Shibaura tractor info please.

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Shibaura tractor info please.

Conrad Dove I just got a nice re-man'd tractor. It has a Shibaura sticker on it....that says it's a S1500. My quetion is how can I tell what it really is?

it's a 4cyl the case says 1484cc, LEM754 , 760426, m200

is there any way to find out the year/make/model?

does any of this help?

len You have either a SD3000, sd3203/43, or SD3903/43. Check the tractor over real good . There is alot of misinformation being spread by the "re-man'd " people. You have a good example. The "re-man'd " tractors are the poorest quality tractors from Japan. Alot of people question if they are "re-man'd " or just painted.
Conrad Dove Len,

Thanks for the heads-up. The Tractor runs real good, a bit of smoke... but not much. Is there a way to find out the year? Can I use the SN# Is there anywhere to get a manual?

thanks again!

len i can supply English manuals for a the closest tractor & a parts book for your tractor , if I know the model of your tractor.
Paul That tractor was made in early 80, I would say about 79-84. I can supply you any part for this tractor. It smoke a little because it may getting too much fuel. People said that it's similar to a Ford 2110. No matter what other people said about re-man tractor. They just bad mouth other people because we took away lots of their business by selling re-man tractors instead of cheap "as is" tractor, never know when it will stop working stright out of Japan. I'm a dealer in Texas, I've been selling lots of these reconditioned tractors, and parts. I had not have any problem so far. Contact me if you need anything.
mike Conrad,

I have a Shibaura SD1840 that i would like a manual for. Please e-mail me with contact info so I can get one.


Bill D Need info on a S1700-0
len Is that supposed to be a S700-0? If so I have Manuals for the closest US tractor. If the S1700-0 is correct I need the engine model to determine what is closest.
Bill Durkin It is an S1700-0. at least that is what the decal on the hood reads. the engine # is an LE752A. Any help is appreciated.
Gloria Harper
We need a manual for a Shibaura tractor model SD2403.

len There aren't English manuals for the SD2643 , but I have manuals for
similiar US models. The following manuals
are available : operators,
service , & SD2403 parts book.

Richard Watson
I have a SD4000AD-O Shibaura tractor. I think the serial number is 11719. I want to know how old the tractor is and where I can get parts for it.

James Gilmore I have a Shibaura SD 2243. Any help as to a New Holand equivlent tractor.
Queiros I buy a old Shibaura model SD1840 (2 cylinder),
manul transmission and a power stering.

Now I want to make the maintance and I dont know what oils can used in the tansmission powe Take off and power stering.

I needs too the maintance plan.

Can some help me thanks very much.

Queiros I buy a old Shibaura model SD1840 (2 cylinder),
manul transmission and a power stering.

Now I want to make the maintance and I dont know what oils can used in the tansmission powe Take off and power stering.

I needs too the maintance plan.

Can some help me thanks very much.

randy bumgardner i need information on assembly diagram for transmisson of a su 1301 it has a high low rev.lever and a 1,2,3 lever

Kim HELP! I just bought a Shibaura SD2243 and need an operators manual and a repair manual. I've searched all over to no avail.PLEASE...
Kimberly HELP! I just bought a Shibaura SD2243 and can't find an operators manual or a repair manual. Can you hook a sister up?
Dale I have a Shibaura S700 LC 2 cylinder Has on the Block LE752A751cc. On the plate SO7A Below That17436 Below ThatLE752A-19692. Also on the Trans. Block M040 I blew the Head Gasket I need a number on it to order one if you have it...
Also E-Mail any information on this Engine also need Tourque for header bolts...

Thanking you in advance,

Dale I forgot to mention it's a diesel...
Dale I have a Shibaura S700 LC 2 cylinder Has on the Block LE752A751cc. On the plate SO7A Below That17436 Below ThatLE752A-19692. Also on the Trans. Block M040 I blew the Head Gasket I need a number on it to order one if you have it...
Also E-Mail any information on this Engine also need Tourque for header bolts...

Thanking you in advance,
Dale I forgot to mention it's a diesel...

Rick Vernon I have a Shibaura SD 3243 tractor and I am looking for an operators manual in English. Can anybody help? By the way I am in Australia.

George Clark can english manuals be bought for the 2243?
Paul Morrison I am trying to find a copy of the srpair/service manual for the Shibaura SP 1840 tractor. Can anyone please help. Best regards, Paul Morrison
Paul Morrison I am trying to find a copy of the repair/service manual for the Shibaura SP 1840 tractor. Can anyone please help. Best regards, Paul Morrison
Ron Davenport Do you have a operators manual for the Shibaura SD2640 or a US similar model? thanks Ron
Ron Davenport Need an operators and parts manual for a Shibaura model SD2640. Thanks, Ron
len I have manuals for the closest US model. Email me at sheaftractor at for ordering information.
steve I just bought a SD3000A and I love it. It's a 4x4 w/ 12 speeds. I was wondering where I can get a manual both maintence and operator's.
steve I love my SD3000A. It's not painted over and is in excellent shape. I only paid $5200 for it then started to add from there. SA far as I am concerned it's worth the money, very safe and fin to drive except for the power steering issue. This thing is tough to steer. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this issue? I also want to know where to get parts for the tractor. If something goes wrong I have the manual but no contact list for parts. Thanks, Stev in CA.
L. Wayne Greene I need a ring and pinion gear for a Shibaru S700. It is a 2 cyl 5 forward speeds, 1 reverse and 3 PTO speeds. Can anyone help me find this part?
Andy I purchased a Shibaura SD 1843 IC tractor. I need to purchase an operators manual in English as all controls are described in Japanese. Also I need to purchase a steering joint for steering rod where it attaches to steering arm on steering box. It is manual steering and I would like to know if a power steering option kit or otherwise is available.
Oddvar Myrold I have a SD4000AD-O 4wd Shibaura tractor 1979 mod. and i want to buy a new or used hydraulic pump,it is placed i the front of the engine down on the right side
Wayne Greene Conrad
I looked very hard for a ring and pinion gear last year for my shiraru S700 and finally found one at Homestead Tractor in California. Their web page is Perhaps they will have the hydraulic pump you are looking for. Good luck.

Bill condon recently bought a shibaura front loader model #sd2200d
wanted a service manual in english
and a parts guide also in english please.

Robert I nee a radiator and the top and bottom hoses. Is it true that a shibaura is close to a newholland?

George Bursell I'm having trouble with the 3 point controls on a P175F. It's all controled electrically. Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram, or have info on troubleshooting this type of problem.


Kim Sorry I can't help you. We sold the tractor with our ranch and we never could find a manual for it...Good luck
Ron I have found a s700 sitting close to me
on the frame by the shifter on the top side it says 7070 11610

On the tag it has
15 ps
The motor has LE752A
I am trying to find the HP or any info on this tractor.
The owner says it runs good It would come with a bruch cutter and tiller for $2000

Andre I bought a used Shibaura SL1643 4WD, and I would like to get a repair/service manual for it. Any information would be appreciated.

J.B. Etheridge Len, or anyone else please!

I am looking for a repair and operators manual for a P21F. I am having problems with the electronics on the three point hitch and know that the solenoids need replacing but have no idea how to test the wiring harness or even what each switch controls what. I would appreciate any help and info you can send along. Please let me know if the manuals are available and the cost. Thanks a bunch. You have no idea how many dead ends I have run into. I absolutely love the tractor and would like to get everything working as it should. Thanks, J.B.

william I am looking for a manual of a Shibaura SD 1843 that I have bought. Who can help me?
marilyn Hello........can you help me find a operators
manual for the SE 40 40 tractor, serial #21782
This tractor is new to me..
Many thanks..

Peter Looking for a crankshaft for a 1272cc 25 hp 2 cylinder diesel which is badged as a Ford LE892 but manufactured by Shibaura Japan.
Sorry no info on Part number.
Maybe someone may be able to supply a part #

Karen Kelly I bought a Yan Mar F15-00401 tractor in 1999 with a tiller that was made especially for it, originally used in rice paddies. I upsized the tractor to a Shibaura 2043, but I still have the tiller and would like to either use it or sell it. My original invoice shows I paid $500.00 for the tiller. Is this a good price? Where would I find information on the tiller to show to a prospective buyer. The tiller will did not fit my Shibaura and I do not know if it can be made to. If you know any way the tiller can be reworked to be used on the Shibaura I would like to find out what it is. Thanks for your help.

daniel i have a d34f i was told it is a 42 hp diesel 4wd
i would love to find any info on this tractor .it is a great tuff tractor until i let my dad use it and he missed up the reverse now i have to try several times to get it in gear .. need manual and parts place if anybody can help

George Mckay I need a book for Shibaura P21F and Parts such as a tie rod. The three point will go up but not down. I am changing the filter. I hop that works.

George Mckay
5374 Rail Rd
Harrison Ar 72601

Matt Huntingford I am in Victoria, and are chasing a head gasket for a shibaura SD 3000 A. Can you tell me where I can find parts
louis borowick
looking for entire control box for shibaura 1740 tractor for 3 pt hitch and also wiring diagram

Re: Shibaura tractor info please.

I have a SD1500 that is very hard to start. I've pulled the glow plugs, cleaned them and checked to make sure they are working. Installed a new 800 cranking amp battery. Took a compression test - 180lbs & 185lbs. It will start after about 8 to 10 tries using the glow plugs.

Any ideas!

David Davis I have a Shibaura tractor that I have had for about 25 years. It had no model number on the hood as it had been repainted. I am trying to find out the model and if a manual in English or Japanese is available. I currently need a tachometer. Exhaust is on left side. 2 wheel drive.
Plate reads:
Any help would be appreciated.

becky wall please i need to find a manual for shibuara SD1500 thank you
Tim Mang Does anyone know where I can locate a head gasket for a sd3243, 3cyl? I am located mid Van Island
I also have a shibaura tractor SD2243 and i need the manual for it please did anyone find one yet thanks

Andrew Has anyone got or know where to get a manual either owners/operators or workshop for a Shibaura SE 4040.
Danny Does anyone know if the front axle one the Shabaura 2843 is the same as the 2043?
Danny Does anyone know what size tires the Shibaura 2843 uses?
Thanks, Danny

cody need info on a shibaura SA 1800 or any thing that might help please send a email
dave Looking for a fuel inj pump for a Shibaura SD2640. Will love any info on the pump even if I could find parts to rebuild it. Thanks

Gary I'm looking at a Shibaura sp1700. he said it's about a 96 mod. w/ tiller. $ 2500.00 Is this a good price if it's in good condition? I haven't been able to find one like it on-line to compare it to. Thanks y'all.
Brett Hill Can you please tell me what my shibaura SE3040 would be worth roughly? It has 980 hours on it and is in immaculate condition, it almost looks new. It also has a plough, grass cutter and grader attachments.
Could you also let me know how I find out the year model?
Thank you.

Graham McCully Can anyone advise where I can purchase a new cylinder head Gasket for a Shibaura S700 diesel tractor engine no.LE752A-14761. I live in Ireland and while there is a main agent they mostly do garden equipment by Shibaura. E-mailed European HQ in Holland and had no response.
Many Thanks.

jeremy I have a shibaura sd3000at diesel i need a fuel filter it is the spin on type. thanks for the help
Andrew I am looking for an operator or workshop mnanual for a SE 4040. I never received one when I purchased this great little tractor and it needs some repairs which I am happy to do myself. Thanks to all that reply.
HRAM CHIN hi, i need parts for a shibaura SD3000A, 4x4 ,4 cyl. engine LEM754A, 1484 cc block M841, i mailing from Mexico near the border with San Diego Ca,please quote a repair kit, thank you.
i hope an answer.

george vazquez Shibaura SD2200A-0. 1131 cc.
Need front main bearing for crank, piston bearing and complete gasket set.

live in Temecula, CA. Any dealer of shop near by?. thanks.

Art Williford Do you have owner/repair manual for Shib SD1843D
What's the cost and If sohow can I order -

Re: Shibaura tractor info please.

Can someone please tell me the serial number of a Shibaura tractor SE4040 because the lable has desapeared and I need to order a part. Many thanks

Dan I have a Shibaura Tractor SD2243. Does anybody know of an add on power steering kit I can get, that will work on this tractor?
Rick I recently purchased a Shibaura D34F deluxe, It has a 4 cylinder turbo diesel. The engine reach operating temp, I sure it is the thermostat. Other than that everything works great. I am looking for service and parts manual and a place to purchase parts. If anyone can point me in the right direction I will definitely appreciate it. Thanks
chris carr i have a shibaura x45f does anyone have any info on this on parts owners manual ect.
rui boa tarde gostaria de saber o que dizem sobre SU 1301 e se é possível arranjar o manual de manutenção

Charlie H I am looking at a used "baby tractor" the seller reports it to be a "shibura [yanmar] model sd 2 clinder diesel". Can anyone suggest what info I should look for and where on the tractor to look for it? I am trying to go see it in a few days.
Peter Maul Bruce I have an sl 1603 same troubles starting, very hard starts did anyone give you info??? thanks Pete
colin barral I have a Shibaura compact tractor which has a faulty hydrolic pump and therfore leaking oil into the block can anyone supply me a new pump or repair kit the numbers are as below. If anyone has a manual or similar for this please can you contact me distance is no problem

Model number sp1840

Chassis number 11563

Engine number 24595


Raymond I need a manual for a Shibaura SE 5436.
Raymond that should have read 5346, not 5436.
Al Rathke Can anyone help me get an Owners Manual for Shibaura SD4643
Thanks, Al

Andrew I have just bought a Shibaura D34F and need some engine parts. Would appreciate info on where to buy parts and repair manuals and parts. I am in Tasmania Australia.
James Samplawski I have a Shibaura 1840 SD. All of the control decals have been painted over. It would be a big help if someone could ID the control levers. 4X4 PTO Transfer case. If there are manuals available. That information would be great Thanks James
jon i have a shibaura p21f and i need a repair manual for it. the tractor does not have a front loader or any attachments for the frontlike controls, pump etc.. i have the 3 cyl diesel,4x2, it has a stiger special sticker on front, need specs and repair info
Richard I have a Ford 1510 tractor with a Shibuara 3 cyl. blown Diesel engine in it. Does anyone know if engine parts are available?? Specifically head and block. And will other Shibuara engines interchange with it?
robert miller Ineed to know where I can pick up either a hydraulic pump, or repair kit to rebuild shibaura sd 2003 stiger.It is a 3 cylinder deisel. The seals just went out on our tractor.
michael radic hi. need 2 rocker adjusters to suit se4040 tractor...ther are about 7mm threaded 1 inch or so long..hope someone knows!!
David Kragler I have a D335F Shibuara Stiger Delux, and I am looking for any manuals for this tractor. Also any information regarding the 4 cyl diesel engine, that I believe was manufactured by Ford. I would like to know what New Holland tractor is equipped with this engine. Any help would be appreciated, and I am willing to pay for good information.
trent I have a SD3243T Shibaura, trying to find a place to order manuals, and parts.
Andre I have a tractor Shibaura 1341, I really need a manual user. Andrew. my address:

Jesse Barrera I live in san antonio tx and I have a new holland ford model #1715 with which I presume has the 3 cyln diesel shibaura engine.I need a complete overhaul kit or a rebuilt engine.
Shibaura SD 3243
3-Point hitch does not operate. Failure to raise
and lower. Hydraulic system is working. Can any
one offer me some advise. I just recently bought
the tractor.


Steve I just re-built an SE4040 (43 hp 4 cyl diesel) from the ground up. I agree that it's a great tractor. There are a lot of Shibaura's here in Ecuador -- 4000, 4040, 5640, etc., so I ended up scavenging parts. Ford 2010 and 2020 containing a very similar Shibaura motor were useful at different points -- alternator, re-building pumps, hydraulics, etc. For those looking for a manual for the SE4040, I'd recommend downloading a Ford 2010/2020 part's manual. The numbers will not be the same, but you could use the exploded diagrams for re-building and with some creativity hopefully find the replacement parts you are looking for.
Rick Looking to purchase a Shibaura 1843 Diesel 4X4 SD 1843 D. Is there an english manual available for it? If so, where can it be purchased and what is the approximate cost? Also, how hard is it to get parts for these tractors. What would be an average price for this tractor with loader and both in exellent condition?
michael radic hi everyone!!!! i am getting a headache from searching the internet so long... can someone set the record straight for me..... the shibaura se 4040 that i have here in australia is compatible with ??????ford 2100 2010 2020.... etc where can i view a free parts catalogue and get the numbers i need to order parts and who sells cheap parts???? cause i got bugger all spare cash at the moment!! help a bloke out!!!! thanks..
Jason I need a radiator for a Shibaura SD 1500 A tractor. Anyone have any ideas?? Also, if anyone has a "English" manuel, I would love to get a copy. Thanks
michael radic gday from australia...... i have a shibaura se404 tractor and need a head gasket desperately!!!!! the engine says LEP 854A 2133CC on the side.. reading vthis forum it suggests ita a ford 2100... is that right... and where can i get the gasket.... mike
Robert Burns
Hi there,
I bought a Stiger yesterday it is in brand new
codition,it is five years old and has only 25 hrs. on the clock and the clock works,I put 1.9
hrs. on it today,works like a charm,but no manual,if anyone can guide me and give me some info of any kind on this tractor,it is a 3 cyl.deisel.thank you. Robert Burns.

Mike I have a S U 1341, need ignition switch. Any help would be great, Thanks, Mike
Paul Baker Have a Shibaura P21F with genuine Japanese diesel motor built for local Japanese market. Trying to find operator manual and service manual. Can
anybody help?

richard strong anyone know were i can get glow plugs for a SD4643
SE4040 vs. Ford 2110 parts

My 1984 SE4040 (see photo) is essentially identical to the Ford 2110. I purchased operator, workshop and parts manuals for the Ford 2110 on the internet and have consulted them in detail when re-building the engine (LEP854A 2133cc), transmission (32 gear) and front wheel drive (ring gear) and wheel bearings. I've been able to find used parts in Ecuador, so have not had to purchase any new parts from Ford, but when I've made comparisons via the manuals, they've been exact.

Steve Michael Radick: For an equivalent Ford 2100 head gasket, you need either:

Ford part SBA111146783 (Gasket, Head, 1.7T, Start Year: 01/01/1983) or SBA111146733 (Gasket, Head, 1.5T, Start Year: 01/01/1983). I suspect you need the prior.

You can find SBA11114678 via SparexUSA (, though I suspect their is someone closer to home.

Doug bettens I am looking for a parts catalogue or manual for a Shibaura S325 It is a hydrostatic gearbox version There is a serious oil leak in the hydrostatic box inside the housing. Can you help please


Chris Davies Service & Parts Manuals for Shibaura SL 1643
If their are any other Tractors using the 3 Cyl Shibaura engine that the parts manual is the same as SL 1643 engine

ronald anderson I have a 1987 compact Ford tractor model 2110 4 wheel drive made by Shibaura with a 4 cylinder diesel engine. Need ring and pinion for front wheel drive. Ford part number is SBA322050460. Is this part available either new or used.
Wild Bill I have a shindaiwa st1740 STINGER that I need a radiator for and I can't find one.I ran across Shibaura tractors on the inter-net and it looks like the same tractor stinger and all.So what I need is radiator can anybody help me?
Steve (in Ecuador) Hello Ronald,

I got extremely lucking in finding a used ring and pinion gear for my SE4040. You cited SBA322050460, which is the same parts number as my set up. The problem is that the local mechanics in Ecuador don't have access to the manuals, so they size up things by sight. Send me the teeth count for the two gears, and I'll follow up.


Hristo Kolev
Re: Shibaura tractor info please.

Hi, I have Shibaura SD 2200-0 and whant to find the model of the hydraulic gear pump or eqivalent to fit in its place.

Dave shibaura sd2243d
im looking for the torque specs for the head.

Sam I have a Sibaura Model D295F in need of reverse gear. Does anyone have any info for me so I don't have to go all over the internet so I can purchase one? To find parts has been daunting. Also need manual for same. Any info would be most appreciated.
mixalis zaxariadis looking machine shibaura SD5040T to code LEP 8544.2133CC R 763 H 50172 H11295
Georgia Anyone out there have any info for a Shibaura Model D295F. It needs reverse gear. Just exactly where do I look for the model number, s/n in such a tractor so that I have the correct model. It is a Stiger model.
julian tractor blowing oil out the exhaust pipe need to know where i can order a rebuild kit for it
lens I have many Shibaura parts books & can supply available parts. Email me at parts
John Cordle I need a Front axle diagram for my Shibura 1843 SD 4x4 .

Any help with this will be greatly appriciated .

Thanks and have a Blessed Day !



Jamie Rogers I have a shibaura sd1500a I to need a manual and a rebuild kit and other parts I've had this small tractor for years and I love it but it is time for an over hall but I need parts and a manual I hope you can help. Thanks!
Jamie Rogers I have a shibaura sd1500a I to need a manual and a rebuild kit and other parts I've had this small tractor for years and I love it but it is time for an over hall but I need parts and a manual I hope you can help. Thanks!
.H. Lanceford Lets just face this head on. We've been had. My tractor stayed in the shop for 4 months and finally had to take it to another shop to get it fixed.I took it to a shop that worked on caterpillars. The power steering was tore up. I do beleive that someone had a mountain of tractor parts and motors and they just made something to sell. You can't get extra parts, you can't get manuals to read to try to fix it your self. And you can't find anyone that knows anything about how to fix whats tore up on it, even the lying crooks that sales these tractors.They said oh yes, Mr. Lanceford we can get parts, we can work on it if it tears up.All lies. They'd sell you the moon if you was willing to buy it.
Omar Just wanted to share with all of you who do not know where to get Shibaura tractor parts that there is a company who specialize in mostly Japanese made tracters. It's called West Kentucky Tractor Partd and can be found on the web at ! Hope this is helpful.
Frank I'm looking for an oil pan gasket for a shibaura 2cyl diesel 4X4
Re: Shibaura tractor info please.

I need help finding the location of the model# and serial# on my shibaura.All I can find is D2F on a tag on the right front frame rail and D2F-10457 where the engine bolts to the trans.The guy I bought it from said it was a 1985.The number I found between the glow plugs is 1129 N880.I need all the help I can get.

Kalvin I am looking for a parts manual and a place to buy parts for a SD1843 tractor. I need a piston
Rob I have a shibaura sd 2443
Having hydraulic issues
Does anyone know how to find manual

De Reuse Hello
I have also a SE4040 this is a good tractor
some times problem with the gear ok he is from 1980 and he had ~~5000 hours

have a good days

dante veloso absalon I want to buy engine assembly for shibaura 1500 farm tractor

Ken Bennett Did you ever find your manual ? If som where?

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