Case 580 Super K Fuel Pump

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Case 580 Super K Fuel Pump

Edward Rachinskas Need help. Had my newly aquired 580 idleing up this morning. Machine stopped and was out of fuel. Filled tank, NOW IT WONT START. How do you prime the fuel pump????????
AJ Some of the 580K's have two fuel filters some one if you have a filter removal tool take them off and fill them with fuel and put them back on,look at the pipe that goes from the filters to the injector pump,on the banjo bolt that holds the pipe to the filter you will see a bleed screw on the head of the bolt.loosen that and prime the lift pump till bubble free fuel comes through,close the bleeder and look at the injector pump,you will find two bleed screws on the pump,they are located on the top of two bolts (piggy-back)the size of the bleeder is 5/16AF,loosen the bottom one first and prime till clear fuel comes through and close it,then do the top one,lossen the four injector pipes a couple of turns at the injectors,crank the engine over till you see fuel spurting out,close the pipes and start the engine.Good luck AJ

RF Were you ever able to get it going? If not, like AJ mentions, you will have to bleed your fuel lines starting from the tank to the motor.

First, find your fuel line. I have a 580SK and mine is on the left side. What you then need to do is have someone sit in the backhoe while you bleed the line from the tank to the motor.

Find your first bleed screw.

Unscrew the bleed screw while the motor is cranking until the fuel spits out (Careful - wear goggles if you have to) - Once the fuel spits out, tighten the bleed screw back up and tell your partner to stop cranking motor. Each bleed shouldn't last more than 10sec. (constant cranking will wreck your starter)

Do the same for the fuel filter, etc. etc. right up to the injectors.

After you have bled 2-3 injectors, chances are the backhoe will start coughing up and wanting to start. That's a good sign.

Good luck.

PS: Check out some youtube videos if you don't know how to bleed. There are some great videos out there. Doesn't need to be a case backhoe, the logic is all the same.

PPS: Doing this sucks and is the best lesson to not run out of fuel again :-)

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