580c shifting

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580c shifting

jamie rodger I recently bought a 580c backhoe in fairly good condition. I'm not familiar with how to shift through the 4 speeds while on the go. It has a shuttle for forward and reverse and 4 speeds. I'm wondering if there's an electric clutch disconnect because on the transmission by the shuttle shift, there's something about the size of a pop can with two disconnected wires coming out of it. Does anyone know what this is and whether or not it should be connected through a switch to 12V. I'm also looking for a service manual. Thanks, Jamie
mike 1,2,3 gear should be stopped, 3rd to 4th on the roll, the selonoid is a trans cut-out that is applied when you hit the brakes to give more power to hydraulics. It is 12 volt. It can be disconnected,try ebay for parts or service manual, yoy can usally find one in hardback or cd-rom.
jamie rodger Thanks for the info Mike but how do you shift from 3rd to 4th on the go without a clutch? I have a manual ordered on CD but won't get it for a few weeks so any info now would be appreciated. Thanks
mike Don't need clutch it is syncronized just let off gas, and shift, just need to be moving( rolling start) to take the stress off high gears!
AJ I am in the UK and the machines we got here may differ from US models,the clutch disconnect which is the solenoid you describe that looked like a coke can should be wired up to a switch on the cab floor that you can operate with your left foot,later machines had this switch on the gearshift and bucket control as well,the purpose of it is when you press it it sends power to the solenoid,a plunger in the solenoid presses a valve which relieves the pressure on the clutch pack and released the drive which should be done while shifting gears,the "clutch" is also used as a nudge,say you were using the front bucket and you drive into a pile to fill it,when the wheels start to spin you would press the nudge pedal rather than move the forward lever to neutral as you will want to go forward more as you curl the bucket,you should have a look for the wires under the floor and connect them up,the wiring is very simple,you have a live wire going to the switch on the floor when the key is turned on,pressing the switch sends power to the solenoid,one of the wires on the solenoid is the ground the other 12v the procedure for changing gears on the road is take off in third gear,speed up,to change to fourth,foot off throttle,press clutch switch,change to fourth,same going down

Walter That thing that look like a soda can is your neutral switch solenoid. When you want to shift your main tranmission you would press your clutch pedel down a bit to trigger switch with out puting pressure on brakes. Just enough to trigger switch. In your case being that your electrical wiring is not conected you would have to put your forward/reverse lever into neutral every time you shift your trans. gears.and putting your shuttle back to forward or reverse.

jamie rodger Thanks again to Mike and others for your help regarding shifting concern. You were so helpful that I thought I'd pick your brain for one last problem. The machine won't start when it's cold without a shot of ether which I don't like to use. Even plugging it in doesn't help. The previous owner said it only started doing this after he ran out of fuel and siphoned some old diesel and sediment out of an old truck. The first thing I did when I got it was drained the fuel tank and changed the primary and secondary fuel filters. Once I get it running, it runs beautifully with no smoke and lots of power. Once it has run, it will start no problem, even if I only let it run for 30 seconds. When it's cold and just cranks over without firing, there is puffs of smoke coming out the exhaust but she just won't come to life. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

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