Italian tractor

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Italian tractor

gardener Does anyone know anything about an Italian 3 cyl.diesel articulated tractor with the name PCS.
Are they in business? Anyone with a contact?

wouter my father just bought one PGS 2 cylinder cm³ 1346. We're going to fix it up a little and I was looking around for online info on the tractor and it's lombardini engine (lda 672). Didn't found a lot though, so I suppose PGS is RIP.
gardener Thanks for that reply, Wouter.
The PGS i'm looking at also has a Lombardini engine, almost 2500cc, 3-cyl. around 55hp.
I tried to find the producer on the web, but only found another one like it for sale,and no clue about factory, or history or corporate swallow-up.

Linda My husband recently bought a PGS tractor model Roma 55-60 from an auction. We have an old catalogue with the address and phone number but were told that the company is no longer at that number or address. No luck on the internet either.
manfred Linda, ive got a couple too now,same model, and i thought we should start a network of owners to develop a parts database....if and when they are available.
Whereabouts are you and your husband located?
I'm near Toronto.

Max Koone Lombardini parts are available in the USA and Canada. Contact International Power Systems, 10 Diesel Drive, Toranto 416-201-0040 or Lombardini, USA. I have a listing of parts and service dealers for North America. Send me your State or Province and I'll send you the nearest dealer. Max
gardener Max:
Thanks for that. I knew of the lombardini contact in toronto, and have already ordered a set of rings from them.
What is just as important is some contact with the PGS tractor manufacturers or whoever bought them out in Italy.....and/or any owners in US/CANADA.

Also , some literature on parts/accessories,data ,

PO BOX 18000
PORTLAND, OR 97218-4035

gardener Thanks Jack!
....just to clarify:
Lombardini is an engine manufacturer, and as far as i know, does not produce tractors under that name.
My info is that "Pasquali tractors" were bought by BCS. Pasquali used Lombardini engines.
"PGS" tractors also used Lombardini engines.
I have both tractor types.
So, did BCS previously also produce a tractor...other than what they call a walking tractor?

tony my father sold pasquali tractors for a number of years and yes they did use the same make engines as the pgs. but pasquali stoped their HP at 45 or 50HP. Some of the parts would be compatible though. I was just looking into starting up a business selling PGS, but am having a hard time finding info. on the company
Stephen Cabrol I am looking for supplies of foloowing tractors with equal size wheels: BCS, Pasquali, Carraro, Ferrari etc.
Joe Ajib I live in the U.S.A. and Iam looking for a 14HP LOMBARDINI Tiller, if any one know any info. about where can I buy please let me know.

Joe I am in the U.S.A. and Iam looking for a 14HP LOMBARDINI Tiller, if any one know any info. about where can I buy please let me know.

Stephen Cabrol We can ship you a new 12hp, Lombardini diesel, Pasquali 12hp tiller from the UK. 14hp no longer made. Complete machine with 36 inch tiller / rotovator about $4200 plus shipping.

John Demaree I have been using my neighbors Pasquali 986 and the clutch is frozen. Who can help me with parts and advice?

Jay Webster I was wondering if you could tell me where the nearest dealers that would sell these parts in new england are - nearest to maine.
Thank you.

John Demaree I wish I knew of anyplace in the USA that handled parts for Pasquali's!


Bob Fairchild Joel Dufour at Earth Tools sells BCS and knows more about these and other brands than almost anybody. For info go to:

gardener Jack Speake in New Hampshire has access to some Pasquali tractors and parts . Here is his

Also, there is Bob Coons at:

I still have a 3 pasqualis.

I'm still searching for a parts source and factory history for my PGS ROMA tractor, apparently a rare creature.


Billy Whyde I own a Pasquali Model 977 it has a Ruggerginni Diesel two cylinder specs can be seen at the following web site.
jack call me at (603)526 8656 I have parts (jack)
Paul Daniel I have recently purchased a Pasquali 937 walking tractor with rotary hoe attachment.I was wondering if anyone has the manual for this model?
hubz Hi gardener!

Did you come any further with your PGS search? I own a PGS Roma TR4000 (3cyl diesel lombard. engine) and try to find a manual or repair books. It seems to be a hard task to get information about PGS in general.

tom i have a 986. what attachments do you have? i have a tiller and a single plow and original owners manual and electrical diagrams
Enache Ion Fain!10.
Bob K If any of you require either engine parts or tiller parts drop me a line , I have quite a few contacts overseas and getting parts for any of your machines should not be a problem.
Ventura Check this site!
They are really hot.Just look at them.
Girls of your dreams!

Wayne I recently bought a PGS Roma tractor with a Perkins engine D3-152 (in pieces) at an auction sale. Crazy yes, but I like a challenge! I do repair work on tractors(mostly older models) and I would like to rebuild this Roma. I am looking for a manual or diagram of the wiring or hydralics for this unique little tractor. Thanks
uiclop jpaitsrq togdp hain bdvrxf etki yojakvptz ndwjuckq rbcvyhixw
Duane Cleghorn I have a good 993 with loader and trailer (with live axle) Also other parts/ dealers manuals/ service manuals. Extra loader with bucket, three point tiller. Interested in selling all or parts. DC
Md Shafiul Azam i want to visit ur place and see products myself regarding further dealings

Paulo faustino you ill findall the information you need here
Paulo faustino you ill findall the information you need here
Robert Olmr
RE: articulated and compact tractors

Badger Power Equipment ( is working with Wisconsin Engineering ( to establish US distribution of its line of articulated and compact tractors. We just started this year and should have the east coast covered in a few months, but are still looking for suitable dealers/distributors on the west coast.

Many of you may remember they manufactured the Zebra for Zetor and some other imported brands a number of years ago.

Also, many of the manufacturers use similar parts in Europe and I may be able to cross-reference spare parts for anyone who can't find what they're looking for.

shuka group international Am the managing director od shuka group which deals in walking tractors so am looking for any company in italy to make business with here in uganda


Ibrahim I wanna get your qoutation on this italian tractor, Model: FIAT 8066 DT. If you see this enquiry, i hope you will contact me with full details about the quality and availability of it.
Ibrahim Omar Mohamed

For full details and queries kindly contact at
Non-serious and mischeivers please excuse.

Awes Mr. Awes , I wanna get your qoutation on this italian tractor, ıModel: FIAT 8066 DT & Nardi ( I mean accessories). If it is available, I need its ıPhoto to check. No problem if it is Used or New . It should have time left to re-ıuse, Very old is NOT wanted. If you see this enquiry, i hope you will contact me ıwith full details ...ı
Dubai, U.A.E
Tel: +97150-1798053

farnaz plz send me all of your image & prices tractors
Tahany Ameen
Dear Sir,

We are looking for Italian Tractors with a below specs :
1- Tractors with 80HP double x
# 650
2- Tractors with 80 HP tick
cabin : With/out
Condition : With/out
# 50
Kindly can you send the full specs for Tractor with, photos and price .

Thanks in Advancing

Hoping to hear from you soon

Best Regards

Tahany Ameen

Behind ABC Bank. Al-Shmeisani
Abdul Al-Rahim Al- Waked St. - Shmeisani. Bldg. No. 42
P.O. Box 830589
Amman-11183 Jordan
Tel: 962 6 5685624 Ext.104
Fax: +962 6 5685625

US Address
Rami Ghanem and/or CME
4281 Express Lane.
Suite L7503
Sarasota, Florida 34238
Tel: 772 675-4363

Max PGS stop to make tractors so many years ago they was making also Fork lift equip. actually that company still alive buuilding machinery but dont
support anymore customers almost impossible to find spare parts , Pasquali brand still alive building
tractors with BCS and Ferrari(not the sport car brand) they joint in one company , by the way even
this brands mentioned its quite good equipment remainning cheaper equipment if you compare to others small tractors builders like Valpadana, Carraro and Goldoni.

alan williams anybody out there can help me with a manual for lombardini goldini 140golden super special goldini motor lda 510 serial number 1629/25 ??? alan
Tasha Was looking for a rim for a Pasquali walk behind tractor model #588 it's the 4 lug I cannot find any info on this tractor or anywhere to get parts if you could help out, it would be very appreciated...I live in USA..please help...thanks

Chris I have a walk behind 2 wheel tractor. It´s badged Pasquali , the engine is a Lombardini LDA100 ( 18hp ) and the transaxle is PGS. I live in Spain , and they are popular here with lots of new and secondhand parts available.

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