Tractors made in China

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Tractors made in China

Carl Tunich I am planning on purchasing a 18 to 24 hp tractor in the near future. Was looking at the John Deere, but heard they are now made in China. Does anyone have information on which tractors are made either in Japan or in the United States?
thingy Well,don't think there are any made in u.s.,,maybe this strange little brand called power trac,,its probably not 100%,,kabota is maybe close to pure bred japanese,,but japan deals a lot with china,so probably some of it is from there too??Don't leave out the other countrys,,korea,canada,mexico,india,,I think they all make tractors sold in u.s.,or parts of them,,,,but you need one made in japan or u.s.?,don't care about anything else?,just as long as its from those two??you'll have better luck with japan than,I think,,,thingy
Carl Tunich No, I did my usual thing and left out the obvious to me. I just don't want to support China if it is avoidable to me. I am looking for a tractor made anywhere but China.

It is difficult to tell where the major brands are made. I guess that they figure it isn't worth telling, or it is none of our business.

thingy Check out the other tractor boards,,I'm not sure,,anything made in korea,japan,or a john deere, likly to have some chinese stuff,metal or something,,I mean you can't take any chances right???So that leaves out deere,kabota,kioti and several others,,,you may be better off just getting an old one,,say 30 years old or so,and spending a few thousand fixing it up,,that way maybe you would feel safer??? thingy
Carl Tunich I had stumbled upon the Power Trac site while looking for compact tractors. It is an intriguing little machine. It is close to what I was thinking about building. Only I wanted more ground clearance, and a 3 point hitch. The lack of a 3 point hitch is the reason that forgot about them. Someone also furnishes plans or kits for something similar.
thingy So your going to build a tractor? Well in that case it would be made in america,[guess your from here],,all you got to do is make sure all parts are made in america,unless you are going to make it from scratch....thingy
bontai Joe Deere does build tractors in China for the Chinese market. They aren't sold here in the US. Some components maybe from China, especially some of the electronics, but the majority of Deere CUTs components are American made and American assembled with Japanese engines from Yanmar and Kawasaki in some models. For what it is worth, since corporate HQ in in Iowa, the profits stay in America, help pay American taxes, and keep Americans working at the increasing rare decent paying manufacturing jobs that many companies seem to love getting rid of. Unlike Kubots where corporate profits go to Jaban (example only, I have nothing against Kubotas). The Cub Cadet 5000, 7000, and 8000 series machine are assembled in the U.S.A. and use some Asian engines, Case/IH CUTS are basically imports. The Simplicity Legacy is a sub-compact? or just a really big garden tractor with 27 HP and built in America. For a lot more info on CUTS, I reccommend where they have a CUT forum in addition to farm machines, and lawn and garden, all broken down by brand. Most of the brand listings have a history and details of country of origin posted. It might be helpful.
Carl Tunich Thanks a lot Joe. That is the kind of information that I was looking for.

It was a decision that I made for myself. If at all possible I would support jobs at home rather than overseas. Then it is US, Europe/Japan/Korea, then China (if not avoidable). I just don't see supporting our enemies if at all possible.

I had been looking at the New Holland TZ 18. The Simplicity looks competive to that. It has extra HP, but doesn't have any more beef than the New Holland. The John Deere 4010 looks as good as the New Holland, at about the same price.

thingy I thought you were going to build it yourself?One other thing,is China our enemy?,,I hope not,they might not be our best friend,but certainly not an enemy,,like I said,hope not,,enemys want to hurt and kill you,and there is a whole lot more of them than us,,plus they can now send chinanuts into space and get them back alive,,we got enough enemies right now,lets don't make the most populas country in the world another one.
One other thing,raw materials,,where do you think japan gets most of theirs,,china is alot closer than the u.s.,,so even if you get a pretty much made in japan assemblied in u.s.,or somthing like that tractor,,probably most of the raw materials,plastic,metal,rubber like stuff,came from china,its just the way it is nowadays,,,it seems.
I believe most of our enemies lie over the other ocean,,,,thingy

Carl Tunich They have the most spys in the world. They steal as many scientific secrets from us that they can. They run over their protesting students with tanks. They support countries that say we are their enemies. They do have a doctrine that isn't directed at our national good health.

Watch and see what they do with the increase in their GNP.

All we are to them right now is a ticket to a large rich market, and all the money it will bring them. We absorbed that same sort from the Japanese, but we can't with China. Go to Lowes, or any department store, and see if you can find much that isn't made in China. We used to make a lot of that stuff in this country. What are those people doing now? The replacement jobs are good if they pay 10 per hour.

Now to build my own! I really had planned on building a tractor front end loader combination starting a couple of years ago. However I am 63 years old, and don't have any of the tools needed to build the tractor. And don't see having a place to set them up for a couple of years. So trying to take the easy way out and buy something that I don't have to modify.

That is the other side of the coin. World industry does what ever it has to do to maximize profit. Oh well, time to get off my soap box.

Thingy Carl,I agree with everything you said about china,,,but,,they are changing,,,and like you said,,,take wallmart for example,,heard on the news,they were chinas single biggest customer,[as far as buying stuff from them],,so once they get dependant on much of there trade being from us,,than they got to try and get along more and more,or we could stop inporting stuff,so they have to keep changing,,,they were back in the stone ages[well],in the 40's and 50's,plus they were considered just as big a threat as russia to us,,they have come a long way in 40-50 years,and considering how old a country china is,,40 years is a blink of an eye to them,,,so,hopefully,things will continue this way and in 50 more years,they could be one of our most valued allys,who knows??
Now as far as japan goes,,I'm not a ww2 veteran,but those people were probably the most brutal enemy we ever had,,they made those talabans,[people cutting our heads off now],look pretty tame I have learned,,and they never have really owned up to it and don't even teach in their schools the part they played in the war,and this was all just 60 years ago or so,,so to me,,japan is worse than china,,as far as what they have done anyways,,,sure the chinese fought us in korea,,but they were just protecting their border,[or thats what they kinda thought I think,we were right there and macgarther wanted to keep going,so maybe they were half right?]But in any case they killed a lot less of us than the japanese did,and never attacked our country like japan did in hawaii and alaska,and I'm sure didn't cut as many of our grandfathers and fathers heads off,,so,I do not have any warm feelings when it comes to them.
But back to tractors,,yeah its a shame we don't have at least one major us tractor maker in us,making the tractor 100% from american raw materials down to last nut,with 100% american labor,,,but we don't,,so to me anyways,if its not 100% american,[or in tractors made now,not even 50%],who cares where they our made,japan,china or most anyplace else,they are not made in america..I think most of this kind of talk is not really about buying stuff made in america,but brand loyality,,which is all fine and good,but if it is just brand loyality people should just say it,,,not beating around the bush,and coming up with statements like,[well, its not made in america,but its assembled here,]or[I don't want to buy this tractor because I don't like the country],,,I say if its not made in us,than who cares,,buy the best you can afford,nomatter where it was made at...thingy

how to get rich Great article, that was interesting
Robert I have a 2004 tractor thats made in china. It is a Stallion-254. Where is it made and where can i find manuals on it.
Peter Doeleman please enjoy the tractorbrands from all over the world, lots of chinese and japanese brands at: today 190 brands...hundreds to come soon kindest regards,peter

jerry I totaly agree with this article, why does it always have to be made in china, 20 cents an hour have something to do with it? Talk about slave days, sounds like they have returned. My experiance with china goods- which i would like to avoid- is they only last for month or two and literly fall appart. What's next a chinese flag over the White House?
Ronald Seto I agree with most of the comments re: goods made in China, but, historically, China has been making tractors for way over 50 years and they have changed little in that time. Basically a tractor is a machine designed primarily for ruggedness and reliability. It's not the type of thing one wants to replace every few years (especially in China). I wouldn't worry too much about the quality of Chinese made tractors. It's the small everyday stuff that I concern myself with. One tractor made by China Tractor, I believe was a copy of an old Ford tractor from the 1930's. It still looks the same and is still running.
Sonya Check out a Sears Craftsman; we are a samll machine shop located here in South Carolina and we machine the cast iron axles for several of their models. We purchase the raw material (castings) from a foundry located in Tennessee. The plant that assembles the entire Craftsman and Husqvarna tractors is also located here in South Carolina. I here that John Deer imports their cast iron axles from China as do most of the other brands.....
caleb we are a dealership located in dillon, south carolina. We are called C & R Tractor and Equipment and we offer a new brand called "AgTrac" Tractors. A 25 horse tractor will set you back 8000 dollars. The 25 horse weighs over 3000 pounds though so it isnt a light weight or a push over like some chinese tractors. We go from a 25 to a 40 horse power tractor and are hopefully going to pick up another brand called "TYM." our number is 1-843-841-1919 if you would like to contact us
Chuck I feel the same way... I will not buy anything made in China.
mike Hey Jerry,
on the bright side, if we ever get a Chinese flag over the White House - it'll probably last only a month before it falls apart (-:

John Do yourself a big favor and stay away from deere. JUNK everytime I use my lawn tractor it cost $$$$$$$ my friends and neighbors bought deere`s and they got rid of them China is junk

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