Caterpillar D2

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Caterpillar D2

Bill Hirschfelt I have just purchased this tractor. The diesel engine and the pony engine both run but the clutch engaging them is shot. How can this problem best be solved. Is this bad news or very bad news? Any thoughts will be appreciated.
Hi there,

I cant really help, but you are further than me! I have my Grandfathers D2 4U 5828 and both the diesel engine and the pony engine are ceased. I have no idea about mechanics, but oneday I'll get it going. Dene might have the answer, he's restored a beautiful D2 Caterpillar:
(Dene Oehme Adelaide, Australia)

I had his email address somewhere, Im not sure if its still on his website...


Andrew Well I won't say bad news most of our D2's doe that too good or not it has to be started to get it to work usally it the dog in the starting motor clutch. Well what I been told to do is try to slow the starting motor down as much as possable and then force the clutch up even if it's grinding it will not hurt it it will engage then speed the starting motor up and while the starting on keep the clutch held up with your hand untile you are ready start the Diesel side of the motor. it may sound crazy but it really works and a caterpiller machanic tought me to do this so I been doing this for years now I got 5 D2,s in our farming operation and they are really hard to beat in ochard disking. Well I hope this works for you this my first time I really posted anything in the web alway love to lending a helping hand out.
Well I've got a Beautiful D2-5U with only 1100.00 hrs on a new inframe,she runs great!!!

I also got a Brush Cutter Disc set, a tillage set
and a spring Drag...(-;

I had a little trouble with the Magnito,but I pulled that off and got it rebuilt...(-;

Now everything is like new again,As to OLD CAT Parts???

I guess I did the dumb thing,First I went to The CAT Delership and they can get everything that I need at a very high price...*J*

Then I spoke to the people who service my FORD and they could also get everything that I could ever need at 25% of what CAT would charge me...(-;

Just lucky I guess, My Little D2-5U is built like a brick shit house and she always goes when ever I am ready...(-;

Jim It's not that bad. These parts are common to so many cats. Availability is not a problem.
I rebuilt mine.
Does it engage then kick out or won't engage at all?

Joe I have to sale my D2 it is a 1954, it runs good, has a problem the springs sometimes. I was hoping some one would be so kind to tell me what would be the right price to put on it. Let know thinks.
Jim 1 to 6 thousand.
Depends mainly on condition of undercarriage, Diesel, steering clutches and if it has a dozer blade.


Post it on eBay and give it a $5000.00 reserve price,the reserve price only you know...(-;

Start your bidding at $500.00 run a 10 day auction and see what happens...(-;

Post buyer responsable for all transport costs...(-;

Some people like to restore the little D2's, other people like to use them for Art Deco, and other people like me like to work them...(-;

But concider this, I was out discing a field one day and a real nice looking lady in a bright new Mercedes Bens parked next to by truck and waited for me to get back to that part of the field and shut down...(-;

At which pont she talked with me for a little while,asked me if I would like to date her and by the way would I take $50.000.00 for my CAT???

Well I didn't figt with her, I let her wine and dine me to her heart's content and she was great between the sheet's, BUT SHE NEVER GOT MY CAT!!!*J*

1954 D2 was the first year that they had an electric start on the Pony...(-;

That's got to be better than the old pull cord...(-;

Andrew I just got done working on one of our Cat redoing the whole rear end I was able to get a bell housing with a eletric starter cut out and converted the whole tractor to direct start the best move I ever did no more check gas in the morning andf more so kicking clutches. when converting it instead of using those flat 12 volt battery I bought two standard battery in Wal mart. I got a quick question have you guys seen much D2 with tail seats? All of our D2 are tail seat becasue we need it low to the ground to clear the low limb in the orchards.
WallMart batteries might be ok 4 now, but sooner or later you may want to move up to an Optama 6 cell Ni-Cad Battery they are excellent in Dissle Equipment and then if you get a Solar Battery Maintaner, no matter how long you let your tractor sit, your battery will always be up at full charge and ready to go...(-;

It's allot to get started with,but the Ni-Cad system delivers 850 cold cranking amps, with a 120 minut reserve...(-; That is why I use them...(-;

As to the solar pannels,well sulfation is what kills your battery, this is cause by your battery runing all the way down and staying that way.../-;

The solar maintaner keeps your battery up all the time, it is good once in a while to place a solar puls system on your battery to turn and sulfation that you might have back into acid...(-;

But by doing a very minimal battery maintance I can cause a 5 year battery to last 10 of 15 years,don't you think it is worth it to make you money last just a little longer???

Since bush is burning through all he can print faster than he can print it.../-;

AVOMIKE I just got a d2-5u and forget how to start the pony/diesel motors. I just need a little step-by-step 'guidance'; and please keep in mind that I do not know each levers' true name, just location. Thanks and eventually I WILL make a contribution t'y'all. Again.

Joe Logsdon I will do my best. After the pony motor is running there are 4 things that need to be in place. The location is somewhat like the numbers below.

Number 1 is the diesel throttle and should be all the way on. At first I could not get my to start because the throttle was not on all the way there is kind of a catch and about ĺ the way make sure it is on all the way.

Lever 2. Is for compression and should be pulled out toward you at first until the diesel is spinning when it is spinning I spray in a little starter fluid in the air in take.

3 and 4 I canít remember totally but one of these is like a clutch and the other is like putting it in gear. Try one of these and if it does not move easy then do the other first, and the diesel motor should start spinning, that is when I spray in the starting fluid.

Then push in lever 2 in - away from you that will cause it to compress and the motor will start.

Again my biggest problem I had was the diesel throttle not being on all the way.



__3.__ ___4.__

Hope this helps.
How much did you pay for your D2? I would like to sale mine it is in good shape.
Let me know if you get it started.

Graham Sommerteld What are the point settings are on the magneto for the pilot motor caterpillar D2 Serials 4U2128 and if any one knows availability of spare parts Thanks Graham
Matt L Bill, as per Cat manual you may need to drain the starter clutch housing and fill with Kero, run up the motor and engage & disengage the moror a few times. USually frees it up.

Other area that is not so easy is the actual overcenter cam arangement doohickey that engages on the flywheel. if the little 5/16 bolts come out or this seizes - it means spliting the tractor to rectify!

Millie My husbands D2 was ceased. He pulled the plugs and poured Motor Kote in the holes. Let it set 2 days. It turned over by hand. Motor Kote is great. I am looking for a rotor button for a 2 cycle Eisemann magneto. Any suggestions.
Gunter Henke Hi Guys! I live in Stellenbosch South Africa.I just started to restore D2 4u1906 dozer. Im lucky to have two more D2's for spares 4u7226 the other serial missing. My pony egine and diesel engine runs well. Gotta multi angle blade aswell. I'm also own a D4 with a pony--a runner. Regards Gunter
Nick Hi,

Are there any Cat d2's for sale around Australia, Queensland

Thanks, Nick

Nick Hi,

Are there any Cat d2's for sale around Australia, Queensland

Thanks, Nick

Gene James Hi all, I have a Cat D2 but can't find a serial # plate, I don't know what year it is but know it's a D2 because of the raised emblem.It has a pony engine that is a pull start, It has tracks not tires, has a wench in the rear & a logging blade in the front "Trackson Trackload 12" 36C16, It has no roll cage. There are so many types of D2's that i am having a had time classifying it for a manual. i need to find out what year it is and what it's worth, it was parked and drained of the fuels 10 years or so ago. I looked can i get the year and serial # from the Trackload12 36C16 to see what year or is maybe the 36C16 the model of my D2? Please help if you can i need to gather my wood for the winter and have many falling trees but can only get to them with my tracks i'll just get stuck with any 4X4 truck were as with the dozer in an out.
Col Hi all.. Looking to buy a restored or very tidy D2, Im in Queensland, anybody in Australia got one, or know of one ??? thanks Col
john the only way to find a d2 is to drive around the old cane farms spotting in the wogs sheds. i know of 1 d2 in tully,2 in innisfail and cat 20 at murray upper that also got 2cyl john deer massive tractor it is. bloke in tully wanted six grand for his. sheded hasn't moved in who knows how long. typical wog wants to get buried with all there possesions. i put an ad in local d2 wanted for work, picked one up for 3grand 4200hrs murry upper tractor all its life. could of got it for 2500 but he was a good bloke
andrew cummings hi im 14 and just bought a d2 off an estate sell im taking it to the mid state fair as a restoration project i under stand how to start it but i am not shure if i power wash or steam wash it will i mess up the magnedo ?
andrew cummings hi im 14 and just bought a d2 off an estate sell im taking it to the mid state fair as a restoration project i under stand how to start it but i am not shure if i power wash or steam wash it will i mess up the magnedo ?
Jim Bouris Have an electric start d2 cat. there is no fuel pressure at each of the injectors not allowing it to start. Any idea on which way to go with it?
Starting A D2 donít know when you posted this but i thought i would write.

WE have a 2. My dad has run Cats from a 2 up to 8ís most had starter motors on them. All these guys telling you how to start these cats donít do it right. If you have to use starting fluid on a Cat to start it one of 2 things is wrong. It is worn out or youíre an idiot. You should never have to use starting fluid on a diesel Cat to start it with a starting motor. That is what the starter motor is for. We start them when it is 30 below Zero and the start without fluid. If the starting motor will start you can start the diesel without Fluid.

Get the starting motor running first and warmed up a little. Than idol it down as slow as it will go. That is why you need to warm it up so it will not stall when you put a load on it at an idol. One lever is a clutch and the other one is what engages the drives. Most of the older cats the clutch was bad and will not stop the shaves from turning but you can still get them to engage. Make sure the compression is off on the Diesel engine. And that the THROTTLE ON THE DIESEL IS OFF. Once the diesel is turning over than open the throttle on the diesel but just open for a few seconds and than close it again. This will lube the cylinders but not enough diesel to fire them. If it tryís to fire you opened the throttle to much and to long. Let the diesel turn until the exhaust manifold starts to warm up on the diesel. Use your hand to see if it is warming up. If it is warm out side it may take a couple of minutes to get to this point. Once the manifold is warm, turn on the throttle and than close the compression release. The diesel will be running if you let it warm up enough. No kicking out of the clutch or none of that bull shit. Shut the starting motor off and you are running.

If it is colder out side or even warmer you can put the compression to the diesel engine. Once the starting motor can turn the diesel motor without a problem, close the compression and let the starting motor turn the diesel over until it warms up. If it tryís to start you opened the throttle to much or too long. Always leave the throttle off until you are ready to start the diesel. If it is cold this is the only way you can start it. Any other way is hard on the diesel or will not start. But leave the throttle off until you are ready to start the diesel that is the key and that is what everyone does wrong.

The guy that taught my Dad how to start them was a mechanic in the 1960ís and 1970ís in Alaska and worked up there in the winter. He told my Dad that if you tried to start a Cat up there like these idiots down here did it would be sitting there until summer thaw. Because you had one chance to get them running and that was it.

If the diesel smokes black or runs rough when you start it you did it wrong. It should start and be running smooth and easy. If it smokes black and kind of coughs and sputters until it gets running, you flooded it. This is hard on the engine but is how 98 percent of the people that i have watched start them do it. I would just hope that maybe you could be one of the 2 % that knows how they should be started. Never get in a hurry to start it. Give it time to warm up by turning over under compression.

If you have any more questions or would like to chat feel free to email me back.

I donít know everything but i do come from a line of old cat skinners that ran them in cold and bad conditions where the Cat was the life line of their survival.

I hope this Help you.

John Hawkins Hi All,Just came across this site and have been reading comments with interest.I have a D25U and new parts are getting hard to get in Australia, Wondering what it is like in the U.S.A. I have broken the Rotor shaft in the Magneto (part No 4F3684) due to fatigue and was wondering if they are available over there? My email is if anyone would like to help.My other option is a direct electric start on the diesel motor. Thanks John
Geoff in NZ When converting to direct electric start can someone tell me what type/make of starter motor to get?
Re: Caterpillar D2

gday mates.. dont no but Ive blasted and painted two in the past four years in Wa and Nt Austrilia Im on the look now too!

Kevin Reeves Hi,I have a 1952 cat D2,It sat for about ten years,and the pony motor won't fire.I had the magneto rebuilt, and it's got spark.I sprayed some starting fluid down the carb,and it won't fire,but it backfired a bit.I tried it several times,nothing,besides a little fire on top of the carb! Anybody know,could this be some stuck valves? Some water had gotten into the carb and cylinders.I cleaned it out the best I could.Any advice?Thanks KR
Ryan hi
Does any one know of a d2 dozer for sale near sydney?

JACK INNES Hello all, I have a chance to save a good set of tracks & final drives with good sprockets for a D2. There is also a blade with arms in good shape available. These parts are in a perilous location & must be dealt with quickly. I am near Toronto, Ontario & will be going to Chickasha, Ok. in March. I could deliver the parts there very reasonably. I am open to reasonable offers on all of the above. Thank you, Jack
jimmy maddox i need to know aprox weight
Simone Hi ,
I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with the "Head Bolt Tightening Sequence" for a Cat D2 Dozer, any assistance would be much appreciated.

youngy Hi
the pony/pilot motor has had the magnito removed and i would like to know the timing setup for it so it can be run.

Sharon Hi can Anyone out there help me with a price for a D2 5U13028 with 3800 genuine hours going good
tom wiley i am restoring an old orchard d2 i live in canada on its registration plate it says mexico but built in usa this normal
Gabriel I am looking for a cylinder head for a d2 caterpiller tractor, someone out there must have one. also I am loking for ateansmission and differential for a mitsubishi 2002 4x4 tractor, the no goog that sold it to me had busted the diff and traney.
Tavis Buchanan I am currently working on restoring a D2 5J Caterpillar and lukily my dad is a mechanic but even though we can build anything I still need to find the parts so if anyone knows were there is a set of Blade arms for a narrow gauge D2 5J for cheap or free that would help. My family says that there is a hydraulic pump for the Cat laying around but I cannot find the pump so if someone knows were i can find one for cheap or free that would be good.
ken rump I have a D2 with blade and blade arms. My buddy and I kick started it with my massey a couple years ago, ran it for a while and noticed the radiator was leaking so shut her down and parked it. Undercarriage looks pretty good, any ideas on how i can get rid of it?
Pkanury Did you bleed the injector pumps? There's small studs with notched heads on the back of each injector plunger where the injector lines originate... with the engine turning over, bleed each of these and close em up. should fire right up!
Re: Caterpillar D2

I have inherited a D2 and know nothing about it. I can't even find a serial number. It is not running. I would love to find it a home but don't even know where to begin. Any information would be appreciated.

Gerard Byrne I have a D2 cat crawler tractor and I'm trying to put the brass collar back on the gearshift any ideas.
David Keioskie Hi
I have a d2 for sale.4u 6070 1948. She has a scrub canopy,rippers,tree spear and electric start.
Goes extremely well.I finished my last job with her yesterday.

Ron K I've got a D2 Cat year unknown; rope start. Pony motor gas leaked into the crankcase. I am trying to find the crankcase drain plug and have not located it yet. Does anybody know where it might be?
dogkeisha I have a D2 with Pony Motor which has abroken valve i have to pull Pony Motor completely off the dozer or can it be fixed on there.where do i start

Robert Rottcher I am desperately looking for one or two D2's in any condition. Please can somebody assist me in finding one?

Tony I have a D2 42 for sale Sydney. Has dozer blade and single tooth ripper. Restored 8 years ago, low hours, tracks in good condition. Replaced clutch 3 years ago. 0414393330
Tony Hi..Kevin Reeves couple of things..avoid using aero-start type 'kick starters' you are likely one day to find the piston heads have come free of the pistons!

Quite possible in any reciprocating engine that valve stuck open or bent but could be other cause."as well as I could' for a clean may not be enough...remove and strip could be needed however for kero starts use kero...not high explosive!!When using non recommended starting fluids...make it very little. Be methodical and keep notes of what you have done and photos as you tear items down

off internet on D2

"Two options,J series D3400 engine and U series D311 engine.Precombustion chambers 200ft lbs for both.Valve clearance .010 Hot. .012 Cold both engines."

((so set cold at 12 thou cold then check again when hot (and stopped)to be 10 thou.))

Head tightening...when in doubt or urgent...go clock or anticlock from the centre Bolts should be very clean and should be dry but a very light oil is often used...They hold by friction metal to metal.

sequences ...two exanples are in this site and that is typical. Between those two styles if in doubt I'd use the second.

Tension quarter then half tension all around, never jerk the tension wrench...never use it to undo bolts or nuts..then 3/4 then 7/8th then full and check that all are correct before starting engine. That's how I do it to ensure even stress on every part of the head.

After running engine an hour...check head tensions and tighten again if changed but NOT hot...let it cool to ambient.Always wise to use new bolts (or screws and nuts) of the original manufacturer when replacing head and always cover any place anything can fall into cylinders.

Chck tensions finally after say 10 hours use.Do not jerk the wrench...apply pressure smoothly and 200ft lbs needs big muscles (to stay consistent) or a long tension wrench. Don't use a rattle gun.Cheers

antonio lorenzo hello friends I have a caterpillar d2 4b 8522, alguin can help me? need to know tightening cylinder head, crankshaft and benches, I would appreciate your help, thanks

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