Case 580B - Radiator questions

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Case 580B - Radiator questions

mouse The cooling system in my 580 B has at least two problems, maybe related, I don't know. The guy I bought it from replaced the radiator, but:

1 - When the engine has a chance to heat up, it often boils over a bit. If I fill up the radiator to the point I can see coolant, a few cups will come out the overflow at the top. Once it loses a certain amount, the overflow stops, but I can also usually hear the coolant boiling in the radiator, once I shut the engine off. Any ideas why this is happening? (my coolant temp gauge doesn't work, so I don't have a good handle on exact temp)

2 - I've seen a little oil in the coolant, but no coolant in the crankcase oil. I assume this is either a head gasket problem or a seal someplace, but don't know. Also, if there is no coolant in the oil, and the oil stays clean, how serious a problem is this?

AJ All gauges and warning lights should be working on all machines as they can alert you to the problem before damage is done,oil in the coolant is not a good sign,it could be the head gasket letting compression into the coolant and forcing it out,the thermostat could be sticking or not opening enough,if the rad is new is it clean both inside and out,is the seal on the cap good,warm the machine up and fill it to near the top,leave the cap off,start the engine and leave it on low idle,watch the coolant for air bubbles coming up through it,if you see bubbles the compression is leaking in,the head gasket is the suspect.

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