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Iseki Tractor Parts

Jersamo Where can I get parts for my Iseki tractor?
len I can supply most parts .

Don Worrell I just bought a Iseki TS 2205 2wd tractor, 2 cylinder diesel with 1049 hours
on it. I paid $1600.00 for the tractor and a 12' dual axle trailer. The
rear tires are like new. I understand parts might be hard to find. So I
hope I didn't pay to much.

The first problem I have is the key worked it way out the first day I used
it. I don't think it was the original key. Because the switch is jimmied
up. I can turn the switch with another key. But it won't start. The glow
plug will light up and the low and high beam lights will come on. But when
you try to crank it will do nothing.

I know I need a switch and key. But what else could be wrong.

It looks like the starter has been replaced recently. It is shinny compared
the rest of the engine.

Do you have a switch and a key in stock?

Also I live in middle Tennessee near Nashville do you know of anyone who
would work on it here?

I would like to know the age of my tractor. I was told it is a 1997. Paint
is still good and low hours could be but I don't know for sure. It has no
title. How can you determine the year it was made?

Please email me any info you have. Especially about parts and prices. Do
you take credit cards? Another question where can I get air and oil
filters? Do you have any manuals?

You can just reply to this email or email me at home at

Thank you

Don Worrell




Here are the Noni photos. They should show up in this email.





Mark Don, The "TS" line of tractors is much older than 1997. My TS1910F is a 1979 model. Parts are available from Rainbow Distributors in Hawaii or from several folks this side of the puddle. There is a Yahoo group for Iseki and Bolens deisels where you can find more help and info.


Jeffrey D Osier I need a rebuild kit for the engine. It is an 18
horse 2 cylinder diesel The # on the block is ke-70
The model of the Tractor is TX-1300F, I will appreciate
any help Ii can get. Thankyou very much. Jeffrey.

Jeff Osier I have a model TX1300F The engine is a 2 cyl 18 HP
diesel KE_70. Will some one please let me know where I
can find a rebuild kit for this engine at a reasonable
price. I would even be intrested in a good used or
rebuild engine of the same HP or more as long as the
motor will match up with my tractor. Thank YOu very much.Jeffrey D Osier

mike lewis I am looking for my iseki 240 I,m not sure the year.
I have not been able to find it any where. My tractor
needs a starter do you know where I can get a conversion
chart which shows substitute parts.

DonL Rogers Im looking for a fuel priming pump assb. for a TS3110, also a cross referance number for the main fuel filter mounted on the motor. I have a Carquest number for the sediment bowl filter.

DonL Rogers

Gary Hoppenrath Need a starter or rebuild parts for a tl2100f.
j d hardin I am looking for two Universal Joints connecting driveshaft and transmisson for Iseki 200 Landhope any help would be greatly appreciated
Max Zeiner III I'm looking for a rockerarm shaft and 4 rockerarm
bushings for a Iseki model 1910.
One of the rockerarm & shaft is worn bad and it's pumping so much oil on the bad one that running the engine over 1200 to 1500 rpm the oil cannot drain into the pan & builds up & blows out the breather.
Their is NO blowby and NO sluge in the pushrod
Used parts would be ok if no wear. my shaft is worn .007

Mel Russo We are looking for a power steering unit for a Field Boss 31 White/Iseki tractor vintage about 1988 or so. The part is stamped "Toyoda" on the bottom (Spelled with d. We cannot seem to find the part anywhere.

Do you have any suggestions?

Mel Russo We are looking for a power steering unit for a Field Boss 31 White/Iseki tractor vintage about 1988 or so. The part is stamped "Toyoda" on the bottom (Spelled with d. We cannot seem to find the part anywhere.

Do you have any suggestions?

Boyd Smith I need a head gasket kit foe a Iseki tractor
TX1300 2 clynder diesel #101699
any help will be app.

Boyd Smith

Jody Shoopman Looking for a raditor for a TS 1910 ISEKI.

I'm located in central florida and sources are limited. Any help appreciated


zig kurpisz I haave an iseki1700 3 cyl diesel 2 wd. The air, oil and fuel filters are cross referenced to NAPA part numbers. I do need the rpm cable.It is broken.Tried to silver solder but it didnt last long. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
billp need exhaust manifold fot 210 mf series #2746
George I have an Iseki Field Boss.. TX 1510 stamped on the frame. Looking for any manuals.. so far have only found Japanese version. Also interested in some parts. to start.. new rubber boot for transmission shifter.
Located in Vermont.. . thanks,

Buddy Attebery Need Front Cover For Transmission,For A TU1900F Iseki
Louis I am looking for rings for a Iseki TS1910. I think that is why it is blowing oil out the top. It just started,after it runs for about 30 mins.
Paul Anthony Marano Hi Iam looking for a set of front wheels and tyres for a iseki 4450 4WD
RENIE RIANO hi i am looking a major part of my iseki sx95 model.the one that is holding the front differiential was broken. can you please help me where i could find this residing in the philippines.may i know how much is the total cost.or you can reffer me the nearest supplier of this parts.any help is greatly appriciated.thanks

maryln patterson i need a used injector pump for my ts1700 iseki . where can i get one.
maryln patterson i need a used injector pump for my ts1700 iseki . where can i get one.
Logan Innes I require rear wings and steering track rod ends for my ISEKI 2160 4x4 tractor. I live in the UK in northern Scotland.


carl holly i need a used starter for a ts 1610
ranaugolfclub do you have spare part for water pump iseki 2160
R Walker I am looking for clutch parts; bearing, disc, all internal parts for clutch TS1910 model. HELP
Thanks in advance.

Eric Currier I'm looking for a steering box/steering column for a TX1500/G172.

Mickey Craft I need an oil filter for a TS 1910 Bolens tractor from Iseki (G192)Two wheel Drive.I have been using a PH 2849A but it will not tighten up. When you crank the engin the filter will drop down and start leaking. I don't know if it is the filter or the threads or worn. I've never had a original filter.
william howard I am looking for parts for an Iseki TX1510...Mainly a clutch...If you have any ideas I would appreciate any help I can get.
Darren I'm after a head gasket kit for a TS 4510 and a workshop mannual. Thanks
Breuce Gates Dear Sir,
I`m looking for a engine rebuild kit for a 3 Cyl.iseki Mod.TV 1600 Fd.Can`t seem to find where to get parts for them.Any help would be great, Thanks Bruce Gates

chuck cross need starter
Bill And I need a front wheel drive gearbox (or the casing and one of the cone shaped gears) for my Iseki TL2301
Any ideas? I've had no luck at Southern Global or Western Ky parts.

Ed Wiltsie I have a 1982 Izeki Model 1610 2 wheel drive tractor. I need a new front grill. I would also like to obtain some less aggressive tires to the rear. We have gravelly soil and the tires dig in rapidly.

E A Wiltsie

Dale Not sure what kind of transmission oil to use on my iseki TS 4510? I can't find anything in my manual.
Roger Steel I am looking for all the gears or a gearbox for my 4000cc iseki tractor chassis No. 005360 engine No. TS3510 D. I am bases in UK but help from anywhere I would consider.

mike gotham I need a used engine or block for my iseki fied boss 31 tractor. the mains are out of it with only 800 hours. does anyone have any ideas? If I cant find one, I will be selling the tractor for parts. I was in very good condition.
mike gotham
Still looking for an engine or engine block for a field boss 31.....mine died with only 800 hours

Alvin R. Wofford To E. A. Wiltsie or anyone who is looking to sell 8.3 x 22 Cane tires for an Iseki TS1610. Iam looking for 1 in very good shape.
Hans Boesch Where can I purchase elektrical Drawing for ISEKI TX1510. Hoo can tell me where are the main Fuse for the Starter Engine?
Thank you for your help



Dale Newman I have a Bolens G154 4wd and need a front rim size 12" x 3". I also need a glow plug indicator that goes on the dash.
Dale Newman Sorry the rim is 12" x 5".
Terry C Hello,
Isecki 1300 4 wheel drive...
I need rear oils seals for the rear axles...
Wher can I get them?

swede I own a iseki ts2202, trying to find an air filter

Mike Hudson I'm looking for a fuel injector pump for a model 1610 Dose anyone know where to find one at a good price that will work???
Mike H.

Aaron D. I need a front grill for a Bolens G192/ Iseki TS1910. Also need the starter switch.
tammy luce I am looking to have our water pump for the Iseki TS1910 tractor rebuilt. We are located North of Houston Texas. Can you lead me in the right direction or give me some pointers on where to go for parts, etc for our tractor. Thanks in advance!!
Michael Steede Where can I find a Water Pump for a 1980~83 ISEKI Tractor TS1610 19HP 2cylinder Diesel 2WD? Thanks
Ove Iím looking for a reverse gear for an Iseki TS4510. Where can I get one?

Darrell H Where can I have our (Iseki TE4320 model: 4AF1) water pump rebuilt? Not any in Hawaii? I am willing to send it out anywhere in the USA. Or does anyoe ot there carry this in stock?

chris mc kenna looking for a starter for a iseki 2160 part number m2t50381 i wait for your return thank you chris
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Dale I have a complete, running Iseki TS2400 I am selling individual parts off from, or the complete tractor. Everything is good except the fuel injector.
Baldimar Rios I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find a Iseki TX1000 parts manual. Or if Anyone has one available.
John Delisser Does anyone have the part nunber & cross referance numbers for the fuel filter on an ISEKI TS-3110 3 cylinder light tractor?
John Delisser How do I buy parts??
Terry Simpson Hi,
Need the red tail lens that came on the G244 bolens tractor

Bob Dunn I am looking for parts for TX1500 Iseki, KE75 2 Cyl Diesel Tractor, 2X2...Parts or whole tractor running ot not.
cortland kopp I have a 2 cly mitsubishi diesel and I need an injector pump.The engine is in a Cushman frontline mower.
Douglas C. Amos I am attempting to refresh some items on my Bolens G242(Iseki2420) any help would be appreciated.
Thom Albert Can anyone help me find a new or used hydraulic pump for Iseki TS4510?

Any help would be appreciated.
E- mail please;

Best Regards

T. A. Kleven

Ray Smith I Am Looking For The Sediment Bowl For Iseki TS 2400, Also Need The Air Filter And Oil Filter Part Numbers. Thanks.
Ray Smith check A&T Rebuilders For Water Pumps And Hydraulic Pumps, That Are Great People To Deal With. A&T Rebuilders 866-742-5767, 1-800-748-9567 they are locate in Tupelo Mississippi. hope this helps these people have helped me a lot.

Ray Smith I am Looking For A Iseki Tractor TS2400 Sediment Bowl. An Help Please E-mail me @ Thanks.

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