Case 580 K Hydraulic Problem

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Case 580 K Hydraulic Problem

Jim As I was operating the backhoe today I swung the boom to the left and the engine almost stalled. Then as I started to raise the left outrigger the engine did stall and I couldn’t get it restarted for a long time. Any hydraulic movement lugs the engine down. Is there a pressure relief valve that could be stuck somewhere? Thank you for your time.
AJ The whole of the hydraulic system is procteted by a main regulator valve located in the control bank for the front loader,each movement of the machine is procteted by a port valve except the stablizers and extendahoe,the usual thing to happen is the loss of power due to the main valve sticking open or an o'ring failing on the valve body,check on the machine that all the control levers for the hydraulics are returning to the nrutral position including the extendahoe pedal,when you are sure everything is in neutral the engine should start normally,you say it was difficult to start after it stalled so before you tamper with the hydraulics you need to make sure the engine is running properly,if there is a poor fuel supply,air in the system or dirty filters the engine will stall,service the fuel system first,see if the machine travels as normal,if so and you are satisfied that the engine is running good and not an issue you may need to remove the main relief valve to see if its stuck closed which is unlikely but!

Jim I'm thinking the engine was hard to start because of a build up of hydo fluid pressure.

All controls are in neutral position.

I first noticed problem raising the left stabalizer. when I raised the main boom is when engine stalled.

engine runs fine as long as the hydraulics are not being used

I could have been imagining but thought I heard a metalic noise from front of engine. Hydro pump? Could it lock up?

Thank you.


Not an extenda hoe.

AJ Yes the pump could lock up and it could tear the spline from the drive shaft but it is unlikely that has happened because it is bogging the engine when you pull the levers,the pump is rotating all the time at engine speed,does the machine travel normally,if it is bogging down when you put it in gear brings me back to the fuel,there is no pressure on the hydraulic pump when the levers are in neutral the oil is just circulating around the circuit,if you think the pump made a noise remove the hydraulic filter to see if there is any metal flakes visible,ideally you should cut it open and examine the media you would need to have a spare one got to replace it,the engine may seem to be running fine when there is no pressure on it and stall when you put any on it,test the travel.


GED Hi, A farmer friend of mine has a problem with his hydrolics and hates computors, so im helping him. can anyone explain where he fills up the hydrolic system on a case 580F ?

AJ You guys really test my memory,must be 25 years since I seen an F,I think the oil is filled in on the left side just above the step for getting into the cab between the lift cylinder for the loader and where the push frame pivots,about halfway up there should be a plug and a sight gauge under it,halfway up the glass with the equipment on the ground.

Stuck on Tunk What is the easiest way to check to see if the hydrawlic pump is ship. Everything was working, loader, control arms and backhow. I replace two hoses on the backhoe due to leakage, now nothing works!. I am out of ideas.
Stuck on Tunk Not Ship - Shot :-)

raymond i have similar problems with a 580c my hyds on the back boom are decent then weak but my loader and stabs have excelent power some times the boom will almost be able to lock into place then sometimes the back boom wont lift itself any help would be great
glen fredrickson case backhoe 580 super m loader control will not roll bucket back
SP How could hydraulic fluid get in the engine oil on a case 580K backhoe???
Gary McCollum My boom control valve sticks in both the up or down position. I have tried to remove the spool valve in the machine but it will not come out of the bore. I'm afraid to apply too much force, any suggestions? The spool hits up solid, do I have take apart the valve body?
Andy My older model 580k backhoe does not want to go forward when cold
It does reverse ok.

after it warms up, forward works fairly normal. Is it a broken tractor?

lwp I need to find a shaft for the Hydraulic pump on a 580K,the hydraulic pump coupling, ,any info would be greatly appricated
rick shafer All hydraulics work on machine backhoe, and loader but it wont go into gear?it was working fine i was how ever low on hydraulic fluid but still was working fine then all of a sudden i lost reverse and foreword on the shuttle cant figure it out does anybody have an idea?

Tadesse Can you send me the part no of the hydraulic oil filter for case 580 K backhoe loader
david porter

hi can some one help me? i have case 580
hydraulic not working, on back boom or bucket.
is there 2 separated hydraulic tank , transmission and bucket

Tonia Dusza I have a 1995 580 super k case backhoe and when u start it it wont go in gear. U have to raise rear wheels in the air n rev the motor till it goes in gear then itys fine no slippage or anything

Quintana Can anyone tell me what it means when the hydraulic filter light goes on, on a 580 case k, backhoe
larry i need more presure on my dipper cylinder on my case 530 ck,i fitted a log splitter on that cylinder now don't have enough push thanks
timothy kendrick i'm looking for an oil cooler for my 580k anyone know where to find one
Felixsantiago I have a 580d case backhoe.and my engine block is i can't get bucket and landing legs up what i need to do to get up so i can move my trackter to my shop?
david I have a 94 super K case 4x4. Hydraulic functions are weak but if you hold boom lever in up position it seems to operate normal. The loader wont raise unless holding boom lever. where is problem? thanks
AZMI AHMAD Today change hidraulik pump as suggested by my mech due to CASE 580k found engin off when use 3 or more function of hidraulik ,like back bucket,2 landing leg.The swing bucket also no so good.Is it any pressure measurement for verified hidraulik pressure.

ELI VILLONES Slow and poor performance of hydraulic parts including transporting of the unit.
Re: Case 580 K Hydraulic Problem

Hydraulic problems of the unit.

Kenny My 78 580 case ck front bucket was working fine, wont go down lever is jammed,goes up and curls down and up is there a release valve stuck making it not go down. any ideas would be great thank you
keith I have a 91 super K the boom sometimes sticks to the extreme right
John Dudley I have a 580e case back hoe. I started it this spring and everything was working fine. After warming up for 1/2 hour, I moved it to begin to remove a stump. I put the bucket down and went it move the legs down and they would not move. When I went to raise the bucket it would not move either. The hydraulic oil is full. Do you have any suggestions?
kalyan bhattarai My bucket of tlb 844s is not functioning well.During loading it do not holds the load.What may be the problem.
Riggall Tractor runs great,but with hydrulics full boom won't raise hard enough to lock in. Will swing side to side almost like normal. Outriggers will lower & raise but won't lift tractor. Bucket works almost normal

Robert I have a 580 b was working good all at once
Front loader would go up or down . Loader tips and
Rolls back fine it is stuck about 2 feet off the ground
Everthing else works fine I took hose loose a little
And fuild shot out of it finer thanks for any ideas

Robert I parked my hoe and upon returning a week later to use ,I find i have no hydraulics,mottor runs,goes into gear but no hyd funtions at all no stabilisers no extend a hoe nothing.
robert the last post from Robert on no hyd funtions is not mine mine is the one above it abut frontend loader 580 b case
replaced losder valve with used one seemed to bee ok but as soon as we raised and lowerd it a few times blew hose that cross s over front of loader
replced hoseraised and lowered again blows hose right below that one these were not old hoses at all seems to have excessive pressure on front loader lines everthing else works fine any ideas ???thanks guys

Tony Got a case 580k every time it gets stuck and tilts hydraulic won't work on anything. Any solutions when machine is level everything works fine. Fluid is full.
Donn Mason I have a Case 580 super M the hdy work good on the back but loader lift is very weak. any help would be great. Thanks
kendra callihan I have an old case loader that has the bucket release so I can switch from forks to bucket. my issue is.... when I hit the switch to raise the cylinders that release the bucket. the cylinders wont come back up to put the forks on. hydraulic fluid is full. changed the fuse and tested the switch.
Barry sevy I was pushing in on a pile of dirt and my backhoe jump and made a load chattering sound. As I backed of. I got a hard thunk sound. It continues in low gear it happens every few seconds as I move. Forward or back. What happened any ideas. Help please.
Keith anderson I have a 580SK. I was dumping the loader. Lowered the loader to its max dump position. Went to pivot the loader back up but couldn't. The loader control will no longer move to the left. It moves fine in all other directions and all other loader functions work normally. Any ideas about what mi th t be wrong?
joe I parked my hoe and upon returning a week later to use ,I find i have no hydraulics,mottor runs,goes into gear but no hyd funtions at all no stabilisers no extend a hoe nothing. could any one help.

dave richards have a case 780B main lift on boom arm wont lift unless you activate another function all other functions are normal and down works fine .,....any ideas please

James I have a case 580 l and trying to figure out how to get valve body out of back to rebuild a valve control
Rick I have a "93" Case CK Super K and the Hydraulic filter (Right side of machine) started a small drip at the Filter. I figured the seal might have cracked over the winter, so I removed old filter, cleaned the mount, and then I replaced with new Napa filter. Needless to say, I refilled Hydraulic tank and started the machine, only to find the filter still had a slight drip. Any ideas what else could be the problem? The mount does not appear to have any cracks or defects that possibly would cause this to leak.
Ed My left hand control lever works the boom up and down when you push it forward and and back towards you and it is stuck in the up position. It works side to side. Are no leaks. You can see the hydraulic lines jumping when you try to move it. Any ideas what might be causing this. Control valve? How do you check it if bad.
gord back boom wont lift unless i reverse the hoses but then it has no doun psi seems like less psi on the bottom port than the top port of the valve i just put all new seals in the valve body allso will work if i pull back alittle on the outrigger lever at the same time pulling back on the boom up lever what do you think
norman Backhoe will stop before reaching side of machine left and right sides

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