580B Case Trans slipping

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580B Case Trans slipping

Les Can anyone help? My 580 sometimes slips in forward and reverse in all gears and finally stops even under full power. I then take the transfer case out of gear and put the lever in forward and set the rpm higher and let it set for 10 mins. I then put it back in gear and it works fine?
Any help would be appreciated.

deewight Les. Check the dump spool on the trans valve.With the clutch up the actuating rod should be all the way to the rear of slot to get full press to clutch packs If that doesnt help take some press readings and email me.
Les Thanks for the reply. I checked the clutch position, it seems to be right. I am not sure what you mean dump spool on trans valve? How do you take pressure readings? I can give you other symptoms...when the trans will not move or slowly moves the trans pressure gauge is to the right and in the red. It will start to wine when it is in neutral but the pressure reading is in the green. If i put it in forward or reverse the wine goes away but the pressure reading is to the right and in the red?
I also removed the trans filter and noticed that part of the bottom seal was missing..I just bought this 580 a month ago.

Your help would be greatly appreciated once again.
I also have a 580 shop manual for it, but I do not know backhoes that well..if were a stock car no problem.

deewight Les. Wonder about the oil level in shuttle. Their is a seperate sump for the shuttle. The dipstick for the shuttle is to the front of the 4 speed lever the dipstick for the diff is in front of the seat post. If that is OK borrow a 500 PSI guage disconnect the line on top of valve that goes up to dash and email the pressures
Les The level is fine, but I do have a small leak between trans and diff. I will try to get a gauge and test pressure.

Les Deewight, I hope I don't sound stupid, but do I put the gage on the pressure line going up to the gauge on the dash, or one of the lines on top of the valve. Lately the oil really pours out of the tranny and the pump wines.
Les I put the gauge on the feed line to the dash. The pressure at start up cold is 170-180 (hard to tell on gauge) in neutral and the same in drive. I worked it for about an hour and still at 170-180 hot. Then I noticed about 2 hrs into working it the drive began to slow I then noticed the pressure dropping. Finally it stopped moving, pressure aroung 100 and under in drive or in neutral. There is a noise coming from some part of the tranny, like a pump cavatating. If you put your hand on the feed and return line right at the clutch pedal valve you can feel a viabration. If you push in the clutch the noise stops? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


deewight Les: You aren't going to like this. Some of those transmissions picked up old gasket material around the pick up screen. That screen is attached to the bottom of the control valve under the fuel tank. Major job! If suction screen is plugged would give symptoms like you describe. Tractor has to be split at housing between shuttle and four speed and rolled forward between loader frame. May pay to have someone put a flow meter in the line going from pump to cooler just to confirm this.
Les Thanks Deewight. I also noticed that the leak was between shuttle and 4 spd, the bolts were loose? looks like the gasket is broken as it still leaked after I tightned them! Do I Have to split the tractor completely to fix this gasket?
Thanks again for your help


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