580 SL fuel bleed-back

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580 SL fuel bleed-back

Kelly I followed AJ's suggestions on diognostics regarding delayed start of 580SL. I blew with a soft hose both directions at the fuel pump and found no abnormalliy. I couldn't locate the fuel tank filter to clean it so I left the tank filler cover loose to test the tank vacumn theory postulated by AJ. So far, it now starts after setting for a while, giving rise to the notion that the filter is plugged. I'm a "thousand dollars" (hual fees) away from a CASE repair shop, so I'm the sorry excuse for a mechanic. I'm still looking for a 580SL repair manual, SO IF YOU HAVE ONE, I would like to buy it. Please comment...
Deewight Kelly: You may need some test equipment to fully test this unit. I have a 30 psi pressure gauge that screws into the bleeder port at the top of the filter. Does this unit have emission motor in it? (Bosch inline pump) or is it an older unit?
E-mail me with info

AJ Take off the step/guard from the top of the tank and you will see the sender unit for the fuel gauge,there are three pipes attached to it,the middle pipe is the breather if you follow the pipe you will find the breather or take the pipe off and blow air through it to clear it,I looked around the net and could not find a manual but will keep an eye out for one.

Kelly To Deewiht: I'm not sure of any question you asked regarding Bosch pump or emission engine. I'll check today. I'm still having fuel bleed back problems. The engine starts right up even after two days of sitting. When it sits for a week, tho, it is a different story. I tried AJ's tricks and it came out negative. I left the fuel cap off to test his theory on a plugged breather and that didn't work. The 30 pound gage does what (I assume it measures fuel pump pressure)? I'm still looking for a repair manual or CD for the tractor, too. I do know that it has the Cummins engine. Sorry for the delay in getting back, been busy as heck. Thanks for your reply.

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