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Case 580 C Replacing brakes

Shawn Need some advice on replacing brakes on my 580C. How difficult is it. I'm mechanically incline but know if someone has done it before it is easier to learn from them instead of trying to figure it all out on my own.

I'm guessing at this point I'm just in need of pads if it takes pads. I have a little bit of brake on the right peddle and no brake on the left peddle. The parking brake holds when I set it as long as I am not on a steep grade.

Is there a particular vendor you all would recommend purchases the pads from?

Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.


Sean There are loads of aftermarket Case parts suppliers,do a Google as they don't like links on here,before you tear down the brakes try adjusting them,tighten up the adjuster till it just locks the wheel and then go back two full turns,there is a Case on line parts look up site where you can see a drawing of the parts.

Shawn Sean,
When you say tighten up the adjuster. Is that on the pedal under the dash or is that back by the brake bands? I guess when I tighten them down and then back them off two turns the back wheels need to be off the ground to know that they are locked up?

Thanks for the advise.


Sean Yes the adjuster nut is on top of the brake housing,there is a lever that has a clevis pin in one end,the other end is pushed up by the brake slave cylinder when the brake is pressed,in about the middle of the lever is the rod with the adjuster nut,take the weight off the back wheels,gear in neutral,why I mention the adjustment is its often overlooked because it is hidden under the floor,I will send you an email with the links for the parts and supplires.

Actually the adjustment is to provide the proper amount of free travel on brake pedals, prox 1-1/2 inches. adjust nut accordingly so both are the same. Should be self adjusters on this machine but most end up being removed, although i do not recommend this. If this does not help then remove covers aqnd inspect first. If soaked with oil you have a lot of work to do. DO NOT just replace seals and install new parts. You MUST make sure why the seals are leaking. Let me know if so and will advise. BOB

David Medway My brother junked. My case 580c repair manuals and parts lists. Need manuals and brake parts listings and help with repair information.
Phil Something I am going to do to make working on the brakes easier is to split the floor board in two length-wise. You need to add a center support but it will make it ever so easy to access the brakes later. I would scribe a cut line and drill some holes for bolts before I cut it. Got to hold it down.

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