D6 pony motor conversion to electric start

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D6 pony motor conversion to electric start

Daniel Hurlburt I have a D6 Model # 44A2539 series B. I'm trying to convert it to electric start.I found a Delco starter # in a d6 service manual and ordered it from a local auto parts dealer(24 volt)40MT starter. The pinion gear on the pony motor has 14 teeth. the pinion gear on the electric starter has 11 teeth and is smaller in dia.I can't find a electric starter with 14 teeth.has anyone else run in to this.can I take the pinion gear off the pony motor and have it installed on the electric starter.It seems to me that the 11 tooth pinion (which is smaller in dia.) will not mesh right with the ring gear an will take off the teeth.Has anyone encountered this before? Also a local rebuilder of alternators told me he can install a 24 volt regulator in a standard car alternator. Much cheaper than a standard H.D. one.All it will be doing is charging the battries back up after starting.
ozhank53 I am in the process of converting my D2 to electric start. I have the same delco starter, but with different drive - one that meshes with ring gear on flywheel. I am in process of cutting hole into clutch bellhousing and to drill and tap three holes to fasten the starter motor to. You need to disable decompression system for starting, and run starter for 7 seconds to build up fuel and oil pressure before opening throttle.

I am interested in the 24v regulator for car. alternator to recharge start batteries. I would be interested in more information.

R.W. Guy;s: CME Inc., out of miami,fl. makes a conversion kit ready to bolt on,without all the hassle, I converted my D8H a few yrs.ago with their outfit. If interested email, & I'll send you their contact info.Good Luck,Roger
ozhank53 I've finally found the time to finish the starter motor installation. I used a 92mm carbide tipped hole saw to make the hole with lots of kerosine. Drilled and tapped the holes. I found it best to remove the pilot motor starting clutch assembly. Tested this afternoon - wonderful to hear the motor run after nearly 18months!. Need to make battery mounting bracket where pilot motor sat, and modify the left hand side motor protection guard to accomodate the solonoid, drill hole for starter button.
Ken S I would appreciate any info on this conversion. Thanks
bob lyle Hi Roger; Iam in prince george b.c.canada. Hope you can send me the info. I have a #12 mg /8T with a D318 engine. Bob
david young I would like the info on starter conversion. I can't seem to find the parts source. Thanks
Dan Hurlburt Starters are avaiable many places. It's a standard 24 volt Delco-Reme Srarter. Some important things.
1. Need a adapter plate made by Cat. This places the starter in the right position.
2. The pinion gear on the starter has to be strial cut to match the ring gear. You'll fine it to be 11 tooth Vs the size and teeth on the pont motor. The adapter plate compensates for the diffrence.
3. you'll need a 24 volt battery or two 12 volt in series.
4. you'll have to install a 24 volt alternatior.Get on with a built in voltage regulator.

Converting it was the best thing I have ever done.

CATMECH they changed the ring gear on the main engine to a straight teeth when they put the electric starter on. you have to replace the angle cut gear.
Bob Hutton I have a D7E cat & need to convert to electric start. Would you please send me the address & phone number where I can order a conversion kit.
Thanks for the help Bob

ALI were can I buy a starter for a D7
Jim cool Please send me the contact information. Thanks

don Aren't glow plugs also needed? I do not see reference to this.
Treeman There is something mounted where the starter will go, does that mean the starter will bolt right on? Thanks
richard How much for conversion kit
Bryan Parker We build conversions for Caterpillars..Thanks Bryan
Bryan Parker We build electric start conversions.. See web page at http://ponymotor.embarqspace.com/ Thanks Bryan
Kenny CC Battery in Texas has been converting cats and other tractors for decades.361-882-5561
Todd Cherry
need info on this swap thanks

danny hampton I have a 630m cat scraper. It is army surplus with a 1963 plate, cable lift no hydraulic unloader. Six cyl motor. Armature on pony does not work. I got it fixed but forgot how to hook up the plug wires(2 plug and one ? ) Great machine I want to get running. Can you send me spark wire hookup AND info on a direct start kit. Thanks
jim i have emailed twice to byron parkers address without any success still need to know abt a conversion kit my ponys conection rod broke
Jon auto-lec rebuilders has kits to convert from pony motor to electric start
jon auto-lec.com
BC Equipment Co. Inc We have all bolt on starter conversion kits for Caterpillar... We also build our own helical starter drive gear... We give a 3 year free replacement warrenty if they chip, break or crack. e-mail me at or call 573-465-0276

jim had to be some sort of problem with my sending mail to Bryon parker. last time i mailed him he got right intouch with me bought a starter for my d6 just waiting for delivery then i will be back in operation. thanks Bryon
Dave I need a carberator for a 1946 D6 pony motor where can i find a new or used 814-715-1121
Jerry Zahradnik I am restoring a 1949 John Deere Model R diesel tractor with a pony motor. The pony is a 2 cylinder opposed piston engine. I am told that this engine was either manufactured by Caterpillar for John Deere or was made by the same supplier that made the engines for Caterpillar. Does anyone know where I can find new or used parts for the pony?


Bryan We have kits for most applications ,,, 12 and 24 volt,,, bolt on kits,, no drilling and tappin necessary
Bill Brushwood Bryan said "We have kits for most applications ,,, 12 and 24 volt,,, bolt on kits,, no drilling and tappin necessary".

Hi Bryan, where ca I get more info?
Thanks, Bill

Daryl Clark I have a 1956 D-2 cat dozer and the pony motor is knocking , and what I would like to do is replace the pony motor with a electric starter . Would you send me details of the direct fit with no drilling and tapping so I can compare the price of the kit as to overhauling the pony motor .Thank you , Daryl
adrian bolton i am looking for a starter drive housing which will fit my catapillar d7e 48a bulldozer 1963 it was fitted with a pony engine originally asnd now is being converted. the main engne is a cat 339t.
i already have a new delco mt 40 starter with a 12 tooth conversion piece fitted spiral gear. have you got a drive housing please.01327438476.adrian bolton

joe vito
i have a 1953 cat d7

BC Equipment Co. We have all bolt on kits,, 573-465-0276
E-mail. catstarter @ gmail.com
Thanks Bryan

robert giles looking into replacing the pony motor with a direct electric start. Do you have any info for me? I have a 1937 cat d4 crawler. the 7u. Thanks for your time
Clyde Leitold To whom it may concern, Some things to think about. I am planning on trying to make a deal on a d6c in the near future. It has a standard shift, no big deal to me and it starts with a pony motor. While i'll admit it is nice to jump up in the cab hit the preheat and start the engine. Lets think for a minute. Cost of a fairly expensive starter. Much bigger and more batteries, probably an alternator with much higher output. gauge fuse and all the retro fitting. You do it or the cost of somebody else doing it. If you pony motor is in good shape go with it. Maybe it would be cheaper in the long run to rebuild the pony motor. Once these machines are up and running you don't usually shut them off until you are finished using them. Clyde
Clyde Leitold Gentlemen If your pony motor is in rough shape maybe it is better to do the conversion. But if not maybe it is better to leave well enough alone. If your main motor is in good shape and the pony motor starts and runs easily, once these machines are up and running you you usually let them run until you are finished using them right? By the time you are totally finished with your retro-fit how much does it really cost. Just something to think about. Could somebody please tell what it really cost including labor? How much are these kits? I'm dealing on a D6C with pony motor and a standard trans as we speak. "An Old Iron Greeting" Clyde
Dennis Bernard looking for d4 12 conversion kit.looking for prices

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