Kohler engine in a Craftsman lawn tractor trouble

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Kohler engine in a Craftsman lawn tractor trouble

Tom what is an ignition module?
john coil
BIll Rodgers The ignition module could also be called and electronic ignition. It provides the spark to fire the engine. Most engines today use and electronic ignition which replaced the old ignition components (coil, contact points and condenser).
tOM Bill, thanks for your help. Our problem was the ignition module. You saved us a lot of time and money. Thanks for helping us. You were a God send in time of trouble.

Will Spain Since purchase of 24 horse garden tractor, engine has consistently had problems using oil. Head gaskets replaced several times which afforded relief for some time. Warrenty gone now and I need advise before changing gaskets again. Problem on only one side now. Fouls plug, runs rough. Tractor#917.273220. Kohler engine model #cv26s, type # 69526.
Hope for advise.

joe if you are blowing head gasket check for warped head. remove head, clean & simply lay straight edge on head . check with feeler guage. any clearance head warped. re-surface or replace. also check block same way.

Gentlemen, I'm working on the same Kohler engine in the Craftsman Garden Tractor. Can you help with on-line source for Service Manual and Parts to overhaul the crankcase and rings? Much obliged for any assist. -Dan

J Longshore I now have the third lawn tractor since 10/03 with a v-twin kholer engine. Am now in a position to get full refund but like the tractor overall. Sears has led me to believe they have never experienced others leaking oil from the head area of the motor. I would like to know if this is common and are kholer motors in general better than B&S v-twin?


Jeff I have a 15.5 Command with no spark. I replaced the Magneto???? by the flywheel, still no spark. Any other peices parts I should consider before placing a stick of dynamite onder the hood? It is a 1997/1998.
Randy Glad I found this site. I was going tommorow to buy a Craftsman with the V-twin Kholer motor. I thought Kholer was a well built engine based on past reputation. I have had a commerical B&S forever that would not die untill my younger brother wanted to help me out and did not check the oil.
joe I have the same exact tractor and Kohler engine. Right jug fouls plug severely and burns oil at a high rate. Motor has about 200 hours on it and is out of warranty. Machine has been garaged and meticuosly cared for. Sears Tech coming sometime tomorrow to check it out. I am not happy and want replacement of motor. I doubt I'll see any satisfaction.
Joe Sears Tech condemned my engine, "production assemby defect - excessive oil consumption". Now I have to talk to corporate customer relations to see what they will do.

joe Sears replaced the engine with a remanufactured one. No charge.

Dean Henthorn The problem is with the piston rings,(compression set, oil ring) piston clearance in the block, possibly valve guides. Since you have replaced the head gasket since and it's still using oil, checking this area is the next choice.
John Will

I inherited the same craftsman riding mover with the same engine. I'm burning a ton oil. About one cup/hr. Interesting to see this post. If you're still live, send me an email. I'd like to find out if it's worth fixing or buying new.

Thanks for any help


Will Spain The problems was due to the heads not being torqued to factory specs. The problem was it had been fixed on several different occasions and when I enquired about the torque the repairman said he had taken care of it but was not allowed to tell me the setting he used. I also contacted Sears and recieved the same answer. I contacted a local repairman and he told me that the heads should be torqued to 28 ft./lbs. I replaced the head gaskets myself and it required almost no force to break the heads loose. I replaced the blown gaskets and torqued the heads to the above spec. and other than a faulty diode I have had no further problems. My local contact could not get the gaskets and I had to obtain them from Sears.
In my honest opinion I think this was the problem.

JoAnn Holloway I need to know how many quarts of oil goes back into the engine when you change it, and what kind. I don't have a manual for this mower, it was given to me but not with the owners manual.
timothy glammeier I have a craftsman kohler command model # 917.256543 it shows that it is discharging when running if you can help let me know thanks. Tim
Sam Fridley Recently purchased a Kohler COMMAND ENGINE v-twin 22HP IN A CUB Cadet brand new.Is using approx. 1 pint of oil every two hours. Machine
is at dealer for second time. Mechanic stated that an incorrect breather was installed. Am inclined to believe head gaskets were not torqed
enough.Will wait for any reply. Thanks

Bill Morris I have a 25hp vtwin Kohler Command in a craftsman mower. It burns a lot of oil (1/2 qt. and hour at least). Lt loses power anytime the tractor is going downhill leaning to right or any right leaning position. Both plugs foul quickly but the right plug gets extremely bad. I change plugs constantly, keep oil level up, and try to avoid power loss positions. It has great power going uphill and on level. What should I do? Rebuild or replace or scrap?

roger Sears replaced my first mower with the Kohler engine because there was an elec trical short they could not sort out. Now in the 3rd season with this mower and suddenly I need to back a Penzoil tanker up to it to keep oil in it. I have changed the oil and filter at the begining of each season and had no problem until the last few weeks. I see no oil leaking....Anyone?????
Barry hi
I have a sears tractor with a 16.5 hp kolher pro,after about 10 minutes the engine acts like it`s flooding, and stops. at first i was able to adjust the throttle to keep it going. now it stops and won`t restart, but will start after letting it set for about 30 mins. can anyone help?
thanks Barry

Mark Parlier I recently bought a used Crafsmen mower with a Kohler engine. It starts everytime but then stalls the second I turn the key back to the on position. It will run as long as the starter is engaged then shuts down once a let go of the key. Any suggestions?
Dave Hi,

I have the same problem that Barry describes with the 16.5 kolher engine

Dave Barry,

Found the answer on another site.
The Problem is the Ignition Module/Coil.
Replace the Ignition Module (12 584 01) and you should Solve the Problem.

Good Luck

Peggy Yes, I had the same problem with the Kohler v-twin 24 hp using excessive oil and fouling spark plug on right side. Kohler kept telling me they had no recalls. I had to get this fixed on my own and pay for it. This mower was 2 years old when it started happening. Mechanic replaced gaskets and torqued correctly - no problems since then. Never buy Kohler again because they don't stand behind their product. They know there is a problem.
tim I need rings and head gaskets for this 27hp Kohler, anyone know of aftermarket parts and also the torque spec for rods and heads? thank you. Tim
Ron I have the Kohler V-twin 20 HP That does what Peggy and Bill Morris state to a T. I will give Peggy's solution a try and I hope it fixes my issues.

T0M the engine will only run a few seconds the quits it has good fuel flow to carb .i dont have abook .thanks
Ed I have a Craftsman Kohler 20 V Twine with a Charging problem ??? I install a new battery, cleaned batt. and terminals I can used for feud some time no problems but if I turned of it will not start if I donít jump start.
Copterdoctor 25hp Kohler Pro V-Twin, burns 1 qt in 2 hours after 100 hours on hour meter. Bought new from sears and getting tired of buying synthetic oil just to keep the bugs away. My neighbors think I am crazy with all the blue smoke. I will try the head gasket trick but must say very poor service from Kohler and this will be my last Kohler product!
ClintMn Just blew the right headgasket on my Kohler pulling it out of the storage shed. Engine had been using a lot of oil previous 2 yrs., mostly leaks, I believe. Tear down revealed a leaky crank seal on the flywheel end and hardened, ill fitting oil cooler hoses. But there was also evidence of oil consumption in the cylinders, so I slid the piston out of the hole I had the head off, and found that the 3 piece oil control ring had been assembled with the gaps on the upper and lower rail lined up! I will try this before I go to a rering, rings are $57 and change per hole. Clearances and cylinder wear, also ring end gap, look pretty good. I see Kohler does make a +.003 oversize piston an ring set.
michael neal Im trying to help my neighbor, he has a craftsman rider with a 17hp single cylinder kohler.The problem is at the OHV cover it is spraying oil out of it, there is a rubber tube that goes from the cover to the carb and it just floods the carb with oil.If I disconnect tube the oil runs everywhere. what is causing this and how can I fix it cheaply for him they are retired and on fixed income.
Neal I have a craftsman 17 1/2 hsp. kohler engine mower. It starts up fine but then sputters and dies. It had a new tune up kit put in this spring. I have new gas in it and changed the gas filter, thinking it was clogged. Any suggestions on why it won't stay running?
Brent I have a Kohler CV624 20 hp V-twin engine in a craftsman mowerwith 360 hours. I just replaced the head gasket on right side but now it will not fire. I am getting spark but the piston is acting like it will not move. Down't really want to take block apart, but not sure what to check for next. Anyone have any ideas???? PLEASE HELP!!
Mary Ann Hubbard engine will not stay running runs a few minutes then shut off, Cools down and runs again, Repair shop can not find the problem.

Thank you
Mary Ann Hubbard

Alan I have a 5 year old Sears lawntractor with a Kholer 17OHC engine. It starts and runs fine for 5 minutes, then runs rough and dies. I changed the plug, air, oil and fuel filter. No improvement.

Thanks for any suggestions. Alan

Frank Mallory I'm just another Kohler V-Twin owner with all the same problems: It uses a quart of oil per hour, and the right spark plug keeps fouling. This is a 25HP Kohler in a Craftsman tractor with 250 hours on it.
I paid extra to get a "better quality" tractor... I should have just bought an MTD.
I will never buy a F-ing Kohler product again!

rock i have a 25 hp kohler in a craftsman mower. problem is it will start and run about 15 minutes then dies and won't restart until cooled off. replaced plugs and all filters, still does same thing. could this be the ignition module? thanks
Ron I have a Craftsman L-2000 lawn tractor with a 19.0 H.P. Kohler engine. I use it once a week to cut. Several times I have tryed to start it cold and it acts like the starter jams. I find that the cylinders fill with gas over time and won't let the engine turn. Does the solenoid on the carb shut off the fuel when the ignition is off? or I will install a inline fuel shut off to save my engine as the gas will wash the cylinders and ruin the engine. It blew out about 8 oz of gas when it started and could cause a big fire. Please reply. Thanks, Ron
Frank Mallory To update my post above about how it was using lots of oil and blowing out clouds of blue smoke; I sent an angry email to Kohler corporate, and included a link to this thread as well as a link to a youtube video showing another smoking Kohler. Much to my surprise, I received a phone call from them a day later :o

The Kohler rep was very concerned and helpful. He told me that I am "out of the warranty period", but asked me what he could do to help. I asked him for a new engine at no-charge, and he did'nt laugh, but said "No". I SHOULD have asked him to sell me one at factory cost, but that thought eluded me at the time :(

The Kohler guy DID offer to send me some free parts: 2 head gasket kits and 2 piston kits.
He explained that many times the rings won't seat, and told me that is was likely that I would see perfect cross-hatching, perfectly glazed-over, on the cylinder bore when I removed the heads.
So, I took my heads off, and that's exactly what I found! The rings had never seated, and the bore/piston/head were completely soaked with wet oil from the blow-by. I scuffed up the bore with 180 grit sandpaper, installed the new head gasket, and got everything back together.
So far, so good: I've only used it 3 times but the smoke problem seems to have gone away... for now.

I have mixed feelings about my whole Kohler experience. This was a design/assembly defect that SHOULD have mandated a recall. The Kohler rep asked me why I did'nt do anything about this while it was still under warranty, and I explained that although it used lots of oil when new, it was'nt chugging out thick blue smoke like it did later... after my warranty expired.
On the other hand; someone at Kohler did care enough to call me and send free repair parts to fix it. The only problem with that is I can't have the tractor down for the 2-3 weeks it would take for a shop to get in and replace pistons, where-as if I had a replacement engine, I could install that in 1 day by myself, and get mowing again quick.

Getting any customer service AT ALL these days is rare, and Kohler DID make an effort. I'm just not sure I'd buy one again. $2800 for a lawn tractor was a big purchase for me... one that I reasoned would be problem-free for many years to offset the initial cost...

michael ryan Hi, My deutz Allias model 1914 will turn over but not spark. not sure what i need to buy or to check to fix it.
Jeff I beat you all!!! My new Craftsman 26 hp has 2 hours on it and uses 1 quart an hour with virtually no smoke!!!
I have these alleged Pro motors are made in china...now that is engineering!!!
I think I am sending it back!!!

Rick K I have a Craftsman 46" with a Kohler SV610-00021 (courgage)that the crankcase blew a quater size hole in it, Kohler Rep told me to take it to their local repair shop for them to look at. The Tech says it's a bad design over all and had 2 others within the last week that did the same thing. Kohler offered to repalce the damaged part for free but have me pay the labor and shipping ($300). It's only 2 1/2 years old and always do a yearly maintenance on it. My last craftsman/kohler combo lasted well over 14 years till I got this POS. Kohler refuses to return my calls or request on their website. Any complaints on their website doesn't care for any complaints and wont let you type more than a few words. I've already made a complaint to the Consumer Safety Board, since this could have caused major injury if I or someone else was close enough when it blew. Next are complaints to both State and Fed agencies if i dont hear back soon. Next time, I will get a Kawasaki engine and never a Kohler again.
Ron I have a Sears 5000 lawn tractor with a Kohler V-twin 25 HP engine. Not very old at all. I thought I would be all set for years to come. It also burns oil on the right side only. Fouls the plug to the point that it's only running on one cylinder. What is Kohler doing about it? Oh wait are they just another irresponsible corporation that thinks they can sell defective engines and nobody can do anything about it? They will be out of buisness if we all stick together and put the word out there about this problem and there head in the sand attitude.
Greg Im having a problem finding the gasket for the lower part of the 25 hr kohler v-twin engine I have. Sears is saying there isnt a gasket there but I can see where the oil leak is and the paper coming apart. Any ideas?
rick I have a 20 h.p. kohler lawn tractor that i bought about5 years ago ran fine until it would not turn over one day boosted it and it barely turned over oil came out exhaust ,it started and ran for 1 - 2 minutes then died in a cloud of smoke does this sound like head gasket???would compression test confirm befoe changing?????
Mike how do you resurface a head , does it require any special tools ?
jean guy bonjour moi meme jai un craftsman 5000 avec un kohler 25 v twin anne 2003 ca fait 3 fois je remonte le moteur je sais que c est pas facille d avoir des pieces pour ces moteur la ca prend un mois ou deux ca provien de la californie mes carket je les frabrique moi meme avec une feuille a frabrication pour faire des casket a autre preformance (hautre chaleur et huile) c est encor milleur que celui qui offre special pour les kohler le vrais probleme c est le rebort du piston a cote des falve est trop edroit et a pas de joit separe,, dans ma vie j ai jamain eu ce moteur la et c est mon dernier ca parais bien referme de plastique mai c est une belle merde,,,tous le monde qui on ce touble la devrai se rensemble ensemble de force et prosuivre la compagnier de kohler c est c ertain que on va gagne facille a se faire rembouser en argent moije refusais l echange s un autre citron (moteur kohler),,,
Bob I have one of those fine kohler engines in a GT 5000 lawn tractor.The engine is a CV730-0029 and it has that problem of fouling the right spark plug and does SMOKE using oil. Has any o0ne figured out what the cure for this is. I priced a replacement engine and is around a thousand dollars. half of the cost of of the mower.From reading the comments above it sounds like kohler don't care.
angelo baroni, PE Consultant Chemtreat I have a Sears 25 HP Pro Kohler with less than 200 hours on it and it smokes intermittantly. The right plug carbons up. A Kohler dealer tells me Kohler makes a heavy duty head gasket set and more torque to fix the problem. I change oil every 30 hours and use Mobile 1.

Some one should start a class action suit against Kohler. They did not answer my e-mail request for assistance.

Bill Allred I have a Craftmen Lawn Tractor with a PRO 25 Twin
Kohler Engine.The motor stapped a rod and I understand the 25 HP was over rated and the
Spec # CV730-0017 looks like it should be a 17HP
SN3233611701 Model 730S.
What does a Rod, Piston, and Gasket assemble cost? Will Kohler help with the cost of parts I will do Labor?

jimbob My 12.5 HP Kohler starts, runs for 2 minutes, shuts down...won't start for 2 hours..repeat. I took coil off, cleaned mag. module heads, cleaned fuel..nothing works. I get spark at plug intermediately. Help and thanks. jimbob
Louis Toth starter fails to engage completely on occasion
and turns wihout starting engine . Last time we
tried several attemps where required before
a connection was made .
any suggestions? never had any problems with Kohler engines before @ would not l like
to believe that they would reach this state.
Fix ?

steve my craftsmen riding lawn mower,with a 14hp kohler engine smokes and burns oil real bad at startup,once it runs about 5 min,it clears up,i think it may be valve seals,any other ideas.thanks
Lloyd McCann No fire on sparkplug, have changed modular and new ignition switch but still no fire.
It has done this many times before but I cannot find the problem.
Hope you can email some help me.

Dennis any problems with ignuition modules without having a diode in the harness on the 26 hp, and is there a recall. thanks
eric i have a 17 hp koler it has spark it has compression it has fuel but it will not run anyone have an idea
JIM SHAFFER I have a sears tractor w/ Kohler engine-
MODEL # CV730S 25 HP
Sears replaced the motor under warranty 2 years ago due to excessive oil consumption(I had the extended warranty) The replacement engine is now experiencing the same problem- I burn a quart of oil in 2 hrs- and I was told its out of warranty--
Obviously there is a problem w/ the engines anyone have any ideas as to cause and cost to repair or if there is any recall or recourse against Kohler? Thanks

Fritzner Leon I have the same kohler 25hp vtwin engine ,when I bought it they told me it was the best, but it turn out to be a stinker after 3 years of service it start smoking the all neibourood and it has not stop, have no money what should i do
Dennis Vincent I didnt think there was a common problem with these tractors/Kohler engines and thought the smoking was exclusive to my tractor. I have spent the weekend reading about others. Has anyone been able to get satisfaction from Sears or Kohler? Are the parts available at both.
ed uhnak i thought i was special with a kohler junker but to my dismay,not!this 25hp v twin is now a boat anchor with only 369 hrs. right bank started smoking and then leaking around the valve cover. made a gasket and it instantly became a mosquito fogger. talked to sears today to no avail and no recall.seems as though there could be be a problem!! hello kohler!!!like the others who invested in a lawn tractor expected longevity for their money. don't want another one, thank you.totally disappointed.
jack I have a 15.5 kohler lawn tractor that has no spark
H TC Harris I had a Kohler engine (20 hp courage) in a POULAN PRO. The machine ran just fine for two & one half seasons, then over night it begun to knock & smoke (the engine). I kept trying to use it, and the engine actually brew apart!
eastside peanut Ihave a (Craftsman) Kohler 20 HP, CV624S, 283 hours. Was smoking, now ZERO compression right side, yet 160psi left side. Is it worth fixing? Would a right side headgasket ONLY be worth it??
Brian I have an older craftsman with a 16 hp kohler motor. After mowing about 30 minutes, starts to sputter and die like fuel starvation. Have rebuilt the carb, done full tune-up. Worked fine for awhile. This is with the tank 3/4 full. If I fill it up all the way, it runs fine for awhile. Any suggestions appreciated.
don tessneer I have same problem 25hp CV730S Kohler engine with 180 hrs smokes with right side plug carbons up - I am sick of Kohler I sent e-mail to Kohler and have not heard nothing - I called Kohler customer service got run around and was told it was the gas DUH -- should be recall this is my last kohler in any mower - any ideas
Dave Just overhauled my 25HP Kohler Cv730-0029 and I am getting spark on armature, however, once I torque plugs down - the engine seems like it is firing against itself! I am sure I have the armatures on correctly - am I missing something?
Engine turns (very easily) mechanically when spark plugs are out. Please help!

Greg Warner It sounds like i have been lucky with my 20 HP Kohler . I have been working my 20HP Kohler wide open for 10 years cuting 1.25 acers of grass on a very hilly lot with no problems untill recently . Starts runs untill it warms up and then dies . Any one with any advice i would appreciate it.I just tuned it up with plugs , air filter , fuel filter . oil filter and Mobile 1 0il . I have been using Mobile 1 for about 5 years .Some say that synthetic oil is not what to use in small engines but i have not had a problem .

mike pettengill i also have a 25 hp twin in a sears tractor with 220 hours,blowing out oil and now a lot of noise in the engine,think im running on one cylinder. i parked it and bought a 20 hp briggs,plan on revisiting but i belive the engine is shot.would buy a good used 25 hp pro if offered.
jerry lovell i have a older wizard mower with a 20 horse engine that run's ok but blows blue smoke alot when it gets hot tgen it will qiut for few minutes and do it again,could someone please tell me why this happen's thank you
Will Spain I have a 24 horsepower sears model number 917.273220 tractor with a kohler # cv26s, type # 69526 engine. the gas shut off would engage when i tried to start the engine. i traced the problem to the diode pack and unplugged the wire to the carburater and now the engine starts and runs great but no charge is showing on the ammeter and engine cannot be cut off with with the key, it must stall to cut off. also i have to recharge with my battery charger often. "HELP". sears no longer sells the diode pack.
Will Spain

kevin does anyone know about 18hp kohler motors that where recalled or either a law suit was filled because they where rated less than 18hp?i also have a 13.5 and it has more power than my 18hp.dont make since to me
terry my 20 hp kohler motor smokes real bad when first started. ( you can smell oil burning) then goes away and run's fine. can mow for an hour and use's no oil. you can start it an hour after mowing and wont smoke. but every time you use the choke it will smoke real bad
Dave Wasilewski I have a yt4500 26hp kohler. It smokes riding up steep hill or down steep hill. momentery power loss. It will blow out a big nasty load of smoke. Anybody else? My neighbor just got a husquavarna with 21 hp kohler works great.
Tom All:

I have a DYT5000 with a CV730S Kohler engine. Ammeter shows discharge when engaging PTO or lights. New battery (tested anyway, is good), replaced rectifier and stator. Fuses OK, can't find a bad ground, starter and solenoid functioning properly. . Inspected wiring, can't find a problem.



Mitt If you could repower a 2010 Craftsman GT6K 26hp with rear PTO...what engine would you all recommend?

Thanks for any input you can provide.

Devon Can any one show me how me a wiring diagram for the starter soleniod. It involes two black wires with one end, a white wire, a wire from the battery, and one to the starter. Didnt have one when i bought it from my grandpa. Dont know any thing about kohler, I'm more of a Briggs & Stratton guy. Well appreciate any response.
Devon Can any one show me how me a wiring diagram for the starter soleniod. It involes two black wires with one end, a white wire, a wire from the battery, and one to the starter. Didnt have one when i bought it from my grandpa. Dont know any thing about kohler, I'm more of a Briggs & Stratton guy. Well appreciate any response.
Devon Can any one show me how me a wiring diagram for the starter soleniod. It involes two black wires with one end, a white wire, a wire from the battery, and one to the starter. Didnt have one when i bought it from my grandpa. Dont know any thing about kohler, I'm more of a Briggs & Stratton guy. Well appreciate any response.
mike I just picked up a craftsman II gt 6000 with a kolha 18 hp need to find what carb to put on it just going to use it hauling fire wood.the only # found on it was 60-1572 would be greatfull for any help
ED Kohler Twin 20HP Model CV20S on Sears 46" mower. Gas leaks out the front from what appears the carburator. I am interested in repairing the cause of the leak and will welcome any recommendations. Thanks, Ed
chip I have a 26 HP V Twin Kohler motor in a Craftsman lawn tractor. Last year I had to replace the transmission, but never had problems with the engine, until this year. On the first use of the spring, after about 10 minutes of use it started smoking. I shut it down and allowed it to set, then started it up without smoke. I drove it back into the garage for the evening. The next day, I started the mower up without smoke. Ran it for about 45 minutes when the front S Oil Seal located under the flywheel, started spewing oil. With poor service from Sears, I have to try to do this myself. Does anyone know if that seal can be replaced without having to pull the motor from the frame?
John I went to start my mower with 25 hp kohler and found dead bat. Put jumpers on and started right up. Problem is every time I take the cables off it dies. Am I on the right track by repacing the magnetos?
wayne T have a 18hp kohler magnum twin in craftsman 46 in. tracter. It will start and run until engine warms up than it dies and wont start. once it cools off it starts right up. Will the module do something like that? The fuel is all good.
wayne I have a 18hp kohler magnum twin in craftsman 46 in. tracter. It will start and run until engine warms up than it dies and wont start. once it cools off it starts right up. Will the module do something like that? The fuel is all good.
craig I have a kohler 18hp tractor, it will start and shut down like it's not getting any fuel.
What can cause this?

J Powell I have as Sears Riding Mower with a Kohler engine that burns the wiring on the Ignition Module, I have replaced the Module 3 times.
George I have a Craftsman 42 rider with the Kohler Commander 15HP. I get no power to the starter. I've tested teh starter, the battery, replaced the starter switch, and tested the solenoid. I just get a click. Any Ideas?
Keith Parker Kohler tractor runs good for about 30 minutes after that it shuts down and you can't restart it until you let get cold again. Any suggestions?
Michael I have an LT 2000 Craftsman riding mower with a 18 horse brigs & straton motor and it runs fine for 20 min but seems like when it heats up and goes up an incline it stalls. I can get it to start back up if I put it in nuetral & shut off the blades but eventually it wont start up again until it sits for a bit. Any ideas out there?
John My craftsman rider has fuel in the oil. What's going on?

Robert I am having a problem getting my Kohler Command 30 HP to charge. I have replaced the regulator, but that didn't fix it. The clutch will not engage for the blades either. What is my problem?
What makes the system charge? Can someone please explain the charging system to me.What do I look for,etc.

Bob Johnson Sears tractor with Kohler engine CV15S, Type # PS41508. Tractor died after using it for twenty minute. I replace the battery, Ignition switch and spark plug and solenoid. I check the fuses and switches. I am not getting any spark. This happens a few times over the summer.
Greg 25 HP Kohler engine fouled plugs last season (Had to clean plugs after each use last season). During last cut last fall engine just quit. Have replaced plugs and fuel filter and engine will not start. I checked plug spark and it is very, very weak!! Battery fine and putting out the juice! Could this be the ignition module?
Pat Have craftsman with Kohler 20 v twin runs but only with choke all way out I cleaned carburetor out twice and same problem help please
Tenn 1939 I just traded for a used craftsman lawn tracton with a 21 hp. cv20s v-twin kohler motor. The question what is the best engine oil for it?

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