Lenar Jiangling tractors

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Lenar Jiangling tractors

edward higgins Can anyone provide feedback either positive or negative on the Jiangling tractors out of China sold in USA under brand name Lenar. 4 wheel drive 25HP. Model JL254-11
thingy ED,there are chinese tractor boards and other tractor boards with chinese sections,,you should do a search,thingy
Marty Did you ever get any feedback on these tractors. I've been looking at Lenar.

george bowling give me some feed back on lenar tractors
steve Jane
What parts do you need? I will help you tks steve

Mike I have had a Lenar 274 (28HP) for over a year and found it to be a great tractor. I use the FEL often as well as mowers. I am about 1 hour from a parts warehouse in Bonham (northeast) Texas. I have needed a few things (broken light, ign switch, faulty front axle, filters, fuel cap) and they have had. They will ship the next day. It has a 2 year parts and labor warrenty. Getting it worked on might be a problem as not too many dealers but I have not checked this lately. Some have said that if you don't want to lift a wrench don't get a Chinese tractor and this may be good advice. They may require a little more care and feeding. This is OK for me. So far I have very pleased with mine.
Mike in North Texas

Ralph I have the Model 274 and have been very pleased with the unit. Lots of torque. The controls/shifters are a bit stiff and require some finess to get things in the desired position. I found out letting out on the clutch ever so slight facilitates shifting. Mechanically - I'm very happy. Was not real enthused about the battery, requires checking water levels. Another thing I noticed my gages and light lens are fading. I don't think they used any UV inhibitors in any of their inks/plastics. Tractor looks older than it really is. I am a little apprehensive because of its origin and perceived lack of available parts. But so far I have been very pleased.
rick I am thinking about a new 2007. Comments???
Allen I have a 2005 model 274-1 and have had problems right from ths start with it running hot have had it in for service several times and had no luck getting it fixed. Other than heating problem it runs and pulls good But as someone else said the controls are stiff and a little tricky to use

Terry I have a model JL254 It has a lot of torque and pulling power The controls are a little stiff but once you get used to it you don't notice it The trouble I have had is with getting things worked on There is only one dealership in this area and they will NOT get in a hurry I had a faulty clutch and they warrantyed it the trouble was it took them 12 weeks to fix it they told me they had parts in about a week but didn't get it torn down and repaired till much later than it should have been
Matt Himes Allen I have joined a hint lease and they have a 274-1 and it over heats also. Did you ever get your over heating problem solved? We were thinking of adding a electric fan in front of the radiator?
Matt Sorry that should have been a "Hunt Lease"
Carl I just bought a 2007 30 hp and both the product and warranty are EXCELLENT THANK YOU LENAR USA TOM, ORVILLE, AND STEVE....
Tom Schmidt I bought a new 254 about eight months ago. It now has about 100 hrs on it. Ive had a few small problems; one hyd steering leak, the tack stopped working but nothing serious. Lenar has been pretty good about sending new parts although sometimes it took a couple weeks, I think my dealer dropped the ball somewhat. The power is great, traction with the 4 wheel drive is great and I have had no overheating at all, even though I live in so Texas. I ran it all last summer hard, it only threatened to overheat once, turns out my radiator was blocked, cleaned it out and no more problems. My biggest gripe is the manual. Very little info but I did get a perts manual. I work on the tractor myself because I am so far from dealer.
Michael Glover I have a JL254-II which is a mobile nightmare. The fiberglass disintegrated, the paint fell off (no primer or undercoat), the engine lubricating oil pump died, the clutch seized, the instrument panel died, the brakes failed... after 5 hours of use! The alternator fell to pieces, the battery ran out of volts, the starter motor gave up the ghost and the rest of the electrics are michael-mouse.I could go on, but I'm sure you understand.

I note however, that Amsoil Series 2000 synthetic grease fixes the shuttle shift and gear lever sitckyness. The grease nipples are behind the removable panels that surround the levers.

I note also, that 'workshop manuals' do not exist for these tractors and all adjustments are by the grace of God and the inate knowledge of the mechanic. Headbolt torque... no one knows. Valve clearance when cold... take a guess and so on. The engine is an old obsolete Isuzu and my Lenar dcealer uses the settings for those as a very rough guide.

These cries of woe are international. I live in New Zealand and my Lenar dealer has had a 30% engine failure rate caused by faulty lubricating oil pumps. The Oil pump dies, instantly reducing the engine to scrap. Mine had oil pressure, then it didn't, then it did; so I got it back to the house and sent it away. Strip down revealed there were some 'O- rings' missing from the oil pump (which were not shown in the parts list and we see there is a complete layshaft missing from the parts list for the gearbox also)

In nearly 2008, none of this is good enough!

Michael Glover Lenar tractors:

I bought a Mahindra Lenar JL254-II on April 01 this year. By the end of April, and 5 hours of use, I had two typed pages of complaints. Among them, in brief, were:
The paint was set-up to fail... no primer or undercoat; and it did fail. It washed off with water.
The fiberglass disintegrated... caused by our high levels humidity and fierce UV light (downunder, in New Zealand).
The steering wheel fell to pieces.
The dash faded then failed altogether.
None of the lights worked.
The alternator fell to pieces.
The starter motor failed.
The battery failed.
A front end loader hose burst.
The clutch seized (impossible to engage the PTO)
The brakes failed and wouldn't work.
The engine oil pump failed.
The injector pump fiber seals failed,thereby overfueling the engine.
The seat mechanism seized.
Hydraulic pump was under pumping.
And rust everywhere.

Heated discussions thru May to October resulted in the tractor being taken away (but only when my lawyer threatened to sue the ass off the dealer and distributor) where it has had 12 weeks of workshop repairs and a repaint and I hope to get it back tomorrow.

Time will tell if I'm any happier with this pile of parts thrown together last thing on a friday (or first thing on a monday).

Dealer support and infrastructure for service and spare parts don't really exist. There is no such thing as a workshop service manual.No one knows vital service specifications like cylinder head bolt torque settings or valve clearances; for example.

The parts list is incomplete and therefore hopeless... a complete layshaft from the gearbox is missing as are 'O-rings' off the oil pump.

I really couldn't recommend one of these tractors!

Patrick Webb Some of you may have heard of me, but I have had nothing but trouble from this Dishonest Company. I have had 4 Lenar tractors in a six month period of time. Three of them died a sudden and very untimely death due to very very poor workmanship and a very very poor quality product, everything from a rod knock to SPLITTING in HALF!!!!! What you read from other readers is the truth. These tractors are crap. My fourth tractor has mabee 400 hours on it and in that time, I have had 4wd troubles, alt/generator troubles, about 5 batteries to the point that I have a battery charger/booster in place of the battery so I just have to plug it in to start it, just pray it doesnt stall in a field with no generator near by. It overheats before I can get out of sight with it, so I doubt I will be to far away from power. It has oil seeping out of the engine block from day one, I have replaced the starter twice. Buying one of these tractors will only make you want to sell your farm and move into a condo. The most depressing experience I have ever had. Someone please shoot me to put me out of my misery. I have done my best to drive this product out of the United States and I promise they will not be sold with in driving distance to me. My tractor will be the poster child as to why one should never ever purchase a lenar tractor. You can find my posts on tractor point dot com. thanks
Carl The worst thing is replacement parts are not available! I have been waiting on a starter drive bendix for over three months! The dealer tells me they have tons of parts on order from the company but they can not get them.
Patrick Webb Hello all, this is what I am talking about with the Lenar Tractor Company, what good is a 2 yr warranty and a 10 k tractor if you cant get service support. Three months for a bendix spring. Lenar knows about the problems with the starters and yet they cant provide their dealers with parts to support their customers. I say again, the value of a tractor is not in the sale itself, but the support after the sale, this may not be the dealers fault but the customer is still dealt with a hunk of iron that he cant use. Lenar should include a shovel and wheel barrow with each tractor it sells, because the customer deserves a good back up plan. Plain and simple, US customers deserve more than what Lenar is providing. Just my opinion.

Patrick Webb
1 734 439 0686

Lloyd Ramby When I bought my Lenar 18 mos ago, the salesperson at Eddy Tractors in Baytown TX told me they were great tractors and very rarely ever came back to the shop for warranty repairs. Mine now has 35 hours on it and has had 4 major problems. It has been back in the shop 3 times in 18 mos. I hired an attorney to file a Tx Deceptive Trade Practices Act violation which, if they are found in violation, they will have to pay me three times the economic cost which was $11,900. You might check with your attorney's if you are in Texas.
albert Ford starter parts will go right into the Lenar starter housings.... a good rebuilder will be able to get you going.
Jim We bought ours with a 115 hours, we changed two front axels that broke, the parts took some time but Red River Parts Supply in IA did us good on getting things as timely as possible when you have to send to China for the parts. I have been doing all my own maintentance, using so far. But today now the engine is blowing back through the air cleaner and running on only two cyclinders. Has this happened to anyone else? Would appricate hearing from you. Also its a good tractor when running, the engine has 300 hours on it now, I used it a lot! Thats what their for, so I want to start tearing into it again but don't know where to start without an operation manuel along with a parts manual.

Harry Farmer about to buy a agtraxx 284. part of lenar products?? can I get parts,service manual? most of what I read is very negative,,
Del Ford Can't recommend the Lenar 254 II at all. I have replaced 3 front axles and looks like the bearing is out again. The tractor has barely over 100 hours on it. It overheats when barely worked even after cleaning the air filter. I have lost hydraulic power. Took it to the dealer and they said the hydraulic pump was weak. Cost me 150 bucks for that diagnosis. No actual tests done on it, just an opinion. The tractor is a piece of junk to put it mildly.
Nick Atcheson Michael

It is not only the United States that are blighted by these poorly built and unsuported tractors.

I live in the UK and was foolish enough to purchase a 2007 Lenar 254 which has spent more time in the garage than actually working, much to my frustration.

Luckily I did not sell my little Yanmar 186D which, despite its age, is ten times the machine of the 254.

My problems have ranged from poor build quality i.e. every pin has broke, it is designed to rust and the all the hydraulic seals leak to complete brake failure and the FEL bucket actually falling off!!

I agree with your comments that these tractors should not be bought.

Trish Vue Please send me information on how to get in touch with a part dealer for the Lenar FS274 model. Thank you.
Brad Help! My friend needs parts for his Lenar tractor, mainly new front axels. Can anyone send me contacts for parts dealers. Thankyou
Michael Glover Hello Brad,

I presume you are in the US?
If your tractor is a JL254 II, you could try either:

1. Adam White, the Australian Distributor/Importer/Assembler at:


2. Eddie Higgins, the New Zealand Distributor/Importer/Assembler at:

The Mahindra ES254 and predecessor Jiangling FS254 II were both imported downunder and they would be able to assist you. The cost of the freight might be an issue though.

Or, you could go to the factory in China and ask them where you can get parts in your part of the World... try:


(but they are compleatly hopeless and utterly useless and probably won't even bother to respond... which seems to be the way that they do business... they just about drove Eddie Higgins up the wall!)

If you don't have any luck, let me know and I'll give you some names and personal E-mail addresses for some of the senior management there...


will find me!

Mike G

Michael Glover Hello Trish...

If you read my reply to Brad, you will find some E-mail addresses that might point you in the right direction.

If you need to bring in larger parts or complete assemblies, then freight costs could be an issue.


bob I own 2 lenar 274 tractors I think they are a good tractor for the price. You have to respect the size of the tractor for what it can do.and for some of you having a over heating problem try cracking the hood open between the grill and the battery, you will notice a dramatic change in the temperature it will drop.

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