Cat 416 Hydraulic Problems

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Cat 416 Hydraulic Problems

s. england I have a first generation 416 backhoe with a variable flow pump in front of the engine connected to the crankshaft. The hydraulics have been going downhill now for the past year. It started out as sluggish controls and now the hydraulics only seem to work after the tractor is warmed up for ten minutes and only at high rpm's. When I lower the rpm's the hydraulics go out for five minutes or more. I go to high rpm's and play with the controls and eventually they start to work again. My thought has been bad seals or a clog in the system. I've changed the hydraulic filters in the hydraulic tank but they are on the return side and had no effect. I've pulled all 9 resolver valves and replaced the seals. Now I'm looking for a clogged line or other bad seals. I thought it might be the pressure/flow valve but I don't have a gauge to hook up to the pump's pressure check points. Has anyone had a similar problem with the 416?
JCSinGA OK, by resolver valve your talking about the allen head plugs that you have to take the spring caps off to get to, right?
There is other plugs with a ball behind them, which the name of escapes me at the moment, but they are visible on the back side of each valve section, they have a large flathead screwdriver slot in them. They carry the same type o-rings as the resolver valves except only 1 o-ring on each, they have to do with pilot pressure to stroke the pump.
It sounds to me like the pump is not getting signal (pilot pressure) to stroke.

lee. There are two resolvers per implement control valve. Primary resolver compares rod to head cylinder pressures. Secondary resolver compares the highest primary signal in its control valve to the highest primary signal in the next control valve. The secondary resolvers are arranged in series stopping with the pump compensator valve.

it could be the Relief Valve, Pump compensator valve, The pump has too much wear, Leak in signal network.

you really need to snap a gauge on to see what the pressure are.

ron richards I,m operating a 416 cat back ho and the hydraulic brakes were just all new, when I press on the brakes it makes a loud noise as if they were glazed. the ho stops but the loud noise is what concerns me. Do they need to be adjusted or can they or is this normal?
Ben I need to know which of the three grooves on the allen head resolver do the seals go on?
Herb King Have #416 91 model loader/backhoe replaced 0 ring in the lift cyl of the boom now it seems to have air or something is keeping it from wanting to raise it is so weak that it will not lock the boom in travel position any suggestions

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