JD 2305 - starting problem

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JD 2305 - starting problem

Mike I have a 2 year old John Deere 2305 subcompact. In case you're not familiar with it, it has a 3 cyl. 24 hp Yanmar diesel engine. Until today, it's been 100% reliable.

It's always been garage/barn-kept. I've also been pretty religious about routine maintenance -- actually complying with the recommended service intervals (I treat my tractor better than my car).

We're expecting a snow/ice storm here in the Mid-Atlantic tonight, so it's time to convert from mowing configuration to plowing configuration. The tractor started fine at 3:00 this afternoon. Although the weather was cold (about 35 deg. in my garage), it only cranked one or two extra times more than usual firing up. I let it warm up for about 5 min at moderate RPM, pulled it out into the driveway, and then shut it down to remove the mower deck.

After detaching the mower deck, I fired it back up -- this time it started immediately, like usual. I raised the draft arms, then shut the engine down again. I pulled the mower deck out from under the tractor and then spent about 15 minutes rearranging my garage to make room to stow the deck.

When that was done, I placed my chains over the rear tires. Then I fired the engine back up. Again, it started immediately. I rolled it forward a couple of feet, put it in neutral, set the parking brake, and turned the throttle down to a slow idle. I finished installing the chains, and then turned my attention to some other chores in the garage. It's been a few weeks since I used the tractor, so I thought I'd let it run a bit (the only benefit of which was probably psychological).

About 20 minutes later, I was about to put the tractor back in the garage when I remembered that it was low on fuel. I shut it down and filled up the tank. I spilled a few drops of fuel in the drain pan around the filler neck, so I popped the hood to clean up. While I had the hood up, I noticed that the screen in front of the radiator had a bunch of old grass stuck to it. I pulled out the screen, cleaned it off, and replaced it. Then I closed the hood.

I hopped back in the seat, turned the key, and nothing happened. I double-checked that everything was correct for starting: parking brake set, transmission in neutral, PTO off, throttle about 3/4 open, and my butt in the seat. Everything appeared to be in order. I turned the key again. Nothing. No "clicks," no cranking, no lights on the dashboard -- nothing.

I wondered if maybe I'd bumped something when I'd been under the hood. I popped the hood again and did a quick visual inspection, especially around the radiator screen. Nothing was obviously out of place.

Then I did something really unusual. I got the manual for the tractor and read the troubleshooting section. I checked everything under "Engine will not start" -- here are the results:

1. 2 speed range lever not in proper position. (It was.)
2. PTO engaged. (It was not.)
3. Engine throttle not pushed forward. (It was.)
4. Fuel shut off valve closed. (It was not.)
5. Stale fuel / improper fuel / fuel level. (It was full of fresh, correct fuel.)
6. Wrong engine oil viscosity. (No.)
7. Cold start system not being used or malfunctioning. (Given that the engine was warm, this seems irrelevant.)
8. Plugged fuel filter. (It looked OK to me.)
9. Plugged air intake filter. (No.)
10. Dirty or faulty fuel injectors. (I didn't check this one, but it seems unlikely to me.)
11. Blown fuse. (I checked the 40A main fuse and the four accessory circuit fuses -- all were OK.)
12. Failed fuel solenoid. (I didn't check it -- I don't know where it is.)
13. Other electrical problem.

#13 prompted me to run through the troubleshooting items under "Starter will not work." Here are the results:

1. Loose or corroded battery connections. (They're fine. I cleaned them anyway, just to be sure.)
2. Blown fuse. (Already checked. See above.)
3. Low battery output - check electrolyte level. (I removed the caps and checked -- the level was fine.)
4. Neutral start switch faulty or not adjusted properly -- see your John Deere dealer. (I don't know how to check this. I guess I'll have to see my John Deere dealer, unless someone here can help me.)
5. Range transmission lever not in neutral postition. (It was.)
6. PTO engaged. (It was not.)

After doing all this troubleshooting, I decided to try starting the engine again (on the theory that mechanical problems sometimes magically solve themselves if you leave them alone for a while). This time the dashboard lights lit up when I turned the key through the "Run" position -- but they went out when I turned the key all the way to "Start" (and again, nothing happened). I turned the key back to the "Run" position and the dashboard lights came back on. About 2 seconds later, I heard a strange buzzing sound coming from underneath the dash. I turned the key to the "Off" position. The buzzing stopped. I waited a few seconds, turned the key, and paused at the "Run" position -- the dashboard lights came on and the buzzing started. Then I turned the key to the "Start" position. The buzzing stopped and the starter clicked a few times! The engine did not crank, though.

This made me wonder if the battery might be weak, so I hooked the tractor up to my starter/charger for a boost. When I turned the key to the "Start" position, I got a bunch of clicks out of the starter, but no cranking. I disconnected the starter/charger.

I started to wonder if a safety interlock could be the problem -- I've run into this with other tractors. I tried starting it while jiggling the transmission lever, pressing harder than usual on the brake, and leaning back hard on the seat (thinking that any of these things might be enough to engage a misbehaving interlock switch). No luck. I don't actually know where any of the interlock switches are actually located, so I couldn't do any further checking.

I decided to pull the dash off to look for any disconnected, broken or frayed wires underneath. None found. However, while I had the dash off, I decided to try starting the engine. When I turned the key to "Run" and heard the buzzing sound, I was able to clearly hear it coming from the glow plug relay.

The freezing rain started at that point and I couldn't feel my fingers, so I quit. Now it's starting to snow and I'm basically screwed. It's a good thing tomorrow is Sunday.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to provide all the information. I'm having a hard time sorting this problem out, probably because I'm cold, tired and pissed off. Any thoughts?

ken watson mike, you have classic volt drop syndrome.remove the negative lead from the battery completely and clean both ends especially the end that bolts to the frame and remove any paint in the immediate area. to check for this symptom use a test lamp connected to the negative battery terminal itself and (not the clamp on it)a good clean earth on the motor, if you have volt drop the lamp will light when you attempt to start.
Gus The buzzing noise makes me think the relay for the starter has failed or is failing. Relay's are just a low amp circuit triggering a high amp response- with a small electromagnet. They buzz when there is not a good contact. Looks like you've got a cranking problem instead of a starting problem, big difference with the t/s. Personally I'd replace the relay and see what happens, sounds like you followed the t/s tree pretty well so that narrows down the causes considerably.
Chris Bad cell on the battery
Bruce in KY Was the 2305 starting issue ever resolved? I have a JD 4010 compact tractor that is exhibiting the same problem with nearly the same scenerio. I also traced the buzzing sound to the glow relay but not sure if the relay is faulty or if something else is causing the relay to "appear" faulty. Any advise would be greatly appreciated..
Dick in VA Was this issue ever resolved? I now have exactly the same issue and dealer is closed over the long holiday.
Todd Yep, bad cell. The same thing happened to me on Saturday. 2006 JD 2305, you would think a heated garage kept tractor with less than 150 hrs. that is used at least once a month could have the battery last at least 4 years! If anyone knows if Optima makes a battery to fit this tractor, please let me know? I have 14 year old Optima's in my restored Willys vehicles & I have never so much as put a charger to them and they are lucky to get run once every 2-3 months during the winter.
Lloyd Same problem on my 2008 JD 2305 with 60 hours on it. Just clicking and buzzing and no cranking. Battery is good. I even substituted a 700 CCA car battery, and still no cranking. Is there any way to test the starter relay? tks.
Pete McLallen Had the same problem with my 2305 bought in 2007 with under 40 hours on it. The JD dealer replaced the battery for $230+ . . . something wrong with 2305 batteries from the factory? Recall?
glenn Have a 2305 had same problem Paint under ground on motor side of neg ground ,no battery problem And in cold wheather use glow plugs-- put transmission in low gear turn key hear click put back in neutral and start motor
rich I have a jd2305 and I had the same problem as well. Mine was the glowplug relay.
Randy I have a 2008 2305 and have loved the power and flexability of the tractor. My starting problem is a little differant than yours. I live in south Texas, 60 degrees my tractor starts and then dies as fast as it starts. Acts like fuel but have pulled all fuel lines and seems to have plenty of flow thru out the system. Any idea's
Pauul More than likely you have a fuel shut-off solonoid not working or the wire disconnected. I have three Yanmars and have experience this only once. The solonoid shoulc click and you can see the arm move.
mike just started having same kind of problem with mine? tried jumping it will run as long as I hold ingnition to start position but if i put it to run position it dies right away? any suggestions ? could it be dead cell? I was under the impression once a diesel was started it would need battery to run?
PatrickH I have the same issue as Randy. It starts and then dies out. Any idea how to solve this starting issue?
Ward I have the same roblem as PatrickH. Is the fuel shut off valve something that can repaired in your work shop or a dealer has to do it.
andre v i had start/die issue also.
it was due to me accidentally ripping off a turn signal shorting the circuit the keeps the fuel solenoid open in run mode (not needed in start mode) replaced the fuse and all ok

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Mark Duerst Not sure when this stuff was posted. I just had two issues with my 2305 that I fixed right a way. I had a starting problem where the engine would only run if I held the ignition key in the start position. As soon as I let go of the key the engine would die. SOLUTION: found 2 fuses blown. replaced, runs perfectly like usual. Fuses located on right side firewall behind air cleaner.

As far the engine starting perfectly one minute, then won't crank, I replaced battery, it ran perfectly like usual.

ron leb to mike: I had this problem with my 2305" When I want to put in 1rst gear the tracctor chut off. I jump the switch Under the seat, and all work well now
carolyn we cant find the fuses on this unit.. can anyone advise? we had taken to our hose to wash off mud on the post hole auger and they drove it back to its parking spot. we then went for fuel and filler her up.. when my husband got back into it it would not start. loud clicking and buzzing.. he put the battery charger on and nothing.. cleaned the post attachements still nothing, attached the charger directly still nothing.. it buzzes like crazy when key is turned on.. and then clicks and buzzes when put in the start position.. help... :)
serge dyx mon tracteur a 280 heures et a été entretenue religieusement ,mais la mon bébé ne veut plus demarré,il tourne au démarrage mais on dirait qu'il ne fait pas d'explosion ,j'ai vérifie mon entré de carburant/mon courant/mes fusible et tout semble
correct auriez vous une petite idée du probleme
pour m'aider,

andrew 2009 2305. hard to start today turns over fine but doesnt want to fire up, and when it does start sometimes it idles for 5min then stall sometimes it idles for 15 min then stalls. its random whether its driving and blowing snow or not, at first i thought the half full gas gauge was stuck and i was actually out of fuel, that seems to be the symptoms. I will start with fuel filter replacement, any other suggestions.
Daryl Lindsey my problem is different-2305 start and runs fine until PTO is engaged..then it blows the 15 amp fuse and tractor quits running...won't start until fuse is replaced and ten blows again when PTO is engaged..any ideas?
yakin plese contact on my mail id
Butch Saunders I have a 2008 JD2305 diesel tractor same as the above model.I have changes out 4 batteries with this tractor. I worked on cars all of my life. When I first had this pproblem I thought the alternator was failing so I started up the tractor and pulled the battery cables off. The motor continued to run. So I am lost thinking that possibly the the battery had developed a bad cell. Over time the same problem has shown again. After multiple batteries I tested the voltage regulator and seemed to have a low DC output so I paid $159.00 for a new regulator with no relief. The battery is not holding a ccharge. Has anyone expierienced this problem. I love my tractor but I don't want to keep the battery company in buisness. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
karen marsh My husband is trying to get a friends tractor started for her (she is a widower)it has a new fuel filter and fuel and it starts for a few seconds and then quits.He does not know that much about diesel engines. Someone told him it needed bleed after you put a new fuel filter in it but he could not find a bleeder on it (this came from a tech at the john Deere store here in Ohio by where we live.. Any kind of knowledge on this would be appreciated..thanks
David I have a 2006 2305 John Deere. The problem I having is the fuel soliod plunger pops back out as soon as let off the key. I have checked all the fuels All good. Got it be the switch?
donnell richardson sr I remove the fuel solenoid the tractor started replace it with a new solenoid and it still don't start
JerryCroniser Hi, I am experiencing the same problem with starting, if I hold key over to start it runs let off it quits.. Are there safety switches connected to the circuit. If so which ones effect the fuel solenoid? I will also check the fuses however this has done this before, I thought was low on fuel, then it started after several attempts?
Rick Wetzel Dang, what a useless forum.
1) no date that I can see, to see when stuff was originally posted.
2) no body reposts the answer to what the fix was, to their problem, to help others with the same problem.
3) others high jacking the original post, with somewhat similar (or not at all similar) problems.

steve Stoner For some of the folks, especially they buy that preplaced the fuel solenoid plunger, do a search on the "V4 diode". Replacing it will fix that problem. I did that once.

My problem is takes for ever to crank, finally starts, seems to run fine at full throttle, when I back the throttle down it surges then dies. Not sure if keeping it full throttle it will run longer or not. It seems like is firing when I am cranking it but not enough to fire up completely.

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