David Brown 990

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David Brown 990

fred nickson I have just bought a 990 and find the hydraulics short on power ,any advise would be much appreciated Cheers Fred
Scott I 've had a990 for acouple of years and now have the same problem.After checking the fluid & noticing a milky color we are going to drain the system.I've heard we need to replace the fluid with 90wt mineral.Have your heard that?
stefan G. the reason for your loss of power is mainly that
rain water etc. slipps thru the gearshift-cover and your steering wheel rod and contaminates your hydraulic fluid.

fred nickson Hi Scott, ta 4 mail,and info . I believe that the Milky Oil is caused by water contamination usually caused by the rubber gaiters in the gear levers being split and rain entering. Having explored the situation further I find that the oil filter situated under the gear box was clogged and in my case the pump had some seals blown .At present I am waiting for spares before I can fix it Cheers Fred
Scott We have built a barn and are keeping the 990 inside now so the water shouldn't be an issue in the future.How do you clean that magnet that is in the filter on the bottom of the transmission?Or should we just replace both the filter and the part that holds the mag.I have the big filter but can't find the funnel shaped one that has the mag.Is it possible to pull the screen out andclean it and then put it back?

fred Hi Scott,Dont know about stripping and cleaning the filter , I just used an airline and blew out where I could, I was able to obtain a service kit for the pumpso I will get it fitted when I get a chance and hope for the best . If that does no good it looks like a recon pump is the only answer left
Cheers Fred

jerry haft Fred, Cheers for the information on the
hydaulic problem on the 990. If you get the
kit in it would be nice to hear if it did the
trick. I got a 990 with the same problem.
How much of a job is it to get the pump out.

Josh Brummittt Where is the hydrolic pump for the lift on a David Brown 990?

stefan hello there,
ur hyraulic pump is on the right side of ur seat.

Tom Atwood Did changing the tranny oil work? I have the same problem and was told there is a filter in the transmission pan that needs changed. What is your advice or opinion? Any help I can get is appreciated.
d Hi
I am looking for a left Hydraulic pump for a David Brown 990. I was told this part is the most problematic part of this tractor. Could anyone direct me where to find one.

jewett borden the pump is behind the casting on the back of the tractor right behind the pto shaft it will take two men to remove and be carefull not to break hydro lines while removeing
james ro leedham Hi its in side the case u split the tractor to replace it iv just fixed mine get a good manual ok theres lots of part to mix up .
jamie in canada nova scotia upper stewiacke

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