case 580k need to remove extendahoe

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case 580k need to remove extendahoe

case310 Need to remove the extendahoe on a 580k sn200000. I don't see how to access the pin for the extendahoe cylinder so i can remove the extendahoe. also concerned about getting everything back together. any advice would be great.
AJ Have the machine on level ground,remove the backhoe bucket,put the arm straight out behind the machine,put the dipper stick out fully,extend the hoe fully,put the bucket tilt cylinder half way and put a block of wood between the cylinder and arm,remove the pin that goes through the bottom of the bucket tilt linkage and extendahoe,now get on the machine and retract the extenda hoe,it won't move but the cylinder rod inside will and it is proctected when its inside the cylinder,block up the extendahoe,take off the hoses going on to the bucket cylinder and cap them,slowly drive the machine forward,lifting or lowering as needed till its clear of the exthoe,that't the hoe off but its more than likely that you need to remove the cylinder and you have to if a pipe going to it is burst,undo the two pipes going to it at the steel tubes on the back of the boom,tie a piece of cord to each pipe,look where you fit the pin to keep the extendahoe locked retracted,that hole that the pin fits through is in fact another pin that is hollow and it holds the cylinder inside,clean away the grease,you will find a snap ring on each side,remove one and knock the pin out,now you can remove the cylinder,making sure it is pulling the two pieces of cord with it,I usually replace both of the hoses because if one goes the other might be due to fail as well,with the new hoses on tie the cord to them,make sure dirt can't get into the hoses,get a second person to pull back the cords as the cylinder is put back in,it is important to keep the hoses above the bosses where the hollow pin goes,put the hollow pin in and connect up the lines,reverse the machine back to get the hoe on again,when the inside secetion is in about half way in extend the hoe rod and put the pin through the bucket linkage,the rod end fits into a sort of socket and is sorta self aligning.
Good Luck

case Thanks aj for the description. will be doing this in a week. will take some photos to post.
Mike Picard Will this procedure work on a 1987 580K? If so thanks. The transport pin went AWOL and I can't retract the extendahoe in far enough to get the transport hole lined up. I tried blowing out refuse at the bucket end but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I think that something inside has come adrift and is preventing it from seating. Lots of fluid if I use the pedal. Possibly a hose hase fouled and is impeding the travel.

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