ford 1110 tractors

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ford 1110 tractors

richard I am thinking of buying a 1985 ford 1110 tractor, 2 cyl diesel, front end loader and ROPS. the asking price is 7000.00 canadian , the tractor has 616 hours on it and looks clean. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks .

len Don't let it get hot. the heads are prone to crackin & usually aren't repairable
Goldeno I had a 1100. Be careful with the oil weight in winter. I left the regular 10-40 diesel oil in it for the winter and my valve cover gasket popped out one cold winter morning. Not good! use 10w-40 auto oil in it during the winter. I also had a loader on mine and I found it too small for my needs.Sold it for same money I paid for it. Lucky me! My advice is get at least a ford/nh 1710/1910 or something comparable. You will be a lot happier. I was!
alan experienced clutch problems on ll00 ford tractor,
split tractor, replaced clutch disc, pressure plate,
pilot bearing, throwout bearing, still wont release
after splitting and putting together about 5 times now
anyone have any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Joseph Fackrell Ford had these tractors made in Japan I think. I've had one since 1987 and now have 1360 hrs on it. It had a good heavy front loader and a backhoe on it. I've used it pretty hard and it has really been a pretty good machine till now. I'm getting new seals for the rams and reworking the controllers. Also cleaning the injectors and maybe changing out the heat coils. I had the clutch replaced about 4 years ago, but that went smoothly. The problem I have now is that the 4WD gears in the front axles have lost a couple of teeth and the dealers say they are obsolete and can't supply them. I've really like this little maching and would love to get it fixed. If any of you kind folks out there could help me fine a source for these gears I'd be most grateful. Perhaps you know of someone who is parting one out.

Michael I have a 1978 F1110 that came with a belly mower. The center bearing has gone out on one of the pullies after all these years, and I cannot find a replacement part nor can I find any options for repair. This has been a great tractor and has been garaged in mint condition until this problem. We use it to cut our one acre yard. Any suggestions on repairing or finding parts? Thanks!
Dean I have a 1984 Ford 1110 with a schwartz 640 loader. It has been essentially trouble free for 830 hours. Parts are available through New Holland dealers. It is very "front heavy" when lifting clay, but I remedied this by using a weight box (which I purchased from my local New Holland dealer) mounted on the 3-point. Kubota also makes a nice weight box. My one gripe is that I wished it had power steering. $7000 seems a little high unless it is near pristine.
Craig Simpson I have a 1984 1110 with a 61 inch belly mower. Lately it has been stalling a little in high grass and blowing out smoke more than it use to. I also am haveing touble in it running hot. I can cut with it for 1 or two hours and then it runs hot. I clean the grill off and it helps. It ran hot one day and blow off the radiator cap. Can any one help on what could be wrong. Thanks Craig
james m. parsley anybody have any information on ford 1110 tractor please contact me. thank you james
Brenda L. Johnston Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a 1987 Ford 1110, 4 wheel drive, 2 cylendar, diesel, tractor owners manual?

Please advise:

Thank you kindly!

larrywhitehead i have a 1110 ford tractor does anyone know if it will handle a 4"ft disc or is it to lite for this equip thanks
R. Dotson I have an 1110 with only 557 hours and can't seem to get it to run. it hasn't been run hot and has good oil pressure just wont run. Any ideas i would appreciate if not i'm going to let it go for 1500 615-642-0683 it's two wheel drive and like new tires lift works cranks over great i think maybe i the fuel system also has rops
j. miller anyone know where you can get a fuel injector pump for the 1110 diesel? I can't stop mine from pumping some air. Have bled everything.
R. Dotson might try checking out the fuel pump also.

Keith Dickerson looking for a water pump, steering wheel and radiator for an 1110 ford tractor. 918-853-5325
Harry Hoggard 7-16 rear rim on my 4 wheel drive 1110 diesel has rusted out. Can't find one new or used anywhere.Ideas? 704-214-8156
Prentice Wilkerson I have a 1110 trac don t know year but have two
(2) operator's manuals covers 2 and 4 whd manual
and hyst drive models

Prentice Wilkerson I have a 1110 trac don t know year but have two
(2) operator's manuals covers 2 and 4 whd manual
and hyst drive models

Linda Allen I have a 1100 Ford Compact would like to find a owners manual and parts list. I have a like where someone previously welded and I need to find this part but I have no idea what to call it can someone help me find these manuals/books.
Jan H. Manuals are readily available in both paper and electronic form on eBay. I need to know if anybody has found a place to buy components to rebuild the parts for this tractor? Right now I need fuel injector and head gasket kits.
Don Thompson I would like to find a front end loader for my 1985 1110 if anyone knows where I could locate a good used unit with everything I need to mount and make it operate. Please email me or phone 214-546-8386

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