Case Eagle Statue

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Case Eagle Statue

Paul Ritter I recently inherited a cast iron statue of an eagle standing on a globe of the earth with the legend "CASE" cast into the globe. Ht. is approx. 60" , weight maybe 300#. The statue seems to be complete , but needs some cleaning up. Can anyone provide me with history and/or value of this item? Thanks.
Les Hainer Paul,
Every Case machinery dealer had one of these in front of his place of business in the 1930's and 1940's. Most were destroyed over the years. They are cast iron, in three pieces. The front and back are bolted together, and sit on a base.
In good shape, they are collectible.
Let me know if you are interested in selling. I run a newspaper called the Veteran Eagle and one would look good in front of my office.
Les Hainer

Tim Pickering Paul

did you get a value on that statue? I am looking for one, but also am not sure what they are worth. I am interested in knowing the price if yours is for sale

Tim and Tammy Pickering

Kenny Dodds the cement replicas are worth around 700 dollars while the original cast iron statues are worth right around depending on how good of shape it is in 3-8 thousand dollars.
Teresa Greig I was at a recent auction sale in alberta, canada and a 4 foot case eagle -- original steel dealer statue -- sold for $15,000.00 CDN.

Heather Frost I also have a 5' iron eagle on the base exactly as described above. ould be interested in seeing pictures of others out there. Am interested in seling.
Walter Preble I have two cast iron heritage eagles for sale in excellent condition.
$5,500 each.

Fast Talk For sale at unreserved auction on Thursday June 1st.....Original 60" Case cast iron eagle on globe. For more info check or call 403-527-2814
Garry Huff looking to buy thanks garry
Darcey Aitken I have a cast iron case eagle for sale. It was supplied to my grandpa in the 40s when he was a Case dealer out in Southern Alberta. Its in great shape physically, however it needs to be painted. Its an original and he received it new in the 40s.
Larry Kelly I have a case eagle that is in great shape with new paint. Asking $4000 firm.
june mitzel I need a value for a Case Eagle Statue
approx 5 ft tall. One such as was used by dealers in the 40's and 50's I need this info for this artifact for insurance purposes, as it was donated to the Etzikom Museum

Joe Would you let me know if anyone hears of a Case Dealer Eagle Statue for sale.

Re: Case Eagle Statue

I have a 3 foot iron eagle set and would like help finding the value of them-if u can help me i can email pics of them -please contact me at

Re: Case Eagle Statue

Correction I measured my eagles are 4 foot 3 1/2 inches not 3 foot-can anyone tell me the approx value of these they are very heavy -like a couple hundred pounds

willie young I have two Case Eagles for sale
Bob Cook I am intrested in buying a case eagle. Thanks
Les Gilges
Are there any of these close to Kansas?

Ryan Derrick how are you doing there? am sending this email regarding an order of eagle statues in your shop or company.
i will like you to get back to me with better description of the type you have for sale.
many thanks and have a nice day.
Mr Ryan Derrick

Jared Berger would like to buy case eagles regardless of size or condition or location.
Purple Wave Auction For anyone wondering about prices/values, a Case Eagle and Globe is selling in an upcoming online auction on Purple Wave:

Final price will be posted back online when the bidding is over.

Kevin McPherson I would like to buy a Case Eagle statue, my dad had one that my mom had bought him and he sold it before I knew what he was doing!
Tom Saxinger I have an original unpainted case eagle that was in front of our dealership for years. It is weathered. Can anyone tell me if restroring the paint adds to the value? I don't want to sell but would like to hand it on to my son, and would like it to be in the best shape that it can be for possable sale if that's what he wants to do with it.
Pat Dean Viker We are former JI Case dealers.We have an (Abe) Case Eagle. Abe stands 4ft. 10inch including base,circumference of the world is 74inches, wt approx 400lbs. Made of steel. These Eagles are rare. Our Abe is in beautiful condition. With
the paint excellent a well. It is for sale.
For more or photo's. You can e-mail.

f. macmillan I have case eagle for sale 10m
jared l. berger what condition is it in and how much do you want for it.
jared l. berger is your eagle sold? if so how much did you get for it?
Ed Flemmons I have a CASE Abe Eagle that my Dad acquired when he was a JI Case branch manager. It is one of the cast iron version. It is in two halves (front and back) due to a weld failure. Also the CASE on the front of the world was ground off. Any interest in purchasing, please e-mail me. Photos on request. He needs restoration, but is in decent shape.
Peter McClelland I have the original patterns for the foundries to make the case eagle standing on the world. It is here in Australia and there are a few eagles made from this original pattern. It includes the front and back as well as the three legged stand that Abe sits on. The world that the eagle is sitting on has the case sign on it. I was told the pattern was sold to a man here in Australia for $22000 dollars many years ago. I came to own it when I bought a foundry that had gone into receivership and now the pattern is in my ownership.
Keith Archibeque I have 2 10" Case Cast Iron Eagles I am needing to find out how much they are worth and how to put them out on auction? can anyone please advise Will take pictures soon!
chris I am interested in buying that case eagle statue if you still have it. please email some pics, asking price, and location. thanks.
chris what do you what for those patterns of the case statue with the eagle on it. I am interested. please email me!! Thanks.

Gabe i have a pair of Case eagles on globes. they are in good shape just no paint. they are around five foot tall and heavy i'd say 350lbs or so. i'd be intrested in selling one of them. possibly both. if anyone is interested
RDL I have an origial case eagle for sale ... Email me if interested ...
Pat Dean Viker Our Case (Abe) Eagle is for sale.
For more information you can call (805) 937-2917
or E-Mail. Have photo's as well. Pat

darryl BE Careful of the reproductions...............
Trish We have an Old Abe which will be up for auction on July 15 and 16, 2011. Have photos as well Found this site as I was researching more information on them. Ours has a number on it and am wondering if it's a serial number or if the number means much?
Dianne Gaines I have a 60 inch original case eagle. Needs paint. I have stand to it.

Is there a place I can look for the serial numbers on it.

I do not have any idea what is worth.

Please help!

John Mastin Would like a picture I'm interested in getting one.
Brenda Thompson I have a case eagle statue for sale. It used to be my grandfathers. Old Abe has been repainted in the original colors and is in fantastic condition. 58" tall, 75" globe circumfrance. $16,000 Firm. I will send picture if you are interested.

Sparky and Max Looking for a Case Dealer Eagle with a selling price of $3,500.00 - $5,000.00, yes they are available in that price range. Would you please send pictures and condition if interested.

(FYI, please contact me if you would like to purchase a Case Dealer Eagle for $9,000 - $16,000.00.)

Dave Haala I am interested in buying a Case Eagle please send pictures. We are located in southern Mn. Could you crate it for shipping?
Thanks, Dave

Elwyn have eagle in excellent shape $25000.00 firm
Neil Klosterman I have a case eagle statue that I would consider selling. Interested parties can contact me.
Shaye Anderson I have four original cast iron Case Eagle statues. perfect condition. interested in selling. If interested, send me an e-mail.
Shaye Anderson I have four original cast iron Case Eagle statues. perfect condition. interested in selling. If interested, send me an e-mail.
mike hobbs For anybody looking for an old cast iron Case Eagle, there is an auction on 11/30/11 by James D Julia in Fairfield, Maine. Phone# is 207 453 7125. web: good luck

btw: I have extra nice, limited edition, 1880 posters of Old Abe "On the Branch" This large poster preceded Old Abe "On the Globe". They are $39.95 + US mail. Any interest? Please contact me.

If you are interested send me an email

Robin Breitkreuz I have seen various postings about them for sale, but I would like one for my dad. Please call or email if you have one.
Robin 403-999-3745

B g williams I have an old Abe eagle,cast iron , one of the original would like to sale. It has original paint and the base plate to mount. Call me at 903 654 33642
Pat Dean Viker Please NOTE: E-mail has been changed

Pat Dean Viker Please NOTE: E-Mail changed to
Donna Henegar I have a Case Cast Iron Eagle Statue for sale. It's part of an estate and I'm worried the gentleman who bought it might have bought a replica or fake. It doesn't say CASE on the globe. The globe is plain blue. I will go look tomorrow to see if there is a serial # inside. I have pictures if anyone is interested. It's in Anchorage Alaska but we will ship to Seattle for free.
Russell Norris I currently have an 17" high cast iron case eagle old abe advertising piece. I believe it went on the top of a tractor. I says JI Case Threshing Machine Co Racine Wis. The eagle is sitting on a globe and there is a bottom part that looks like it fit inside an opening. I guarantee it to be authentic. If anyone is interesting in purchasing it I can send photos, please email me an offer. Russell
darla davis An original Case eagle cast iron statue was stolen on May 26-27, 2012. It was bolted down to a rock ledge that sits in front of the Waring, Texas Volunteer Fire Dept. They tried to take a matching statue from the same ledge, but were unsuccessful. This particular statue has been a part of the Hill Country community since the 1920s. My family can identify it if it is found. Please let me know if anyone has any information about this. The eagle is in excellent condition.
b g williams i have an orginal with orignal paint you can call me 903 654 3642 in texas
SJensenS An original Case eagle cast iron statue, 4' - 5' tall, was stolen on June 9 or 10, 2012, from atop our family dealership. It has been on top of this building (approx 30 foot tall)since the 1930s when my grandfather started the business. The bolts were removed & the statue dragged quite a distance across the roof & lowered damaging the building in the removal. Please contact with any information. Excellent condition. Reward if found.
Jay Savary An ~4 foot cast iron Case Eagle was stolen from the display in front of the Waring, TX Volunteer Fire Department on Memorial Weekend, May 28th, 2012. If you have any information, please contact 1-800-348-5323 (Kendall County Texas Crime Stoppers). Thanks!
Jay Savary oops, didn't see above post by Darla, carry on
Don Jensen Does anybody know if the eagles that the 1930s and 40's dealers had are marked with a serial number?
Chris Hoffman An Original Case Eagle and Globe statue in Cast Iron was stolen from the top of a car dealership in Fairview, Oklahoma between June 8, 2012 and June 11, 2012. The statute is 4' to 5' tall and about 300#. Bolts were removed and the statue dragged across the roof and lowered to the back alley. Any information please conatct the Fairview Oklahoma Police Department 1-580-227-4444. A reward has been offerd if found and returned.
Re: Case Eagle Statue

I have a Case Statue in Alaska coming up for auction next week. We will pay to ship it to Seattle you pay from there. I will post a link to it if anyone is interested. You can visit my website at for more information on our upcoming auction.

Mark Brian Wanting to buy orginal cast iron Case Eagle Statue in good to excellent condition. Thank You, Mark 217-369-3098
Jack Healy 58" Case Eagle good to excellent condition. been in family 50 plus years, for sale $16,000.00, will email pictures call 775-771-9612
Myers Jackson Collectable Case Eagle Statute For Sale. Contact us for photos and information at must sell by 11/7/2012
Linn Marmon Can anybody tell me about cast iron Case Eagle fence toppers? Would be interested in purchasing some. Thanks.
ronm We were one of the foundries that originally cast these eagles and we still have the pattern ...we cast replicas now without the case name...made off the original pattern and sell them for around 5000 canadian any paint would be a few hundred extra.
An original eagle in good shape can bring as much as 20k (perfect condition) we no longer put case on the ones we cast so we dont end up devaluing the originals.
contact me anytime for info or questions.

Justin Galvin Can anybody tell me what a ji case cast iorn piggy bank is worth it is 8" high and appears to be mint with very good paint thank you very much
Re: Case Eagle Statue

can anyone tell me how much this is worth? It is hand painted and has a part number on the back.

jack Hernandez
Re: Case Eagle Statue

I have what appears to be a Case eagle but the Case letters are not on it, so is it a replica??? in My young I had a brain fart and wielded the two halves together. the eagle as you can see has been painted in beautiful colors. What I need to know is a value on this eagle. Thank you very much. jack

Darcey Aitken
Case  Eaglle  Statue

Original CASE eagle for sale. My grandfather was a CASE dealer in the 1940s in Chinook Alberta when he received this statue. The eagle has been meticulously restored. The eagle is located in Calgary.
Please call for more details and pictures.
Asking $18,000 CDN

Harry Kline
Selling Original Case Eagle Statue

Original 5 foot Cast J I Case eagle for sale. $12,000/offer. One of my Dad's (Harry Kline) Case collectables. Please email me (Harry Kline Jr) for more information.

Harry Kline
Selling Original Case Eagle Statue

Original 5 foot Cast J I Case eagle for sale. $12,000/offer. One of my Dad's (Harry Kline) Case collectables. Please email me (Harry Kline Jr) for more information.

Don Livingston
Re: Selling Original Case Eagle Statue

507 433 0073 Austin Mn Me and your Dad. Would entertain Case stuff he had...
Don L.

vicky holland is it still for sale

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