case 580 ck series B (transmission prob.)

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case 580 ck series B (transmission prob.)

Jake Hi, i have a case 580ck series B that has a transmission problem so I think. when i took off the gear box top the transmision or whatever fluid was all milky. i know this is because of water. When started and shifted into forward or reverse it doesn't budge. after a while it will slowly move but with no umphh behind it. once being moved(played from forward to reverse). it would run with a lot of power and push things like it was brand new. i would really like to know why this is so and what EXACTLY i need to do to fix it. I don't know which of the three plugs to drain on the bottom of the transmission and which to fill on top.
PLEASE: help me, let me know ASAP. Thanks for the help!

Dave same thing happens to mine. Have to let it warm up forever
jake Dave,
I found some other guys problem posted and read up on it. He put diesel in the transmision.
here's what I did-
1- I drained the the two plugs beneeth the power shuttle. Once empty, put them back on
2- fill with about 4-5 gallons of CLEAN diesel.
3- My tractor moved, but it still didn't engage as quick as it should, but it moved. In my case, I needed the backhoe moved so I could work on it. If your tractor is where you want it, drive it around for a little bit(1 minute).
4- buy fluids for the CK, mine took 2-2 1/2 gallion cans of hydra tranz plus. until you have this fluid, DONT drain the diesel, i did and the trany started to rust a little(it's probably fine now).
5- Drain diesel and run tractor SHORTLY to drain all diesel. put in new fluids.
6- for the back plug i drained the fluids and put in 90 weight oil. your tractor hopfully just needs new fluids, mine didn't however and I'm still in the process of figuring out what the other prob is. the CK moves but I half to let it warm up for 2 minutes, turn it off, then start it and move it. It still works not as good as it should but i could push dirt.
CAUTION: I am only a fifteen year old, but I have volunteered to help a guy fix this backhoe because he has no time. He approved of all I did before I did it. He has been an automechanic for 10 years and is impressed. If you live near Mukilteo, near Everette Washington, I would recomend calling-
Western Power & Equipment at-(245 353-2134) or (425 743-0279)
tell them your story, they'll help you. That is also a place where I got my steps approved.
well, sorry I couldn't help you so much but keep in touch, I just might figure this prob out!

john suchocki Dave, Had the same problems, here is what I found. The gasket between the engine and torque tube,( the cast iron that holds the trans and shuttle) was not there when I broke the tractor to service it. I had the water problem for years and kept changing the oil. The tractor had 70 psi in foward and 190 psi in reverse for the shuttle.
It got to the point that it would not push. After taking the tractor apart I found the pick up tube
to the drive pump totally blocked, it has a screen around it. Years of sealing the starter with sealant were sucked up to the screen and choked it off. that caused another problem, the buzzing noise in the pipes to the filter and cooler, you'll know it when you hear it. It also takes about 5 minutes to get it going. The lack of
oil volume cause the torque converter to starve and the pump drive gear that rotates on the carrier started to grind into the carrier causing the torque converter main shaft that has ring seals to start grinding and allowing oil pressure to be lost to the whole drive system. It required machine work on the outside and inside diameters and a good cleaning. If you break the tractor and grag hold of the torque converter and can move it side to side thats your problem.
Next was the power shuttle that was affected. the input shaft has 3 pressure rings that keep the pressure to the forward clutch pack or the reverse pack from crossing over or leaking out. the clutches need 190 psi to lock up otherwise they slip. Because of the torque converter wearing out of allignment the shuttle rings wore into the torque tube allowing the rings to expand and break the hooks that keep the seal together, like railroad car couples. This needed to be machined out and a sleave installed to return it back to specs. New gaskets and seals and the tractor has never been stronger and moves seconds after start up with no hesitation between forward or reverse. I replaced the clutch disks and seals because slippage caused them to wear. The book states this at every chapter, MOST PROBLEMS ARE DUE TO CONTAMINATED FLUID, FILTERS ARE CHEAP. Good Luck. John

Jim I ran diesel in my transmission, and it got the machine to move. I adjusted the clutch spool and the forward/reverse spool also because the pressure would drop when in forward or reverse. now with the fuel still in the transmission it will move fairly well but the pressure is still just in the low red range. tomorrow when i replace with new fluid, hopefully it will be cured.

If anyone needs info from the manual, i can scan and send to your email

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