a 1/8 mile drive,,,now if you got that kinda extra money to spend,,,I say more power to you,,,its just you got to know,,,a lot of us don't,,,,I've had my chinese tractor now for close to two years,,got about 250 hrs on it,,,,ain't had one single problem,,other than normal loose bolts and a couple of small leaks that were fixed by me in quick order,,runs a 5 ft brushog,,5 ft tiller,,,6 ft blade,,,with power to spare,,,it can dig it self through knee high mud,and damn near go straight up a mountain,[no lie],,,,,as far as dealer support,,it depends on who you buy your chinese tractor off of,,,mine is from northern tools,,they have been great,,,it comes with a 6 month parts AND labor warenty,and you can buy additional months cheap,,,now you can get them repaired[cause they all break] anywhere you want,,,just find a place that works on tractors or other such stuff and northern will pay them and send the parts overnight,,,before I bought mine I asked the local john deere dealer if they would work on it if needed,,,they said yes,,,they was happy to take my money,,another big three said the same thing,,and there are several other places within 50 miles of me that work on tractors and such,who would also be happy to take my money,,,,,,,so you see allan,both your statements are not correct,,,,thingy
ALLEN MILLER I was told buy Butch in the office in Indiana that any warrenty work could only be done at a Farm Pro dealer only and no other! He is the main man seeing over the warrenty department.The nearest dealer to me is 3 1/2 hours away and the only reason the tractor is there is cause it only had 19 hours on the clock,other than that it will never see another day at any dealer for any work,for it will be serviced buy me.
I did go to Northern to buy a Nor Trac and there tractor was $1,000 more but on the other side of the coin they would have handled this problem in a more professional mater I'm sure.
The dealer has had it now 14 weeks and stated today that the water pump and battery went bad and I will get it back next week.
I am at a loss for sure!

Travis Ricks Jeff,

I have used a Farm Pro 2425 (25hp, 4WD). It was powerful and had the lowest geared transmission I had ever seen on a tractor. But, I have heard some good and bad things about these tractors. They are a JINMA diesel tractor that is made in China.

Travis Ricks Allen, Thingy, Jeff, whoever,

Go to tractor by and read the posts in "Chinese Tractors". They are nice people with alot of information about ANY tractor there is. Go and register so you can post. I am under the name of Travis R and I am usually in the Chinese Tractors, Mahindra, or Lawn & Garden forums. It is free and you won't regret it.

I don't really care for this site because If I type a long message, some times it won't let me post it. I don't know why it won't let me, but I am tired of it. Besides, it is more people on there, which means more info.

I hope it lets me post this time.


Travis Ricks One last thing,

Have ya'll been to If not, go there for good information.


Jeff Thanks I have heard both good and bad. I'm not sure it is worth the risk. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
Jeff Allen, thank you for the info I really appreciate it. Good Luck!
thingy Well,,there is risks in buying a big three brand,,,but less of course,,,but you are talking 8,000 more[+-],to do the same work,,,its all about money...check out new york chinese tractor owners web page,,,chinese tractor owners ass. web page,,,,tractor by net is pay per view,plus they barred me,,,went under the name of richardg[maybe you,ve heard of me?],,,Like i've said farm pro ain't got a good name,,much more better to get one off of northern,,,its worth the extra 1,000 dollars,,,if it had been a nortrac,,you could have taken it anywhere that was willing to do the work,,,thingy
Farm Pro needs a lot of help!
Northern has been around a long time and they have always stood behind what they sell even if its crap!

Travis Ricks Thingy,

I don't know when you were on tractor by net. Maybe it was a long time ago. BUT NOW, IT IS NOT PAY PER VIEW. IT IS VERY FREE. I don't think I have ever seen your name on there. I will keep looking. I have been a member since June of this year.

Personally, I like the Farm Pro tractors. I do not at all think that the Farm Pro 2430 is worth the money. I would probably also think twice about buying the 2425 too. I think the prices are a little steep. BUT, I would not hesitate to buy the 2420. I think it is worth $3500.00.

But, I wouldn't use ANY of the Farm Pros for commercial use. Just at my own house.


ALLEN MILLER Ok Travis whare were you when I bought my junker nine months ago! HA, HA

thingy Travis,,,yeah your right about tractor by net being free,,,it ought to be,,,there is about 5 or 6 people who run it,,if you disagree with one of them,,,then you are in troble,,,they delete anything they don't like,,,webman,[boss],is named muhamid,,sounds like an arab,,,anyways it sucks big time,,but it is free,,,tractor point is the other one I was thinking about,,,its payper view,,,but its better,,,been kicked off both for saying whats on my mind and argueing with the regulars,,they don't like that on either one,,,,the chinese tractor owners ass. is now pay per view too,,,the new york chinese tractor owners web page is free and more people use it then the other,,,its the one I'd say to go to to learn more about chinese jinmas,,under there various names.thingy
Travis Ricks Allen,

I like the Farm Pro tractors. I have only used and worked with the Farm Pro 2425 4WD. It is definitely not like a Kubota, Deere,Massey Ferguson, New Holland, or Mahindra for that matter. But, when they were manufactured for the U.S., they was't supposed to be. At least not from what I read. They were made for the "lower income" consumers who needed a tractor, like me.

Pretty much the only Farm Pro I would buy would be the 2420 2WD. I do think it is worth $3500.00. But the 2425 and the 2430 I don't believe I would put MY money on that. If I was desperate, maybe the 2425 but I doubt it. I would "cultivate my dreams" with a Mahindra. ha!ha!

Now, on to your problem. Why in the hell do they still have your tractor? In the shop for 13 weeks and the problem was ONLY a battery and water pump? Either the shop is "swamped" with Farm Pro tractors, or the mechanics ain't worth a s##t! I would be raising nine kinds of hell with somebody.

What is the latest you have heard on it? By the way, what model Farm Pro do you have? I think you told me but I forgot.

Good Luck,

ALLEN MILLER Hey Travis thanks for the interest.
I had a 2425 first that had so many problems at 29 hours on the clock they swapped me out to a 2430 and charged me $1500 bucks.It was what you would call a buy back buy the dealer and the distributer.I used the new 2430 for 19 hours and the transmission was grinding the gears and was not getting any better the brakes would not hold if rolling backwards with the loader bucket half full of dirt,then it would not fire up at times and then it broke a rocker arm and that is when I took it in to the dealer for repairs 13 weeks ago.They said they had to fix the motor first to see how the rest of the problems whould take to fix.They back ordered the rocker arm so they said and that took several weeks to get one,HA HA.
Then they said it needed trnny gears which they waited on several more weeks and then decieded to get a new complete drive train which took another week or so.Then the dealer has only one mechanic and he hurt his back and could not work on it for a week then he said the injection pump went out while in the shop,which it might have for I had told them it would not start at times and I had told him I had to bleed the lines and pump fule to the injection pump to get it to start.So we wait another week on that and then he says the battery went out and it will need one of those also so that took another few days and 2 days ago he saud the water pump went out and it will be a few more days for that.
Now this place is in the sticks 3 1/2 hours away and I just can't jump in the car and check to see what the crap is going on for I work 7 days a week 12 hours a day and it is near impossible to take time off.
I left the best for last!!!
I failed to tell you I only used it at home with a small 5' box scape and this thing would pull a 7'one if I had it moving dirt and logs around on our new home site.
When the tractor quit here at home and ran on two cylinders I removed the valve cover to see what was going on and it had busted a rocker arm adjuster off and bent a push rod and poped another push rod off another cylinder.What had happened is a valve stuck open atgot slapped buy the piston and broke the adjuster.I took the rocker shaft up and there is a steel orafice of all things in the rocker shaft to limit oil supply to the rockers and it was plugged with rusty mud !! No oil to the valve train caused the valve to seize.I raped the valve with a mallet and oil and freed it up and put the push rod back on the other cylinder so I could get it out of the yard and on a trailer to take to the dealer.
Her is the kicker!!! I am a ASE certified gas and diesel tech and when I took it to the dealer and I had told him (bad mistake)that I had removed the valve cover just to put the rocker back on so I cold get it on a trailer.
I called the Butch in Indiana and he said it will have to go back to whare I purchased it from in Orangeburg.
After A week os so went buy when I had left it at the dealer I called the and wanted to know what was up and when might I see my junker again and they told me I had voided my warrenty cause the valve cover had been removed and I had not been authorized to do so.
Well a few days went buy and I called a lawer and she called Butch at the main office for he was the one that said NO REPAIRS FOR MILLER and she told him just what he was made of and that I was to get all my problems repaired ASAP and he told her that he would see to it him self that I was taken care of,now why did it take a female lawer to get this done?And did I mention she was blonde? Well he did'nt see her,HA HA! I was trying to get this taken care of without her again but I see they have not left me any choice.The dealer don't care and he said sue the distributer in Indiana and the distributer in Indiana says sue the dealer,I just think I will let the lawer sort it out.
Not having this tractor has cost me a bunch of money fore I had to hire out to get the work done that I bought it for and my time having move dirt and gravel buy hand has taken its toll in more ways thn one.
Dealer name "Farm Pro of Orangeburg"
Good luck to all that own one of these

ALLEN MILLER Failed to tell you the dealer felt bad it took so long to fix and they would bring it back to me,this was a week ago and now he says he has no trailer to get it here per phone call today!!
Phone call to lawer tomorrow most likely!

thingy Allen,,man,,never heard of such a damned mess,,,you ought to post your problems on the new york chinese tractor owners web board,,,this is what the address is when I'm on it,,,,,,,,,,,its free to post there after you register,,,the other chinese board,,chinese tractor owners ass. is free to read,but costs to post,,,,there are more chinese tractor owners by far, reading that than this,,,and people thinking about buying from the same person and company who sold you the mess you got now.thingy
Travis Ricks Allen,

I CAN imagine how disgusted you are. At least you are sort of in good spirits with the situation because you sound kind of "comical" at times and I think that is good.

I know what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with my favorite subject, "tractors". But i'll tell you anyway. I sort of need to get it off my chest any how.

I bought a brand new Honda Foreman 450s 4x4 4-wheeler last year in August. Damned near a year old. Well, guess what. Some son-of-a-bit#h stole it!! $6000.00 gone to shi#. I am STILL paying notes on it. I took out a personal loan for $5000.00 for 36 months. The other thousand came out of my pocket. But in the end, all of it will. I owe 16 more payments on it. NOW, I WISH TO GOD THAT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ME A TRACTOR. Yes, I have paid over half the loan off in a year. But hell no! I am far from rich!. I just turned 20 years old about a week ago. Besides my stolen 4-wheeler note, I have no bills, YET. I am ONLY still paying for it because I am trying to build up my credit. I don't want to stop paying and mess it up. I think about the money that I am "throwing away", everyday.......Anyway, enough about me.

NOW. I know what I just told you don't help your situation out at all. BUT, at least you STILL HAVE your tractor even though you may not want it.

Granted, I would still be very upset and probably wouldn't want the tractor either, if I were you. Maybe I helped you, or maybe I offended you by telling my story. Hopefully, it made you feel a little better anyway.

Allen, it seems to me that the dealer IS trying to help you. But, I do also realize that enough is enough. Sounds like the dealer is trying to work with you and Farm Pro isn't wanting to work with neither one of ya'. If I was gonna sue somebody, it would be Farm Pro. Not the dealer. BUT, I would do everything that I could to get my $1500.00 back too. I don't believe that was too fair to you in my opinion. YOU spent your money, so YOU should be the one who is satisfied.

Post back and let me know what happens.

Oh!! I don't believe I would want the tractor back until IT DECIDES to quit breaking down in the shop!!HA HA!!

Good luck,

Ron O'Quinn Cab anyone tell me where the steering by pass valve is located on a FarmPro 2425? Mine has suddenly developed a quirk that requires me to
keep turning the wheel to maintain the tractor on a straight path. This tendency is much more pronounced if I am mowing on a grade.

Please help.

Harry Ippolito I have had nothing but downtime with my backhoe from day one. I would be very well satisfyed with a new one that had not been repared so many times before I bought it. The problems are obviously problems that have been previously repaired but continue to return. I have a friend that bought one ane he is having trouble reading the Chinese instruction and maintenance book. I would like to get some feed back on other backhoe owners.The tractor (2425) is perfect for my needs, the backhoe is another story.

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tony sims have a farm pro 2425. it's getting hot. I've done everything i know to do. it's still getting hot... someone offering any advice?
jb I have a farm pro tractor that is about 2 and 1/2 years old and has about 400 hrs on it. It is a 40/40. I must have gotten a bad fuel tank because it is completly rusted and pluging up the fuel line. I would like to replace it with a plastic tank. Does any one know where i can find a copman that would make a plastic tank?
R Shepard I just found this thread and for what it is worth thought I would add my experience. I have owned a Farm Pro 2425 4 Wheel Drive tractor now for a little over 4 years and I have a front loader, back single blade plow, back post hole digger, back box blade and back 3pt backhoe and I am NOT easy on my equipment as I believe they are meant to be USED and the only problem I have had with mine is I blew out the pump when it was fairly new but I was trying to go in reverse, lift the stump and tilt the blade on the stump that I was trying to get out of the ground all at the same time and no tractor is made to do that. It was my fault and I paid for the new pump. Other than that this thing has done things that the average homeowner would never ask it to do. I have pushe over up to 8" cedars, dug a basement with the backhoe, lifted and carried 1,000lb boulders, dug ditches for waterlines, dug septic holes, moved tons and tons of dirt and gravel, pulled cars with it in its slow slow mode with me in the car and no-one in the seat of the tractor and so many other goofy things that most have probably never thought of and yet, much like that old watch commercial, it just keeps on ticking. I have over 2,000 hours on this baby and I would'nt hesitate to buy another one. I have a total of $14,500 in this with everything and the same settup with you know whos would have been over $30,000. So I can spend another almost $16,000 and still not be up to their prices.

I have to laugh because buying one at this price makes me think of people that purchase ;$100,000 motor homes and brag about all the money they are saving......haha....The never stopped to think that they can stay in a Holiday Inn or some other motel even at $100 a night, EVERYNIGHT for almost 3 years straight and that does not even include the gas to run those behemoths or the insurance, tires, etc, etc. So if you are thinking of a tractor... I love my farm pro and I just keep thinking....I can buy two farm pros for what it would cost me to buy one of the more expensive brands and even then I hate to tell you guys but there is NO guarentee that the other brands will treat you right. There are PEOPLE running their company, not a trademark.

Chick anyone have gears jumping mesh in the front end of this tractor?
Alan A month ago I bought a used 2006 Farm Pro 2425. The tractor has done well bush hogging and with the loader till today. We were clearing some woods on my parents land and my father went to shift into reverse and she wouldn't go, nor would it go forward. Engine still running like a top. Gear box still has fluid. Not sure if its a whole transmission issue or something I might be overlooking. Any words of advice?
Kenw Same problem as Allen, so far I have been able to clear it but cannot use 1st gear or it locks up. Works ok otherwise. Its as if it gets stuck between gears or something.
Again words of advise are welcome. 2 hours from rep dealer.

flyboy Tony Simms, I have a 2425 also and it gets hot after one hour of use. I talk to the dealer about it all the time. I only have 150 hours on it but can only run it 1 hour at a time. I am bringing it back next week for them to look at it again. If you find a fix let me know.

T Gordon I bought a 2425 in 2003 for planting food plots for Deer Hunting, scraping the driveway ect. I have not abused the Tractor. Since I've owned it it has been broken into to replace gears in the 4x4 and bearings in the trans, the lift has been rebuilt, a new starter and now the water pump went out this weekend. It has always ran hot while using the 5' bush hog. I carried it back to the dealer last year for him to try to sell it for me. It sat for 6 months without a offer. It has 330 hrs on it. When I get the water pump on it I'll make somebody a deal on it here in NC.
ratskinner two friend of mine have farm pro tractors and I get the lucky job of working on them Nether one was over 500hrs and so far I have replaced a clutch ,starter. Two tie rod ends(Threads on tie rod end pull out of the nut cheap steal) and now a getting to replace a hydro pump./Both have trouble with the 3 point hitch lift arms .both leak hydro fluid and the light donít work have the time. The dash is almost impossible to take off. And if you try to call there customer service you get to hear recording for 20min and then you get mad and hang up or it will say sorry having troubles call back later,
Something to think about if there customer service is that backed up how Meany people are calling in about there junk tractors,
Itís a good tractor if you like to work on something all the time. But for me I would like to buy a old tractor for a project tractor not a new one,

Long story short they would make a better boat anchor then a tractor
They might be good for someone with a big yard .but not on a farm .I know for i am a farmer

Okey I bought a Farm Pro 2420 with 100hrs for 4000.00, it came with a koyker loader, finish mower and box blade. It has set outside most of it's life, so I need to replace all the hoses and the plastic fan. Does anyone have any suggestions on a kit maybe? Can I replace the plastic fan with a metal one? The tractor runs great, I would like to do the preventive services myself.
mark estill i have a 2006 farm pro 2425 4x4 with 350hrs so far so good no real problems. from what i have read so far you either get a lemon from the get go or you get one that works. as long as you dont abuse it it will last along time. push anything to the limit and you will pay for repairs
Clark concerning overheating- check a small elbow cooling hose on the side of the engine. These have a tendency to kink and/or develope a tiny leak. Replace it with a pre-shaped elbow ( I cut the elbow off a much longer hose made for a car),that fixed it fine.

Concerning not getting into gear-throw the 2wheel/4wheel drive lever up and then back down, those can "jump" out of gear and get stuck in-between. You may have to manually rock the tractor a few inches or push it forward or back a foot. then re-engage the lever.
If that doesn't do it, check ALL the gearing levers, incl. the one near the side of the seat

clark OH, btw. I've had the 2524 for 8 yrs and have used it well beyond what it was intended for. No major problems! but, like ANY piece of machinery, the key is PROPER MAINTANANCE!
Doesn't matter what brand.

keith concerning the overheating, this is going to sound stupid but try spraying out the radiater fins mine was cloged with dirt. Ive had the 2425 five years 250 hrs only miner problems
Ernie McCormick
Re: farm pro tractors

I have just bought a farm pro 2430 and have questions about hydraulics. I have a 3point back hoe that was connected to a JD 1070 using quick connects. The back hoe does not have it's own pump but uses the remote hydraulics. I modified my 2430 as indicated in the pics. When I connect the bypass line quick connects the lift stops working. When I leave them disconnected as shown in the pic the lift works. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong and also there is a knob below the seat that I do not know what it is for. Can you help me?

Rich Sarah Has anyone had any experience with a 4040 or a 4020 Farm Pro. Especially a 2005. The one I am looking at has a Koykor loader and has 171 hours on it. Whats it worth and should I risk it at $9000.00
kubie I have had a Farm Pro 2425 for six years with nothing but trouble. It overheats time and time again. 30 minutes with a brush hog and I am boiling over. The dealer has been no help. I have gone through the radiator, it took 13 flushes to get the fluid not to look like tea, this is after the radiator was redone. Any ideas?
johnny jayy I am the proud owner of a farmpro 2420 with turf tires, I have had it for going on 6 years now! I use it for every thing from draging a 6ft bushhog finishing deck to a 5ft tiller in the garden! It has over 500 hrs on it and is used freaquently by my wife to pull the manure spredder around.In the 6 years that I have had this little tractor I have been out only the cost of a battery and a starter drive. Totaling less then 130 dollars. My question what the hell are you guys doing to tear up your equiptment.I have news for the guy that thinks he could have bought a Deere for what he give for his farm pro. The cheapest Deere will run you 2&1/2 times what what the F.P. cost.Oh yeah I forgot a headlight burned out 3bucks.Big stinkin ass deal!
Terry Tilley I have a 2425 Farm Pro with 450 hours. I have used and abused with little trouble. I can't say enougn about what a great deal i got. It did over heat a little this week. I hope some of the tips I read on this post help me out. I am needing a hose for the front end loader. I got a limb caught in it. What is fitting size of metric near 3/8.
Tony Can anyone please tell me where I can buy parts for my 24\25 farm pro tractor Thanks.
James Griffith Does anyone know if a fuel injection pump for a Farm Pro 2420 2WD can be rebuilt, and if so where? This the second time in 3 years that the fuel injection pump quits on this tractor. I'm trying to get out of buying a 500.00 part again. The tractor was running and all of the sudden it quit. No diesel is going to the injectors. Last time I had it repaired it cost me 895.00, and I can't afford that again. So I'm going to try and do it myself. I'll appreciate any help you all can give me. Thanks. Jim
Andy Anderson Farm pro tractors are crap. The service is awful. They seldom have the parts you need. Junk. Pure junk. Engine is not bad but the rest is garbage. Starts falling apart the day to get it. I have 40 horse, 4wd and its been a pain since day one. Problem is no one wants one so you can't trade it in on anything.
Greyrooster I have a farm pro 4020. It was crap when I brought it new. It is still crap. Dealer that sold it to me when out of the farm pro business as they were falling apart faster than he could repair them and the warrantee work didn't pay crap. Even now I can't find rims for the front tires. I can't even find tires and tubes for it. The front rims are so cheaply made that if a lug nut loosens the rim cracks. This tractor literally fell apart by itself. Homier is a joke and doesn't handle any where near the parts they claim. IT AIN'T ME. The fuel lines collaped within one month. Front axle broke. What a pain that was. Haven't had any engine problems but everything else is garbage. Two years ago I brought a Mahindra and haven't had
Dave My Farm Pro 2425 blows Fluid out of the Differential Vent Tube and fluid level goes down in differential. No Visable Leaks. 3pt hitch stops working because case is low on fluid.
Any Sugestions??

Brian I purchased a 2003 Farm pro 2430 4wd, with front loader, backhoe, front & rear wheel weights and over head cover. I have my own little shop and three acres with about 1/4 mile of private dirt road. Been nothing but trouble and fixing it since the first year I got it. Communist steal has alot of impurities and does not hold up and cutting or welding it is a nightmare. Finding parts is hard nut no worse than anything else out there import or domestic. Morale is you get what you pay for. I rebuilt and fabricated new parts and did the tool man to it and made it better.

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