Case 590 Turbo hydraulic hammer recommendations?

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Case 590 Turbo hydraulic hammer recommendations?

jasonguryy Hi,

I'm wondering if anybody has any insight into an appropriate hammer for a 1994 Case 590 Turbo. I'll be using it for odd jobs around my house in Texas (mostly limestone), digging posts, some trenching, footings, etc.

First, my backhoe has never had any auxiliary hyrdaulic attachments. Anyone know the ballpark of getting it plumbed for a hammer?

Second, any recommendations of hammers that will fit? I really would like to keep it used and under $5k. Thanks!

AJ What equipment is on your machine,does it have an extendahoe or is it just a standard stick,the hammer can be plumbed into the extendahoe circuit meaning that an extra valve does not have to be fitted,you would have to fit a return line which is best going straight to the tank,see what you got and come back.

jasonguryy Thanks for the response and help AJ. It's an extendahoe.
AJ With the extendahoe circuit in place that can be used to power a hammer,you need two suitable tee pieces,two hoses about 18" and two quick break couplings,the tee pieces go between the steel tubes for the extendahoe and the flexible hoses at the boom/dipper hinge,the hoses and Q/B couplings are brought to the outside of the boom where they are held in place with brackets,when the hammer is fitted its pipes connect to the Q/B couplings,the power feed for the hammer comes from the pipe that retracts the extendahoe,when the hammer is not on the extendahoe works normally,the hammer we most used that does not need a seperate return line is a Krupp 200 or a 250,the hammer that is very common here is the Montabert 125,that hammer needs an inch return direct to the tank as it will not work well if there is much back pressure,we also fitted Stanley hammers but they were not liked as parts were very dear and they had three accumulators,very good hammer but a SOB to repair,by the rule of thumb a hammer will work on your 590 with the extendahoe circuit if both hoses on the hammer are no bigger than 3/4".
Good luck

JasonGurry Thanks for the help AJ. I've read a lot of your posts and they are always really informative.

Are you in the US? I googled the Montabert 125 and it appears to be much more readily available in Europe. I am looking to spend $5k. Any hints as to where I can find one?

AJ No I am in London,lots of backhoe machines are used by the utility companies for breaking up the road for to access mains and such,if you were to use a Montabert you would need to fit a seperate return circuit,any other hammer would work without doing that,I do not know what brands you use out there,have a look at a rental company and see what they are using.

JasonGurry AJ, thanks for the quick replies.

I found a deal on a Kent KF9 hammer. The people at Kent want $2,600.00 for the kit to plumb the hammer (for the 12 volt coil valve they want $1,100.00!)

I downloaded the "BACKHOE AUXILIARY HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT" from pvassociates and I can't find the specifications for the valve. I think that if I had them, I would be able to get the hoses made and the orings,washers, tees, tubes etc. from a fastener supply/hydraulic supply house. All told, $2,600.00 seems like a lot of money. Would I be better off just spending the money on the kit, or should I just look to acquire the parts independently? For what it's worth, I have more time than money!

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