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Case 530 CK Gas Starter problem

Scott My brother in law and I own a 530 CK (I believe. It is a gas model and we recently had a starter issue and the engine would not crank. Seems like starter is pulling all kinds of juice but not turning over the engine. We removed the starter and when jumping positive to the terminal and grounding the case the starter does nothing. Anything special about these starters I need to know about or does it sound like it needs to be rebuilt to everyone? I think I am taking it to a place tomorrow but wanted to post to see if I got any response this evening. Thanks in advance


Sean The hot cable is connected to the starter at all times,when you use the switch to start the engine power is sent to the solenoid which closes and sends power from the main cable into the field coils of the starter and it should spin,if the solenoid is faulty power won't get sent and nothing happens,to test the starter off the engine secure it in a vice,put a ground cable from the battery on to the starter body,put the hot cable to the terminal on the solenoid,use a jumper wire from the hot cable to the terminal on top of the solenoid,it should click in and the starter should spin,if not remove the hot cable from the solenois and touch it to the terminal on the starter motor that has a strap going to the solenoid,put it against the nut not the threads as it may arc and ruin them,if the motor spins the solenoid is shot,if it does not spin the problem is inside,the usual thin that happens is oil gets inside and causes a mess,take it to a repair shop,if your machine has been standing for a long while check to see that the engine is not stuck.

Mainer I used to have a 530 gas backhoe. I don't know if it makes a difference in your problem, but I remember the electrical system being positively grounded.

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