Kioti CK20HST

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Kioti CK20HST

Jeff I recently purchased a Kioti CK20HST, and let me tell you, we did our research well in advance. As a matter of fact, we did about 3 months worth of research going to dealers, looking over info via the net, and just general hearsay. Of course, you have to keep in mind that I have a big family, and they are extreme loyalists to John Deere, so I have now been excommunicated. lol, But seriously, in the few weeks I have had this tractor, I have fooled around with it, read the manual 4 times, and the only one complaint I have is that one cannot buy parts directly from Kioti on the web. But in doing our research, we first came up with what we wanted: a solid, metal frame 20HP tractor with a front end loader and 3 pt. hitch. And let me tell you- just as everyone else has said: for the money, you can't beat this tractor. Deere, Kubota, MF, and New Holland were ALL at least 2-3 grand more, and the designs left a lot to be desired. The comparible Kabota was useless- it was made of plastic parts, you had to be a contortionist to get to the engine, and all the hydraulic wires were exposed for easy damage. None of that was found on the kioti. New Holland concept design is nice, but once again, you are paying for the name. John Deere was the same, and this is coming from someone who used to be a John Deere loyalist. I invite anyone to write to me- would love to hear your experiences and pros/cons of the Kioti.
Melissa We are checking out the Kioti also. We have been doing about a year worth of looking. This is not a brand name so I was fearful in buying. But, after driving a DK45 - its a nice tractor. Have you run yours through its tracks.
Jeffrey Hi Melissa,
Since I only have 5 hours on the tractor, you can tell I'm just a weekend operator. However, in the few hours I have used it so far, it has performed well, either meeting or exceeding my expectations. I recently just bought the entire set of filters for it, so I am prepared when the hour meter hits 50 hours. Now, I can only speak for the CK20HST, the DK45 might be an entirely different animal all together. But I would suspect that the engineering, main parts, and other stuff runs consistent over the entire Kioti line, so if the CK20 is any indication, I would say that you have a good deal going if you purchase the DK45. The year you spent researching for tractors should provide a wealth of education. In my opinion, thee have only been two drawbacks: one to kioti, and one specifically to the CK20. I re-iterate that parts are hard to get; I have to have them shipped from an independent dealer 60 miles away from where I live, so make sure that you are able to readily get parts when needed, even in an emergency. The second drawback specifically to the CK20 is that very few implements can actually work on the tractor since it is so small- contrary to what Kioti's official website says, their smallest rotary cutter CAN NOT be of use to the CK20, so instead, I have to go with a Massey Ferguson rotary cutter. However, if you get a DK45, I doubt very much you will have this problem.
Overall, I love the tractor. The engine is so easy to get to- you don't have to be a contortionist. The hood flips up and side panels can be easily removed if need be. Controls are properly located where you can easily access them without them being in the way. It basically just rocks all around.
Now, in regards to Kioti as a company, don't put too much stock in the name. Of course tractors like John Deere and Kubota are going to be easy to find, get parts for, and so on, but keep in mind there are only 25 or so major tractor dealers worldwide, Kioti being one of them. Why pay $2-3000 more when the kioti will peform just as well?

Dan Jeff,

I test drove the the CK20HST yesterday and was impressed. I wanted to put a 60" mid mower on it and was wondering if you had one. I've talked to 2 dealers, one said it would handle it fine, the other said I should get the suttle shift.

Also comparing it to a Kubota B7500, according to the literature the CK weighs about 600 lbs more which sounds hard to believe since they seem to be similar in many other respects.

Finally have you convinced that you will be able to get parts for this tractor in 2025? That is a concern of mine.

Any other CK20 owners out there? give us some feed back.

Thanks Dan

Jeffrey Hi Dan,
Glad you wrote- it shows that people are interested in doing research as consumers. So let me take some of your questions point by point (and hopefully you will get something out of this).
As far as attachments go, you DEFINITELY need to do your research. I don't have a mowing deck for the tractor, nor do I plan on getting one because we already have a nice craftsman riding mower which does the job very adequately. However, I must stress that you need to pay close attention to any PTO driven implement you plan to buy for this tractor. DO NOT take what Kioti says as the gospel truth in regards to their website chart on which implements you can use for all of their tractors. We recently went through this, and I was a little disappointed- we were fully prepared to buy the smallest rotary cutter Kioti had to offer for our CK20, but upon calling the Kioti dealer, he said very firmly that this rotary cutter was NOT adequate for our tractor, and in fact we would strain the engine so much it would cause severe damage. I was miffed about this, but we were able to find a Massey Ferguson 48" rotary cutter that was perfectly suited for the CK20HST. As a matter of fact, I just picked it up yesterday, but have not had the chance to use it. Now, I know you are interested in a mowing deck- I'm sure there is one you can easily find to fit on the mid PTO under the tractor. I would also suggest taking a look at Massey Ferguson's implement line. Out of everybody we looked at, I was most impressed with their value, cost, and quality. It's just something you might want to consider. The other thing is (and I'm not 100% sure this is applicable to mowing decks) you definitely want to go with a slip clutch for whatever PTO driven implement you buy. Yes, it costs more, but it will save you a ton of headaches vs. having to constantly replace sheer pins the rest of your life.
In regards to your comparison on the Kubota B7500, the weight difference is easily explainable- Kubota is primarily made of plastic parts. Kioti is all metal. This was a very important factor in purchasing a tractor for us. We did not want plastic, and Kubota, New Holland, and and few others were primarily plastic. Specifically to the rear wheel fenders on a Kubota, I have witnessed handles and levers just falling apart on the plastic fenders. Not very impressive.
To answer your last question, I do not have an answer, but keep in mind when the big guys first started out, consumers were asking those same questions. If Kioti went out of business tomorrow, yeah it would be a major bummer, but I'm sure there are companies who manufacture parts that are easily adaptable to Kioti, such as filters, wiring, etc. Most parts are universal in some manner, they just might require a little magic in adjusting them to your specific tractor. But I have a feeling Kioti will be around for a while, and that is not an immediate concern right now.
Thanks for writing Dan, and I hope this helps.
Best of Luck,

Scott In regard to your fears about Kioti being around in 20 years, Daedong, which makes Kioti, has been in the tractor business for over 50 years. They introduced the first water cooled diesel for small tractors in 1949. Daedong, as a company is an extremely large corporation, making eveything from implements to ocean going tankers. They currently make engines that go into several CUT tractor brands such as Cub Cadet. A lot of people label Kioti as an "off brand" tractor do to lack of name recognition. Do not confuse "off brand" or "lack of name recognition" with the quality, reliability, or longevity in the marketplace. Daedong/Kioti has had a presence in the US market since 1985, they produce a well refined reliable machine. They are in the process of building their second huge assembly facility in North Carolina and have firmly establishing themselves as the 3rd or 4th largest CUT tractor brand in the US. I believe Daedong/Kioti will be around for a long time.
Crozier Yeh, I'm getting more comfortable that the Kioti will be around for a while. JD and Kubota better take them seriously. As I get more pricing information though, it's looking like the CK might cost more than the Kubota 7510 comparably equipped. I haven't started negotiating price yet just asking what the price is.

Going in the morning to a new dealer to look over and test the CK.

mark hey guys and gals...i have a CK20HST with just over 150 hours on it...

Jeff...i'm going to try and locate the lengthy text file i wrote about doing the 50 hour service and my experiences with that! i'll send it along when i locate it...i also just got the shop manual and parts manuals for it if you need any more info than the "owners manual"


Jeffrey Hi Mark,
that would be a godsend! Any information (and I do mean ANY) would be much appreciated. It will be good to know what I am in for concerning the service intervals.
Thank you so much,

Vince Mellissa,
You will not be disappointed with a DK 45.
I have had my DK 35 for 2 years and now have 200 hours on the tractor.
I have been very happy with this tractor.
The tractor is very comfortable,fit and finish is very good,has many standard features,runs great and has been problem free.
I also have the Kioti KL 1450 loader.
The loader is well built and the lift is strong.I have been a little disapointed with the bucket roll back power.
But overall I highly recommend the Kioti DK.

mark Jeff,

Did you get the email I sent you about the 50 hr service?


Aaron I am comparing the CK20hst to the john deere 4110. I would be glad to hear any comments or suggestions. Also, the quoted price I got for the CK20hst with a 6 foot woods pull behind mower is $13,500. Is this high? Thanks for all of your input!


Jeffrey Hello Aaron,
As far as any of my comments are concerned, I suggest you read some of my previous entries for the Kioti CK20HST. At this point, my opinions have not changed, as I still think this is one great little tractor. The only other details I can think of is that (between now and my last entry) I used the tractor when MA got hit with over two feet of snow about a month ago, and let me tell you, it was no joyride removing it. However, I have to say that the Kioti performed admirably, as it definitely had its work cut out for it. I had to use the front end loader, and it was tough at first, but I finally got the swing of it. I do think that there is a better way using the Kioti- One of my uncles uses a rear grader attachment, and even though I thought the idea was sily at first, it actually works for the snow. I have already quoted a Massey Ferguson rear blade for around $420, and depending upon my finances, I am very close to buying it.
Now, in regards to the quote you received, I just have one question: are you sure that the Woods mower is part of the quote? The only reason I ask is because we paid the same price for just the tractor with the F.E.L. Also, does the Woods Cutter use a slip clutch or sheer pin? You definitely want to do your research on that. As I stated in one of my previous entries, you are better off with the slip clutch (unless you really REALLY love taking out broken shear pins lol). When we were in the market for attachments, specifically a rotary cutter, we looked at Woods and weren't particularly thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship. If I remember correctly (and don't quote me on this) they used a very thin metal throughout the body, they didn't have a slip clutch available, amd the only model they offered that could be used with the CK20HST was small and pitiful, compared with that of Massey Ferguson. However, I am talking about a rotary cutter; you are looking at a mower deck. It is possible that the mower decks could be an entirely different animal.
I hope that I have helped you somewhat.....if you have any other questions, please feel free to write.
Best of Luck,

mark Aaron (and Jeff too)...I don't think either one of you will be happy to hear this, but I paid $11,950 for my CK20H with the FEL and the R4's...I actually had another quote for $11,200 for the same unit (I had a non-refundable deposit already down)...I guess what I'm saying is to shop around a bit. Also, more-so with the rear blade than the mower, but look around for used stuff...I got a 5 foot rear blade for $75...tractor supply ( has KK 5' blades for $190 new.

in a non-related note...Jeff, did you ever get the email I sent about the 50 hr service?

Bryan I just bought the Kioti CK20 2 weeks ago. Already I have put 18 hrs on it. I have noticed some people relating experiances with doing the maintenance and such. I have 3 questions.
1. Can you relay those experiances for me?
2. Anyone know what backhoe attachments will fit other than what is on the Kioti site?
3. Any suggestions on where to buy attachments and maintenance items online that can save money even with shipping?
I am really pleased with my tractor except when I picked it up from the dealer they had not topped off the hydraulic fluid.

Jeffrey Dear Bryan,
My apologies for not responding sooner-
In specific regards to your questions, I can answer some of them. I have not purchased nor ever used a backhoe attachment on my Kioti; the only attachment I have is a Massey Ferguson Brush Cutter, which I have used, and I am inpressed with the results. Generally speaking with attachments, I have found that the Kioti website lists incorrect information as far as their implement-to-tractor compatibility. Specifically for me, the brush cutter attachment that they list as being compatible with the CK20HST is incorrect according to a local Kioti dealer in Massachusetts. So, in turn, I looked at Massey Ferguson, and they have just about every kind of attachment that is compatible with the CK20HST. I would strongly suggest looking at their equipment- It is made of high grade metal, good quality, and extremely reasonable price.
In regards to my use of the CK20HST, I have only put about 13 hours on it thus far; 90% of that time was spent removing very heavy snow with the Kioti Front End Loader, which is the only other attachment I got. So far, it has met my expectations favorably. However, there are little quirks that come with it- for instance, you need to let the tractor warm up a good 10 minutes before using the FEL or else the engine damn near conks out on you. Of course, this is due to the extreme cold New England has faced in the past 2 months, so I don't expect this problem to affect me in the summer. Also, all the fluids were topped off before delivery, and I check them every time I use the tractor.
Now, in regards to your maintenence question, I have not yet done the 50 hour service that is required in the manual, BUT I have already purchased all the necessary filters, lubricants, etc to do it, so I should be all set. I actually had a conversation with someone else about this, and the following information is courtesy of Maryk Athey:

From: "Athey, Mark A."
To: "''"
Subject: Kioti CK20H 50 hour service...
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:06:02 -0500


This is what I typed up right after completing the service...if you have any questions, feel free to ask...

I just got done the 50 hour service, I figured I'd pass along my experiences...

Oil drains easily straight down into a pan. Its easier to remove the filter if you move the wire looms out of the way a bit...they run under the filter. Filter comes off pretty easily, I had 2 filter wrenches, one way too small, and the larger one I had to jamb onto the end. Of course all the oil in the filter runs down over the loader mounting bracket...I'd try to jamb a rag under the filter to catch as much of it as I could. When doing the refill, its supposed to be 3 quarts, 8 oz...but I added that exact amount, and it was way overfilled...had to go back and drain a bunch off. I'd add about 2-1/2 quarts and check, adding a little bit more as necessary.

There's a drain plug on each axle end, and a check port, and a fill hole that are located on the left side of the axle. I did not remove the check plug. Notice that from the factory, the fill line is right in the middle of the check port. All bolts come off easily, draining was no problem, I did each side one at a time. The refill process took a while using a funnel. It takes some time for the oil to settle into its nooks and crannies, so I'd add some oil, let it sit for a while, then add more...I checked it the next day and it required a little bit more too.

I had to buy a 5 gallon drain pan from TSC for this. There are 4 drain plugs, one large one underneath, and 3 small ones on the rear axle housing. The large one has two powerful magnets on the end (I used a 1-1/4 wrench, unless you have big metric sockets). I pulled the drain plug out and there was a bolt on the end! I'm hoping that it was just an extra one and didn't fall off something. YIKES! All bolts came off easily and the filters did too. Again, the HST filter drains oil over the frame and brackets underneath it. OK, again, while refilling, add some, check the level, add some more, check level again...I overfilled here too and had to drain a bunch. It takes a lot less than what the manual says.

The only thing here is too have a grease gun with either a right angle arm or a flexible hose as some of the fittings are at weird angles and hard to get to.

I think that's it!!! GOOD LUCK!

I hope this information helps you out Bryan.
Best Regards,

Mean Gene I also just bought a KIOTI CK20HST with FEL and 60 inch MMM rear discharge. The Mid Mount mower did need some fine tuning with adjustments to get it not to hit tires. It cuts awsome and leaves no windrows. I got taking it on and off to a science of about 15 minute either way. I spread 10 tons of stone the other day and had no problems other than wishing the rear tires were loaded. I have put 47 hours on it in less than 2 weeks. The loader comes off and on super easy. When it was delivered I found out it was low in trans fluid and oil. I did get the dealer to give me a shop service manual, 2 oil filters, 2 hyd filters,2 trans filters, 2 fuel filters and extra hyd caps for loader quick detaches. Total cost 13400.00
Scott All good info.
Does someone know of filter model numbers other than Kioti?

Also, I live in Bend, Oregon, 4000ft 32F to 40F typically in the winter. Do those of you in similar climates experience the heavy smoke (seems way to rich) on cold starts?

Scott What do you guys think of a tractor pulling contest between the other brands and the CK20. ALL of the other brands weigh significantly less for similar HP. The CK20 seems under powered at times because it can't spin its wheels, but traction is a function of weight X coefficient of friction. I bit the the others would spin their wheels while the CK20 keeps on pulling. What do you think?
Mean Gene I agree people are hung up on power. But Kioti should have done more homework and possibly put in a 3 speed hydro. A much lower low, low now second and high a third. Many times I know my engine has more juice but my hydro wont put it to the wheels.
Mean Gene About the smoking when cold. I have 200 hours on now, and it reaches 30 below up here all the time. I have never had it not start, but do have to cycle glow plugs twice when really cold. I do notice quite abit of white smoke when cold, but not losing oil so dont worry much about it. I just think its fuel thats not being burned efficiently.
Frank I just bought a Kioti CK30HST with a loader and backhoe.I have been looking at the JD'S N/H and M/F Mahindras and Branson,s.As for quality workmanship, ease of operation dealer outlets and service one will find a hard time beating the Kioti.I just turned 100 hours and it works fine.Keep in mind I traded a WD45 in on the CK30.I would not hesitate recomending a Kioti tractor to anyone who wanted a good quality machine that could do anything asked of it and pay a fair price for it.
Jeffrey Hey all, just wanted to give you a quick update on my experience doing the first 50 hour maintenance on the CK20HST- The engine oil and oil filter were no problem, but I highly suggest using a large bucket to collect the oil- it will fill up and overflow your standard oil catcher quickly and you will have quite a mess. The filter was tough to get off- had to basically wrench it off with one of those filter removers/tighteners. That could also be said for all the other filters as well- it seems the factory puts them on very tight. Next came the combination hydraulic/transmission fluid- Again, use a large bucket, because you have to drain and then put in 5.71 gallons of this stuff. There are 3 basic drain plugs under the bottom- 2 small and 1 large, all in triangular proportion to one another. While it is draining, remove the 2 filters (unless you have the standard gear shift and NOT the HST). The HST filter is right underneath the seat; the hydraulic filter is right under the carriage on the right side of the tractor near the drain plugs. However, I suggest using several rags under teh HST filter before you remove it- leaks out everywhere. Fortunately, the HST filter has a wrench end, so it's easy to remove with a socket. The hydraulic filter was the toughest of all the filters- I had to get a 3 ft. plumbing wrench with huge teeth to even turn it.
The only real problem that I had was on the engine oil- I accidentally overfilled it by a quart, and the next day when I went to check it, the oil was completely black as if it had never been changed. Anyone else have this problem?
The last thing I need to do is drain and refill the gear oil in the steering assembly. No problem there at all.

Michel Larivière (Québec, Canda) Hello with you all.

I must buy soon (a one month) Kioti CK20 I am very glad to be able to read your comments. I is useful itself of a translator to be able to read you because I not very good in English. I am of Quebec, Canada I speak French.

Thank you and with the pleasure of reading you. I will give you news at the time of the purchase of my Kioti.

Jon Does anyone have any suggestions as to what tires to get on the CK20HST? I'm trying to decide between industrial tires and turf tires. Although I will be using the backhoe and loader, much of my area is "somewhat" finished lawn.

I don't want to tear up lawn with industrial tires, but I don't want to miss out on good traction with the turf tires.

Any comments and suggestions appreciated.


Skinner Jon as long as your ground is not soft the industrial tires will not hurt your lawn and will give you more traction when you need it.
JERRY JAMES SERVICE CO GET TURF TIRES FOR BACK AND INDUSTRIAL TIRES for front. The front turf tires are just too soft and easily punctured. The industrial front tires will actually prevent turf damage and provide better steer. A front end loader can get you out of stuck places.
Ed I've had a Kioti 1914, 20 HP, for 6 years, over 300 hours. It's been put through it paces and maybe more. The only thing I regreet is not stepping up a little so I could get the live PTO. When cutting my pasture it slows down th engine so much sometimes I have to stop, let the engine rev up, then start going again. My rotary cutter rusted out pretty quick since it didn't have very thick metal on it. It was Kioti too. In 2001 I bought the tractor, front loader, rotary cutter, box blade, disc and 16' trailer for $14,700. I got a good deal. It's held uppretty good.
Chris I have a CK20 HST that is almost 5 years old and has almost 600 hours on it. I have the KB2365 hoe on it and use it hard! I just found out that I need to replace a bushing in the trans that goes through the case for the drive pedal. Does anyone know where I can find a service manual???

These CK20's are IMHO the most BOMB PROOF small machine you will ever find!!!!

To the guy looking to cross referance the filters, I will find my list and post them. I was able to cross most of them but had no luck with one of the hydro filters.

elaine pack how can I download a owners there a site that offers this free...the Kioti site does not seem to.
Stacy I love my Kioti CK20 HST but I need to change the glow plugs. They don't talk about that in the manual anywhere. Any advice? I can probably muck through it, but a little info. would certainly help.


jim has anyone had any luck in finding any hydraulic filters from an auto parts store or do we have to get them from a dealer? oil and air are no problem getting them from wix but i have struck out on the hydro of the selling points my dealer made was ease of locating off the shelf parts...
Roger M
Thank all of you for the positive comments about the Kioti Ck20hst
I have just purchase one (2 weeks ago) and have only pushed some snow. (I am Canadian) ( New Brunswick) and it performed very very well.
I can't wait for summer to cut grass and do some brush cutting. Thanks again, it makes me feel better about my purchase.

Roger Mazerolle

steve Anyone have any problems with mowing on hilly terrain in high gear with the ck20hst? I have read complaints that the tractor needs a lower range high gear or a mid gear. Mowing might be time consuming in low gear?
roger Mazerolle Well I have now 20 hrs on my CK20hst
I have purchase a lawn mower (60in) and a brush cutter. the lawn mower works really good and I have not yet tried the brush cutter... can anyone tell me at what degree slope (side) is it safe? Thanks for any information


will moore thinking of getting one CK20 need to sell my BX1500 kabota 400hrs.any takers

Kevin I have 2005 CK20HST tractor with over 250hrs along with KL120, KB2365, 5' box scraper, 5' Metorite snow-blower and a trailer from the private owner some summer ago that he doesn't want them anymore because of his retirement. As I have gone through a lot of research such as JD, Kubota, Case, New Holland, JSB and MF. After a throught research of specs., I find that the Kioti is a better make and better quality than other machines that can handle tougher job. But, don't count me of wrong doing because for some people think that the Kioti do have some problems that they think that it not required maintenance on some components. I do everything on my tractor with AMSOIL grease, oil and hyraudic because AMSOIL are the best for the tractor, cars, trucks and many more. It's doesn't matter what the tractor need or where it required, Just maintenance every time you work with the machine. It is better safe than sorry!! By the way, I LOVE MY KIOTI and I have here a link for the KB2365 backhoe manual, ENJOY link:
jim k Took delivery of my ck20hydro today and went right to excavating and leveling my circle drive. It is a great little machine. No doubt its a little slow in low range-but I was amazed at how much power it did have and the power steering is super nice touch and the seat very comfortable for a big man too. I expect it to make life easy this winter when the 3 foot snowfalls come. If you can afford more money buy a ck 27 or 30, 35 because they are probably just as good and will get the work done faster.
Mike Not sure how old this thread is but I'm considering buying a 2006 Kioti CK20hydro with almost 1200 hours on it. The unit is in OK shape but probably has been sitting outside for most of its life (faded, etc). It is located in the Toronto area. It has a cab cover and comes with a FEL, and BH (Kioti KB1550). Everything seems OK on the tractor, but I know very little and have only used and maintained a riding mower before. Any guesses on what a unit like this is worth? Should I be concerned with the number of hours? What are the problem areas to look for? All feedback is appreciated. thanks
Gazza Hi All, I just bought a CK20 that has done about 280 hours but looks brand new.
It has the bucket as well as a 5ft Rotary hoe and 5 ft slasher. Both work exceptionally well.
Has anyone been able to locate a Service Manual for this machine? The only Manual I can find is for a CK22 and I am not sure how close it would be.
Cheers from Down Under!

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