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Case 580 CK - fluid in starter

clarke atwell I have two problems.

First, my 580 CK backhoe's starter died, and when removed, was full of grey oil. The starter repairman said to look for a seal where the starter goes onto the engine (I found none) and he thought it might be a wet clutch leaking into the starter.

I think he is right about the wet clutch, but have at least one other possible source of oil in the starter -- a leaking power steering line.

Second, I drained my transmission but still have milky fluid on the starter gear.

Maybe some of you can read the following and help me diagnose the problem.

First let me describe the wet clutch / transmission fluid issue. I changed the transmission oil, draining two bottom plugs (rear and middle) but was unable to get a third (front) plug out, below the starter flywheel? (unsure of name of this large gear), and after re-filling still have milky oil in there. So, I am thinking the water in the oil may have caused my starter to fail (though I think this unlikely). After all the oil in the starter looked somewhat grey and milky. Would this be because I am missing some type of seal where the starter attaches to the motor?

Also, I wonder whether there is a separate fill plug for the third and most forward pan served by the forward drain plug, or should I drain the two front plugs and then re-fill the transmission from the front plug (by the gear shift lever)?

Second, the leaking power steering fluid pipe appears to be allowing fluid to run down the pipe onto the starter. And the starter has a rubber seal, with a flat copper wire from the solenoid into the starter, where fluid could enter the starter. Is my leaking power steering the more likely source of the oil/fluid in the starter?

None of the manuals I have purchased help answer any of these. Maybe someone out there can do it and save me another ruined starter. Thanks.

Clarke Atwell

Larry Oil still milky because you did not drain all the oil. Plug you could not get out allows access to the convertor drain plug, this cavity automatically fills when eng is started. Oil in starter is most likely from a failed or non existant seal in sealplate between starter drive and starter motor. Larry
Raymond Owens Drain back tub from differential may be pluged or check assembled wrong happened alot with this tractor

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