Case 1700 ignition problem.

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Case 1700 ignition problem.

Lee My tractor wont start. Plenty of gas. I connected a spark plug outside to see if there is any spark. No spark. The motor has point ignition. Can anyone tell me how to test the ignition to find what is wrong?
There is a spark when i grounded the condenser.


AJ The condenser body should be grounded to a good ground,the base plate of the distributor that the points anvil sit on also must have a good ground, sometimes there is a ground wire between the distributor base and the distributor body plate breaks due to the movement of the base plate as it moves to adavance the ignition,the points contact striker the part that opens and closes should be insulated and have clearance when open of a certain spec,usuall 0.015", with the points clean and open switch the ignition on,with a simple test lanp check to see if there is power at the points striker,there should be if so see if the test lamp lights when grounded to the base plate of the distributor,if not check why, it has to have ground, some weeks past I posted for someone else on checking the ignition system,go to the post Case sc wiring Fri 31st Aug where I explain how to check the ignition system without any special tools.

Lee Thanks AJ,

In looking, i have found that the wire that goes from the side of the distributer to the big coil outside the distributer is live. Ill check it out hopefully tonight.

Does the sparkplug go off when the points close or open?


AJ For to explain about how a coil develops high voltage would take too long,the points are the trigger for the spark,they must be clean and set correctly and open and close at a very precise time referred to as timing,follow what I posted in the other post I mentioned to check the system out,the spark goes when the points close.

Lee Sorry for not responding earlier but Thanks for the feedback.
I haven't been able to trouble shoot it because the starter motor went out in the process. I just got it back yesterday so i could put some serious time troubleshooting this weekend.

From the short time i had to poke around, here's what i know:
the wire that goes from the points in the distributor to the big condensor there is holding a charge when the points are open.
when i crank the engine to close the points, it closes the circuit grounding the wire.
Could u email me and ill send u a pic with notes to avoid any confusion.

Lee Sorry AJ. i was reading your oldest post and not newest post when i posted my last.

Lee Problems solved. I replaced the starter motor and ran the test of connecting a spark plug to see if there even is a spark. When testing, the motor started and it ran on the 3 cylinders.
I guess the whole time the motor needed to turn over more in order to start...

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