kioti tractor

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kioti tractor

Herman I,m looking at several compac Chinese tractors,a
Korean Kioti, but I can,t find allot of feed back on the Kioti. Is anyone out there that is familiar with the Kioti,that could give me a little good or bad info on this tractor ? I,m looking at the thirty five horsepower DK-35.

I also like the Jinma,but there is so many distributors out there that has there name on them, I,m confused on who to buy from !

john b hi, maybe i can help. it's my experience that kioti makes a very fine product , it has alot to do that they are built from kubota molds. don't worry about where they are made because there aren't any american made tractoras anymore unless you get over 100 horsepower. they say assembeled in u.s.a but they are not made here (i.e. ford, john deere, massey,etc.) john deere uses yanmar engines and the list goes on and on. anyway i have never had any trouble with a kioti that you wouldn't have with any other tractor. my info comes from bieng in the equipment business in the past for 11 years.
Herman Thanks John for the info. on the Kioti tractor ! I found a supplier within thirty miles of my house. I like the DK-35 model.

Bracky Cooper I have the 1914 model and thoroughly love it. I have used and abused it now for over a year and only have 2 complaints. The hydraulics are a little light (but it is only a 20 hp tractor) and the synchro mesh in the shuttle shift is not very smooth. I use the loader every day and also pull a bush hog and a box scraper behind with no problems. The 4 wheel drive works great and as long as you pull proper maintenance you should have no problems. The Daedong deisel is a strong engine, fuel economy is great and they have been making tractors since before kubota at thousands of dollars less. I personally don't think you can go wrong with the Kioti for the money you will pay.
Herman Bracky,
Thanks for the input on the Kioti tractor. The DK-35, is probally the model that I need, since my land is in mid-west Virginia. The extra horse power and weight would work better on the hills.

Charles I bought a CK30 in the the fall of 2004. As of this date, I have put on 5 fuel filter holders that is stil not fixed, a new new fuel system, a new seat that is broke, an overflow cap that is stil broke. They try to delay everything that deeds to be fixed.
Herman Thanks for the info. Charles, I think that I will pass on the Kioti. You bought the tractor to work with right, not to sit in the shed broke down while they jerk you around.
I WISH YOU LUCK ! I HAVE AN OLD DAVID BROWN that I've had for about twenty years, still a good tractor, but parts are gettig hard to find.

Jerry Kioti tractors are junk. Look into another brand. I and every other owner I have talked to have had nothing but problems. Oil leaks, Hydro problems, electrical, you name it. And try to get parts, your tractor will sit broke down for a few months. If you do decide to go with Kioti deffently buy 2 so you will have one you can use while the other is broke down.

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