Direct start conversion D4

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Direct start conversion D4

Stanley Kelember Any one have any info on a outfit that supplies a Direct electric start conversion for some of the old Cats.Does away with having to use pony engine.I seen an add for the kit but lost track of the company as I didnt have my Caterpillar at that time.I have a D4 6U series.Any information would be appreciated.Thanks Stan
Kneebone There is a fellow in Toowoomba Queensland Australia who has the conversion kits. I have a D46U and recently had the conversion made.
Mike Scalera I saw an ad in Rock and Dirt for an outfit that sold a kit. I even called them and talked to them but I don't have the information anymore. You might try
Jerry retired--I have changed d 6 & no 12 grader engines over to electric-brought starter adapter & bendix drive from cat dealer--changed to 24 volt-can leave pony motor on or off.Turns engine fast.
Tim I just did a conversion on my D4, 12 volt starter and generator. No flywheel mods, just had to drill holes for starter. You have to have the boss in the bellhousing to do it, either the outline of the boss or a machined boss. If there is at least an outline it can't be done.
Stanley Kelember What starter did you use.Can you get the pony motor clutch assembly off without removing governor.Dosent look like much room to remove it.Thanks for any info you might give Stan
Tim I will have to find out what starter I used, I believe it is a delco with a special starter drive. I can get it local for $425 if I remember.
No you can't remove the clutch without removing the governor but I did, I just cut it in half with a sawsall, I wasn't planing on salvaging it as it was worn plum out.

John You can get the starter Bat. what they call a kit at White tractor in Blue Springs Mo. Ph 816 229 3411 I ask about just the starter and it was $690.00 with cild. Ive got the starter what I want to know is where can I order the drive and not haft to but the starter.
Dina Gharmalkar
Please list part number or how to get parts with deatils.

Auto Lec Rebuilders We can supply you with a direct electric conversion starter for almost any old Cat equipment with a pony motor. We have starters available for D2 through D9 crawlers, Motor Graders, Track Loaders, and stationary motors.
Dave McDonald looking for electric starting motor conversion

Dave McDonald looking for electric starting motor conversion for
a D-4 cat 7u34487

G C Scott We build conversion kits for the machines. Try our web site:
Bryan Parker We build conversion kits e-mail
Leroy Need info or direct electric conversion kits for caterpillar pony motor change over??????????? I have been selling these conversion kits for over 30 years. D2-D4-D6-D7-D8-D9 tractors 212-112-12-14-motor graders 571-572-583-594-pipelayers-dw15-dw20-dw21-619-621-630-641-651 wheel tractor 933-955-977 track loaders 966 wheel loader D311-D315-D318- D326-D337-D342-D353 Industrial eng. ECT-ECT-ECT iF I can help call me at 281-445-5866
Or email me. --------Thanks Leroy

tom schwegel I need information from Leroy and from Bryan Parker. the links wouldn't allow me to e-mail directly. thank you
Aaron Larsen CME In Miami Florida Phone (305) 633-1524 Fax (305)633-9537 Has Them
Bryan We have 12 and 24 volt bolt on kits ,,, no drilling and tapping required,,,,,e-mail me at or call 573-465-0276

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