power king/ economy tractor

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power king/ economy tractor

lee edwards I would like a mower deck for the 18 hp tractor. If any one has any other implements for this tractor Thanks
Aaron Hi, I have a belly mower, tiller and a sickle bar mower for an Economy Power King tractor. I am in Renton, Wa.



Dave looking for a power king and or attachments.

Gerry B I have a 1973 Power King, 14 HP tractor with mower, snow blower, roto tiller, wagon and lawn sweeper for sale. I live in Norfolk Massachusetts. Make offer.
roger I have two decks and two parts tractors
darrell hunsinge

i buy a power king tractor 1977 i would like to know who make the tractor and i can find part

Tice Calcote age:12 I have a 1973 powerking 14hp, I am very interested in powerking tractors, please e-mail me if you are intrested in selling a belly mower or a clutch!!!!!!!!!!!


Tice Calcote age:12 I have a 1973 powerking 14hp, I am very interested in powerking tractors, please e-mail me if you are intrested in selling a belly mower or a clutch!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy HI, I am looking for a belly mower near PA I don't know anything about the Power King except it is old, need mower for my Dad.
Robert Walsh I have a Economy Tractors power king with loader and mower and a garden tiller for 2.500.00 with all books with it .still in nice shape i think it is 1983 . Robert
Phillip Looking for Power King Housing (part # 09-4015) and a Pinion Shart (part # 01-7180) it would be 13.68" long (about 12 5/8"). This broke on my Power King and need a good used one. If available let me know with price. Thanks. Phil
paul hatter
i need a front hub for an economy powerking 1414.

Gary Keller I am in the market for a Power King. I know very little about these tractors except that I want one. I think I want one with 2 transmissions. But the most attachments are more important. Tell me about the one you have for sale.
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Mike I am looking for a Powerking 1618. I am loking or one somewhere near Johnston,RI or Wrethem,MA. I am looking in the price range of about $500 max.
...tractor must run, have a sno/dozer blade, rear 3 point hitch...In good running condition...

My e-mail is raca24@aol.com

Gary Keller Would you be interested in selling just the snow blower and tiller? Please reply with condition and price.
My father is looking for a complete set or parts of a steering gear assembly including the tube, inside shaft (cam) and steering wheel. The tractor is a 1614 Economy Power King Serial No. 34XXX. This makes the model year around 1975. In Vermont.

John I have a 1994 Power King 1618 that I'm look ing for a snow blower for. Anyone have oine or know of a place to get one reasonably priced? I'm in Massachusetts. Thank you.
Don Bowers I have a 12hp Economy with a broken rod. Where can I find info as to how take the motor out for repair. Would like to know where to separate the motor from the clutch area. Bolt heads are hard to get to. Thanks in advance.
Jim Hansen I have a snow thrower for my 1618 which I would like to sell. It only needs the set screw on the coupler to be drilled out and tapped. This snow thrower has never been used. I am asking 500.00 I live in New London, Ohio
David Maggeroo I am looking for a 2418 Powerking tractor, prefer the dual trans model. I am in Waukesha, WISC. I would drive for the right tractor.
Wes Queen Did you sell that tractor? If not I'd be interested in knowing more about it.


Bob Thomson To Robert Walsh-looking for 1614 motor or complete unit what do you still have? ----Bob Thomson-269-673-7435
m sosnowski I am looking for a power king/economy hood for a 1960ish tractor, short hood with gas tank on top. If anyone has one, please reply.
Bill I have one in fair condition. Bill
jesse miller anyone out there know where i can find a tandem trans for a 1983 2418? if anyone is looking for trades i have a rear blade and an barely used 42"? snowblower, still has fresh factory paint on the auger!
Chuck Looking for an Economy Power King or Jim Dandy. Reasonably priced. I am located in SC.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Bob Roemer I'm looking for a belly mount sickle bar for a 1956 Power King tractor anywhere in the eastern or central Mass. area
Jim Lamphere looking for hood for 56 countrysquire tractor . Any help would be appreciated
Larry States I am looking for a belly mower for a 14hp economy in or close to the New York area! Can you help ?

Contact Larry:

Jeff Bailey I was given my grandfathers economy tractor after his death. i have no idea what year it is or even how to find out. and have no idea where i can get parts or any information about it. if anyone could send me any info it would be very much appreciated. thanks

don bowers about your 12 hp engine and clutch call me at 407 568-4595 and i will answer all your questions. i just finished working on my jim dandy tractor

jeff bailey go to powerkingtractor.com and look in the serial number section for your year. also go serviceproparts.com for parts.

joe thornton i need some info on how adjust my brakes.also i need to adjust my clutch .any info helpful.i am s.c. upstate.
Robert L. Smith I am looking to buy T92 Transmissions. Also, looking for serviceable parts for same.
John looking for a loader i bought my 2418 and all it has is the lower frame which is the hyd tank
if no loader does anyone have one to measure up so i can build it to factory

Bill Baumgartner I have a 1981 powerking.model 1612 I would like to buy all the parts for a plow hook up. I have the plow model 5013550, but not the rest of it. If anyone knows where i can find one, please e mail me, Thanks.
pete i am looking to buy a nice working power king tractor with a 60" deck. must be in good condition no junk. must have pictures 724 992 8959
Dustin Stafford Im looking for a new muffler for my 1980 14 horse power king tractor module 1614 . Also head lights, front end loader, backhoe, rear and front tire weights, dual trans or tan dram transmission please email me at or (409)651-9162 Texas
Ray Castelli Looking for a snowmobile attachment for a Economy Jim Dandy, SN 43748. In R.I. area, I will travel for one in good condition.
Ray Castelli Sorry, Looking for Snowblower attachment for Economy Jim Dandy, SN 43748. In RI Area, will travel or have shipped if in good condition.
rick smith I am looking for a power king,economy,jim dandy 1612, 1614,1814 ,maybe 2418??????????? I have a 1612 with tiller ,front loader,and front garder blade,mower blade.but i am afraid to use it alot it is a pretty old model. I have a cub with a sickle mower ,its realy doent look like it would take much to adapt the sickle mower to it. I would like a motor for it ,but it seem a motor for it is as much as its worth. I May be interested in a trade for a power king. my cub does have some pluses though,it has a plow, one point hydraulic.wheel weights, and a sickle bar.its got a new battery ,points,rotor, plug wires, plugs,condenser. Lond sorry on what happened. I live in southern Indiana, My Email is I found a couple of motor for the cub that is reasomable.But how hard is it to put a motorminn the cub. as it sounds i am open to alot of options.
rick smith sorry for the terrible spelling and punciation. i cant hardly see,got a piece of steel in my eye ,yesterday,got it out,now i think i got another piece in my other eye .can anybody say safty glasses . How dumb and idiotty ,can someone be .especially when i have about 10 pair around here. I see or dont see a long night ahead of me,lol. If you got use them and dont be stupid like me. Man ,i am embarressed ,how bad my message is , i will be suprized if anybody can read it.If anybody needs economy attachments let me know i got a fiend who parted 3 or 4 out. i thought about getting him help me put one together,on a trade.Anywat still looking for another power king. I was wondering if a QT-17 Bolens is for 375 to 400 and look great,but leary of the 17 kohler, was tolds that Kohler doesnt offer much in engine parts on it. I think you can stil get tune up parts. not cracks,short blocks,maybe pistons too. Sorry for the high jacking with it not being a power king thing,but i didnt know how to apoligize for the terrible penmanship for the last message.
rick smith just noticed my power king when in get warmed up,not really hot i would think,but it will get where i have to keep the choke pulled out and then,it will just barely run. It just started this. any info why this would be happening.

rick smith just noticed my power king when in get warmed up,not really hot i would think,but it will get where i have to keep the choke pulled out and then,it will just barely run. It just started this. any info why this would be happening.

jim Need help can`t find mower blades for 2414 power king ,1970, 48 inch mower!!! Please sent any information about 2414 power king. Thanks JIM
james durham if my power king / econmy tractor want fire, it will turn over but want fire. I think its my spark plug ? But if its not, where do i go next? Jimmy
trevor how do i attach my dice plow to my 14hp economy tractor?

keith i am looking for a starter for a 1969 economy tractor with a 14 hp engine in it. the starter shaft broke off while syarting and not having good luck finding one. if anyone knows of one please e-mail me thanks
Alex I am looking into getting a 1614 economy tractor but have never seen one before now it was recently repainted and has a loader and mower deck with it. the tractor is in ok condition all of the hydro hoses need to be replaced but the tires are good so if you can give me an estemate on what is it worth i would apprecate it? IF I can get a reply ASAP i would realy apprecate it
R. N. Frey
Re: power king/ economy tractor

I'll take a shot at this - have you checked your gas filter, disconnect gas line at carb ans see if stream runs steady or does it slow down after time it takes engine to warm up.

Also I have a problem. I lost the front end for
attaching my snow plow lift rod and worst of all I don't even remember what it looks like or how it attaches. Anyone with a Jim Dandy snow plow out there who can send me a picture or diagram. Thanks RN Frey

Matthew Lester I traded for a 1970 Jim Dandy and I was wandering were to get attacthments like a single row plow,set of disc,tiller.New or old.
Mike Stempky I am looking for a snow blower for poweerking model 1618 built in 1959 I think. Does anyone have anything like this or, did Powre King ever make a snow blower for their tractors. Thanks Mike
Al Montag I am interested in purchasing an transmission for my '72 Economy & my '60 (T-92-1). Must be in good condition. I would consider purchasing two.
Mrachlewski I am looking to buy a snow blade or blower for my 1983 Power king lawn tractor.
Al Montag James,
Probably points, spk plug wire, condenser - anything having to do w/ the ignition. Also, make absolutely sure the choke is pulled out all the way and the drive belt is disengaged if the belly mower is hooked up.
Al Montag

Al Montag Joe,
Manuals are easy to come by on ebay; If its a 1614 which is like mine then you would adjust the brakes by effectively changing the length of the length of the pedal linkage. This is fairly easily done by getting under it and first disconnecting the clevis from the link (rod) which is threaded. adjust that nut to shorten or lengthen then re-connect the clevis.
Al Montag

paul I have a Power King for sale in South Carolina Thanks
Richard Palmer What do you have? (year/model) do you have any pictures you can send? And what do you need for it?

I live in Toledo, Oh. So I won't be stopping by any time soon. (-8

- Peace -
Richard Palmer

Joe Smith Looking for any old Economy/Powerking/Jim Dandy tractors. Will travel and interested in any condition.
Joe Smith Looking for any old Economy/Powerking/Jim Dandy tractors. Will travel and interested in any condition.
brian mccormick i need a carberator for a power king 16/18 i have a 18 ohv kohler engine carberator #4505340s engine #23119 model k361 if anyone knows where i might be able to get one of these please contact me
Matt I'm looking for a snowblower and wheel weights for a powerking 1618.
mike lux Would anyone know what other manufacturers and models a front loader from a economy 1618 tractor would interchange with???

Don I have a snow blower for a Power King Tractor,72 and up, with the 4 hangers under the engine. (metal body only) The blower is 42 in wide. My zip is 46901. If interested e-mail me. Can e-mail pictures.
Tommy K need a bull drive gear for 1614 power king
Dick Alexander Iam looking for a 4 speed transmission for a 1618 in good condition 03-7505 I believe is the right part number.
KT Crews I have a power king 2417. The serial number has been removed and I have no clue what I have. I can't find any info. on the net about this tractor. Do I have a one of a kind or what? I also need a manual for it. Anyone have any suggestions? I found this number on the front axel, lefthand side.309G. could this be the SN?


s.parks will a starter off of a 16hp work on a 14 hp the 16 has 12 teeth and the 14 hp as 10 teeth thanks steve i have a 1981 power king
Jim I am looking to purchase a hydraulic front loader for a 1989 Model 1620 Fiberglass body Power King Tractor. Does not need to be in new condition, but it does need to be functioning, I don't want junk. Willing to travel and pay fair price for the right unit.
key looking for a starter for a 1217 power king 48 inch lawnmower.can any body help.how many teeth does the starter have on it
Doug Gibbs I have a power king tractor for sale. Pwer king 2418 with 18 h.p. kohler and some attachments. It is listed on craigslist under farm/garden. The old gal runs good but I need something a little bigger because I have 23 acres to care for.
Carl Wendellson I'm looking for a single bottom plow and a cultivator for a Power King 1618. Thanks for any help.
TJ Would like instructions to mount belly mower have an 18 horse 1994 model. Thanks TJ 801-633-2040
Eric Blankenship I am looking for the front axels/spindles for an economy tractor.
I just picked it up, all I know is; has a 14 hrs motor, hydrolics, plow, and a few attachments.
It has a 42 in deck on it and the tires are 48" tall or 4 ft high (2 ft rim)
I am not sure of the modle, but I am sure some one has a clue.
If you have the front spindles or parts, contact me at eblank2004@insightbb.com
My name is Eric.

Thank you.

Paul My father in law had one of these tractors before me and I bought one 32 or so years ago, great tractor, I know why they don't build them any more, they just keep going foever. I can't believe there isn't a buisness that wouldn't start building them again, I just know they would sell.
Ray I have a 1617 Power King but the S/N is worn off of the MYLAR tag. Is there any where else this Number may be on the tractor. It has a plastic body and a four speed trany. Also where can I get an owners manual? None of the places I have tried even mention a 1617.
I am also interested in a front end loader with all the hardware for the 1617 or a 1620.
Appreciate any info on both requests.
Thanks, Ray

Chuck I have two powerking tractors one is fully restored and the other is a project/parts tractor. I love these little tractors, I had another one and sold it. Tons of fun to play with.


Rick Looking for a belly mower for my 2414 serial#33005 I have PTO. Located in Maine will travel. Thanks in advance.
Vinny Cavaliere I would like to know what model economy tractor I have. It is serial number 5244. I would also like to know what engine it has brigs or kohler as I cannot tell. are these engines interchangable in types and can a larger horsepower engine go in.

gary carter i am looking for a turning plow for my power king 3 point hitchcan any one direct me to a dealer in arkansas thanks gary
robert demint For those hunting serial numbers on Metal Body Power Kings. On the Top of Frame under the body panel, just left of the transmission, The Serial numbers were Hand stamped. Sometimes hard to read. These were put on with small metal hand stamps. I have no experience with the Newer Fiberglass Body. This may help some. GOD BLESS
Johnny G I recently bought a 1981 1612 power king with a belly mower and snow blade. This has no hydraulics is manual lift. I took the mower off which mows and operates great and put the snow blade on and cannot figure out how the lifting linkage goes. can someone help ?
Mike Thiltgen I have a 1973 Economy ser#27027. I purchased a 36" mower deck for a Economy buy are somewhat puzzled as to how it is mounted. Could someone send me a picture of it on a tractor so I can see what I'm missing? Thanks in advance for your trouble.
John Welch
Re: power king/ economy tractor

I have eight 2417 with four speed transmission. Sometimes the clutch works in the tractor pull strong and sometimes it does not pull it all. Thinking about selling it, what does a broken tractor sell for today. Any thoughts on how to fix this. Thanks in advance

Ray Thompson From the list of serial #, your tractor was built in 1957. Prob. about July. Hope this helps, Ray
jack osborne I have a dual wheel set up for a 16 series. These will fit the steel of fiberglass models.
Also have a cab. Came off of a 16 series fiberglass. Not sure what other models this will fit.
Also have rear grader blade and dump bucket.
Also looking to buy PK's. Any condition.
Also looking for a 4sp clutch and tranny set up out of a fiberglass model.
Call 812-677-6326

Roger Peterman I have a 1618 with front end loader and I'm looking for plow and disc.
David Roy Does anyone know where I could find the 4 slotted front hitch brackets that can "bolt on" to older Economy Power King models to adapt the newer attachments? Mission Mfg. no longer has these in stock and also no longer available. Service Pro Parts said the same thing. Are there any other PK parts suppliers?
Stanley Byerly I have a 1617 Power King tractor with hand lift. I would like a three point hitch for it at a reasonable price. I live in the Louisville,Ky. area
Barry Walbert I have an opportunity to purchase a snowblower that has been on a 1969 tractor. Before I make the purchase I want to be certain that it will fit my 1978 1614. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks.
kyle hall I am looking just for a economy power king tractor it must be just the tractor,it must include the ag tires,3pt hitch. i dont care if it does not run or ifit does. all im want ing is a complete tractor. that i can plow snow with or fix up to plow snow with. I am located in indiana around the cambridge city,IN area. if any one has one please email me @ thxs
Thom Charles
Re: power king/ economy tractor

I have a 1985 1614 PK with nice loader, rear blade. Has a single 4 speed trans. Wont go into 4 gear but does 3rd gear. Any ideas? Anyone have a transmission for sale or Im selling this one. Thanks 931-215-4936

Mike Quinn I would like as heavy duty PK as posible, with front end loader.Not sure what size tractor, engine wise, but do need plows, and garden equipment.I'm in the NE Ga. area. Thanks
Donnie EPPS I have a tuff-bilt tractor that runs and works goog with a 16hp briggs&stratton I would like to trade for a good powerking I live in BELTON S.C.

Bill Sardone An excellent resource for these tractors is:


Thanks Bill

Larry Tyler Looking for a tuff bilt or economy power king tractor
Boyd Askey Looking for snow plower for power king 1212 ,, good price... Snow Shoe, PA. Thanks for reading
Boyd Askey Looking for snow blower for power king 1212 ,, good price... Snow Shoe, PA. Thanks for reading
Brian O'Fallon I have a 1955 economy garden tractor with mower deck and plow attatachment. It is in very good shape, has always been stored inside and runs good.wondering what it is worth.
tammy my huysband has a power king economy for sale. 13 HP 24 in tractor tread tires, snow plow, mower deck and graden plow
Woody I have a early to mid 70s power king. 14Hp. 4ft back Blade, 4ft mower & 6ft front snopw blade. Use tractor aften here in Michigan. I keep blowing the O-ring on the Hydraulic lift valve assembly. I shimmed the spring relieve valve back. Worked until I lifted it & didn't let go of handle. Oily leg. Any ideas on how to correct?
Thank you in advance, Woody

Terry Sander Looking for front blade to push snow I am in southwest Ohio
tom I just bought a power king 2414 with a blde that a belly mounted blde .currently a plow is hooked up to the 3pt hitch.does anyone know how to mt the blade and willthe hydralics lit the blade?

Larry Brooks Looking for a front loader that fits on a power king tractor . It is a 1977 model. It must be in good working condition
Chuck Pridmore I have a Power King tractor serial #34431 with a 14 hp motor and was wondering if someone knows what year it is.And if you have any attachments for it.Thank you,Chuck P.S. I live in bakersfield,Ca.93268
George Tatum I have a 2418 with 18hp kohler. Problem with it back firing through the carb. and muffler. Could it be the fuel pump? Sticking valves? Points? Could the carb. be worn out? Runs good on low throtle and choked.
Willie Edmond I need a coil for my Powerking..It's an ORANGE color COIL that mounts flat against the motor and has one wire connection "in" and a coil wire "out" -- If you have one that is in good condition contact me or send it to me along with the price... W.C. Edmond -- 778 Country Club Rd. Dublin Ga. 31021. 478-274-1104. Thanks.
John Davis I have a 1956 Power King. I am looking for manuals for the tractor and the B&S model 23 engine. Any info will be appreciated.
David I am looking for a sickle bar for a 1416 Power King tractor...
Ron FOR SALE. have a model 1217 powerking tractor outstanding condition, 17 hp kohler eng. only 509hrs. has no attachments, was only used to push cars in and out of a test lab. has never spent any time outside even if your not interested maybe someone could tell me what is a fair price
hubert l herrington we have a power king rideing mower model 1212
we dont know much about this mower we need a part
if some one out thair has this part please e mail me we need the spindeL IT THE PART THE FRONT WHEEL FIT ON IT BROKE OFF WERE THE WHEEL SLIDES ON

Paul N
I am looking for a older Power King 16 or 24 inch rear wheels. The tractor needs to have a belley mower and snow plow. I am located in Attleboro, MA.. I know very little about these tractors other than they appare to be built very well.

Paul N I posted yesterday and failed to check the return email box. It is now done.
Rob I have a 2418 about 1973. It is stuck in reverse.
rocking did not help. Anybody run into this problem or know how to get it out of reverse?
Have a front sno blade and garden cultivator that I do not need.

lew i have a power king tractor sprayer attachment, most all pieces are there i believe besides tank. would sell or trade for other attachments. located in wisconsin
richard mcvetta just got a power king 2414----1975---would like to put a mower deck on it--i guess it has to be a 48"
T in Ohio Have a 1964 Economy tractor, looking for hood and front blade.
wendell my power king has serial#5400 what year is it?
kevin i'm looking for a snow-blower with attachments for my 1973 power king tractor. any leads?
doug I have a 2418 duel transmissions wheel weights belly mower separate PTO $925.00for whole tractor runs 09/02/2010
doug I have a 2418 duel transmissions wheel weights belly mower separate PTO $925.00for whole tractor runs
doug I have a 2418 duel transmissions wheel weights belly mower separate PTO $925.00for whole tractor runs in ohio
Mike Looking for 2418 PowerKing with front Loader in any condition in Missouri.
Dave Cornett I am in the process of restoring a Power King model 2418 and am looking for attachments. I would be interested in anything anyone might have for sale. I live in the central Ohio area.

rossbates would like to get in touch with doug about his 2418 power king
rossbates looking for a 16 or 18hp kohler engine for a power king 2418
Mike Heeg I have a 14 hp Economy tractor with a disc, 1 btm plow, front blade, belly mower, and snowblower for sale. Has rear chains and weights $2,995. Let me know if anyone is interested. 920-574-1333 Greenville, WI
Mark Milby Hi, im looking for attatchments for a older 14hp power king tractor. Mainly a grader box, front plow, etc.

charlie May be intersted is a power king with a loader?or just with a mower .1975 or newer.
14 hp.
prefer in the sw texas area,or se nm area.
If you happen to have any thing on even a pk out here for parts -may be interested.
Thank you very much.

kyle h. i am wanting to but a 3pt hitch that is complete or a snow blade if anyone has one of theses items please email me and leave a ph number thxs kyle.
Frank Im looking for a clutch assembly for a 1617 power king 6in discs 4spd trans.
Frank I'm looking for a clutch assembly for a 1617 power king 6in discs 4spd trans.
brenda I have a 1952 or 54 Power king tractor runs good but would like to know more about it!!!!!!!
Ken Holet Looking for a front blade to fit a Power King 1622. Anyone? Thanks.
Re: power king/ economy tractor

Rare 1963 Economy Power King Tractor with Dozer Blade. Serial Number X9615E.

Tractor has 9 horsepower Briggs engine, runs great, has vintage leather belt. Very powerful tractor. Has 3 speed Transmission, works well. Hand brakes work. Comes with Original Dozer Blade, straight with no damage. Tires in good shape.

Tractor was professionally painted with high quality paint. Ready to take to Antique Tractor Shows. Great piece of machinery to add to your collection.

Tractor is located in Cordova, Maryland. Item is being sold "As is". You will need to make arrangements to pick it up; we will not deliver.

Gary I need a nice hood for a '70 Economy 2414.
KCU Are there any Power King tractors for sale in the Northern Virginia, DC, Southern Maryland area? If so, please respond. Thanks!
Charles Hancock Looking for a snow blower for a 1614 power king tractor 1980.
Richard Looking for a 2417 or 2418 Power king with disc, plow, snowblower, & mower deck for sale in the NW Ohio area ....REASONABLE !!!!
Ernie from Wisconsin are you still looking for a 2418 Power King with a loader? I have one that has a loader, dozer blade, belly mower (needs new spindles) wheel weights, 3 point hitch. 18 horse kohler runs good, i think it needs new bull gears, otherwise tractor is intact, rubber in fair condition.
rick rossego in need of a mower for power king tractor1972 @all hardware for tractor in ohio please
Brad Cook I have a Economy Jim Dandy tractor and cannot find much about it. Can anyone help me? Is there any website where i can find decals for it and other parts?
you can email me at cookracing2101@yahoo.com

thanks brad

richard rossego in need of mower to fit 1972 enonmy tractor in ohio
Joe Looking for a snowblower to fit a 1981 1614. Have been offered a 42" blower model #50-13406 bought for a later 2418. Will it fit?
Re: power king/ economy tractor

I have three power kings, 2414, and two 1614s. One has dual transmision
Also a one bottom plow, mower deck, disc, push blade, and cultivator. I want to sell all of it. let me know if interested.

I am in green bay wisconsin area

robert found a 1961 power king economy tractor will not run and need some work .can anyone tell what it would sell for. thanks robert
jonah weaver
Re: power king/ economy tractor

i have a old 60'model economy tractor with manual 3point hitch and mowing deck it runs good and isnt missing anything new rings, points, condensor and coil mowed my yard all summer very good condition for year hate to sell but im moving the tractor is in parkersburg wv and if you would like to see a picture or have any other questions call me at 1740 350 1422 1,000 obo

Lloyd Dugan My husband recently got an Economy Tractor. We cannot find out what year the tractor is. The serial number is 29328. The Tractor is 14hp.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Don I have sold this snow blower. Thanks. 2/13/2011
Don For those wanting information on, Power King, Economy, tractors. Go to Yahoo Groups, powerkingtractors. You can find everyting you always wanted to know, about these tractors, and find parts, also Don 2/13/2011
Don I sold the snow blower for a Power King Tractor. Thanks. Don zip 46901. 2/13/2011
Sheldon Lawrence
Need steering bearing kits for 1980 Power King 1614

Ferris S. Mike
Im interested in your tractor and attachments please let me know

richard starkey i have a 1976 power king frontend loader what do i put in the pistons for fluid ?please help me???
jim I live in ohio and have 1980 2418 with snow plow, garden plow, belly mower,and disc for sale. 1500.00
Ralph Ludemann hi I was wondering how to find out what year or a power king tractor I would have if u can please help me contact me please
Fred Allen I have a 14 horse economy tractor that i would like to sale.It is going to need some paint.I have a deck that goes with it but it is in bad shape.The spindles are good.The tractor runs and the tranny is good.Was going to take motor out to put in another tractor,but i figured maybe somebody would like to fix it up.
Wayner Hi you all, I just came upon this site today. Say I have a Jim Dandy tractor with a k331 engine in it. The engine was taken apart before I got it. I just cant find any gaskets or gasket set for this engine. People tell me there is no such thing as a K331. Any help would be great!! Thanks Wayner
DeWayne I have a power king 2414 need a disc live in Alabama or tell me where to find one
John Owens I have a 1969 Power King Model 2418. It has a Set of harrs, turn plow, cultivator, and tool bar with potatoe plow or lay-off plow. This is a Very nice Tractor in excellent condition. Its all original. There isn't anything wrong with it. I'm willing to intertain Reasonable Offers!! It all goes together, will not just sell peices. I live in Spindale, NC. If your interested....please email me or call John 828 980 5299 I can send pictures and any other info!!
Bryce Power King 1618, 1980 something... Great tractor, runs great, 3 point, snow plow, mower deck, and single bottom plow, tire chains... It sometimes sticks in 3rd gear that you cant pull it out. I hate to pull on it too hard, so I just left it sit. Any idea what may be causing this, soon going to take transmission apart and find problem. Tractor is also for sale... Central PA
dan campbell would like power king,but also like tuffbuit tractor if someone has it thanks,im 30 mi above birmingham al.

Dave C Looking for PowerKing, Economy, or Jim Dandy Tractor in Southwest lower Michigan for sale, reasonably priced that needs work. Thank you for your time.
Rick 1975 power king
for sale runs but needs work I am Stafford VA 1500.obo

Paul Thomas would you like to sell,Paul
Dave C Looking for Economy or Powerking tractor around Southwest lower Michigan reasonably priced that needs work. Thank you for your time.
gabriel hermanson i have a 1975 14 h.p. power king with 60" mower
deck, in very good condition for sale. $1500.00

joseph ruthven sr. need to know where to set the rear flywheel. does anyone know the measurement from the bellhousing to the face?
Brian Dotson I am looking for a hood for my 1958 jim dandy. The tractor has the gas tank on top. If anyone has one please let me know thatnks.
gabriel hermanson when i listed my 1975 14 h.p. power king,
i didn't post any pictures, but if interested,
you can call 608 756 0837, or 931 7739. if
you send me your address, i will send you some

David Looking for a 'Hood, Cover' P/N 03-2972 for a 1978 Power King (2414). Must be like new.
Bob I have a model 1617 powerking tractor does anyone know how to adjust the clutch on it I followed the cable underneath there is a adjustment but does it get turned clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust the peddle to change gears and stop the transmission from grinding can not change gears at all now might need a clutch or transmission
Nick I have a pk 2417 that's getting no spark.. coil is getting voltage but no spark at plugs. Swaped coil same problem. Any ideas? Any way to test coils?
Billy Vaden Are they still making the power king and who sells it?
Larry Hello, I have an older Ecomony tractor and I need both break assemblys with the break bands. I used the ones I had on a tractor I built for my grandson and now I,m trying to finish mine.Thank you for any info
Calvin Dufrene I have a 1966 power king deluxe with all manuals. Tractor is in pieces have all parts. It has 12 hp Koler with 60 inch belly mower and hydralic cylinders. tractor has good tires and good sheet metal. Located in SE Louisiana make offer.
Larry Matson Hi, seen your add and if you have both break assembles that I need please let me know.. They are the ones that the control rods on the of the break assembles with a round nob on top Thank you for looking
Larry Matson Hi, seen your add and if you have both break assembles that I need please let me know.. They are the ones that the control rods on the top of the break assembles with a round nob on top Thank you for looking
Larry Matson Hi, I seen your add for economy parts and if you would have both break assemblys with break bands please let me know... I figure the tractor is in the 50,s... If you do, send me a price and how I can contact you.... Thank You Larry
Erik Van Natta Hello I have a 54"pk mower deck for sale or trade.mower deck is in good shape, My pto is shot. I would prefer to trade for a land plow and or cultivator thanks
Erik Van Natta Hello I have a 54"pk mower deck for sale or trade. I would prefer to trade for a land plow and or cultivator thanks I am located in Western MA,
Billy Just got a 2418 power king need a good seat, and steering wheel also the decals for it it is a 1980 model, live in Killen Al...........
sborlak great information site fore colectors and enthusiast thanks steve borlak i am interested in power king with wisconsin engine mower deck plow
Tim can anyone help me I need a wiring diagram model no 811001 1218hv power king
steven hartley i would like to know how to find out what year my 3 economy tractors are.
WAYNER Still looking for a kohler k330 or kohler k331 engine for my 1965 jim dandy. Any leads would be great. 612 251 7060 Thanks!!
Alfred L. Kiser Hi, I recently purchased a 1979 Power King tractor from a deceased man's estate. There were 2 pallets of implements that came with it. On one pallet is a Power King Sickle Bar and the other pallet has a Hay Rake. They are both in a completely disassembled state and look new. He probably bought these from a dealer that was going out of business and they have never been assembled. I'm not sure of the year, but I have the manuals for both. If interested, you can contact me at: or call me at: (814) 438-2701. Thank you.
marshall Iwould like to hear from wisconsin residents that have a poer king tractor for sale
Deric Verney Hello all, im from maine and i have 5 economy tractors! just got a 60" deck for my 81 2414, but it is missing the mule drive..anybody got one?? need asap
steve i have a power king economy i just bought trying to find out year think its a 1614 since it has 16 rear tires and is 14 hp i am new to power king always had wheelhorse and cub need parts live in ky thanks
Larry Stogsdill Hi

Just found a 1966 Power King Tractor. It does run. Has the snow blade, plow, harrow with it.

Interested in what's it's value


Steve I live in Tacoma WA and looking for a belly mower for my 1969 Tractor. I would also like some other acc's for it- blade or ??? Let me know what you might have. Any parts tractors in my area also would like to see for a project for my Son. He wants his own tractor. Thanks!


dan campbell want to buy power king tractor,no more than 300 miles away from birmingham,alabama

dan campbell how wide is the tractor alone?
Ben Scott 2414 - Dual transmission. Looking for front end loader and all necessary hoses and hydo pack to hook it all up . I live in mud-coast Maine and will travel for the right stuff...looking for wheel weights for front and back too.

Another PK addict...Ben

Ted Gaston I have two Economy tractors and a bunch of implements for sale. One Power King tractor 18 hp and one Jim Dandy 14 hp. Both run great. Have a snow thrower, decks for both tractors, Brinley plow, grader blade and snow chains. The Jim Dandy has a canvas cab with doors. In Muncie Indiana. email me with questions
Gary C. Borham I have a 1212 with a Kohler Engine. Have had it over 30 yrs. It needs A clutch for the front power take-off to run the moer deck. IT"S ONE POWERFULL TRACTOR!
derrick parker i need a power king tractor good condition for jamaica island
Chad Wopat I just had a customer drop of a rear housing the number on the housing is 825218-1 We are looking for the bearings and seals for this?
mikepaulene i have a 1983 power king economy tractor it has a 14 hp kor eng i need a wiring dirigam and any ideas on why it will run for about 20 min and cut off when cooled down will start back up
Al Kiser
Re: power king/ economy tractors for sale

I have two Power King Tractors for sale:

1. Power King Economy Tractor - $2500

Model Number 1614

Serial Number 23544

Runs Great!

New Battery

New Seat

New Rear Tires

New Wheel Weights

All Tires have Rim Guard Tire Ballast Installed

And much more!.

Hydraulics with 3 Point Hitch.

Tandem Transmissions

It comes with:

36" Snow Blower.

12" Mold Plow

4' Cultivator

4' Rear Bucket

Phone: (814) 438-2701


2. Power King Economy Tractor - This is the tractor with the larger tires that has a nice
48" mower deck on it.

Model Number 2414 - $3500

Serial Number 50796

Runs Great, but needs a new throw-out bearing.

New Wheel Weights

4' Snow/Dozer Blade

All Tires have Rim Guard Tire Ballast Installed

And much more!.

Hydraulics with 3 Point Hitch.

Tandem Transmissions

Enclosed Cab

The implements on tractor#1 will also fit this tractor.

dexter l. wise to all power king owners. my 1614 tractor was stolen in september from mentone indiana serial #43918 if you happen to run on to it please call me at 574-328-0014.i really miss that tractor. REWARD
Beth boggs I would love to find a set of chains for my 2418 Economy Power King 1979. An even bigger dream would be to find a cab for the same tractor.

steven c I have an economy jim dandy for sale.
It has a 12 horse koler engine rebuilt
6 years ago with 100 hrs.
It comes with 2 mower decks,a rototiller
,frontplow,&this unit has agear reduction

price $2250 located in michigan se

Ron Dill
Re: power king/ economy tractor

i have a 1985 powerking 1617 for sale. its gear drive with 4 speed + reverse. Has a 48 inch mower deck, mule drive & a 4 foot front blade with it. Heavy duty tire chains that i just made for it out of a set of john deere chains. Has hydraulic lift. Just had valve job done. tractor is in good condition & runs good. No clutch or tranny problems. PTO will need rebuilt or cleaned, it was working but has sit for a while & is not working now. Engine runs good, no smoke or noises. Trailer hitch on back.
Im asking $2000 firm & it has to be picked up. Cant ship. Mower dech needs attention. Greased , Sanded & painted. Plow is strong & works great. If interested email me, or call 814-546-2551.

Ron in Driftwood, Pa. 15832

George Reaser Ihave a 1958ish economy with front loader and backhoe. I have spare front loader frame and bucket and some spare backhoe parts. the tractor is in pieces and may also be avaleable
George Reaser 386 734 5622

J Reed Rear toolbar hitch (sleeve hitch) for 1973 Economy Power King tractor. Cleveland Ohio. $50.00 Picture is available
jason is this still available? picture?
Robert Martin I am interested in buying the hitch
Herb Still have the hitch?

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