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580SL light/ground?

steve Sorry to be copying this whole thing again but I didn't know if you could bring a message to the top and assumed nobody would see it down below as it's been a while since I asked.
So here it is again.

On my 1998 580SL series one I am having on going electrical issues. Rear lights not working. Sometimes the right blinker blinks on it's own and the only way to get it to stop is to fiddle with the signal switch. Even unplugging at the switch won't stop it. Front lights work fine.
I have heard of others with similar problems so don't know if there is a known fix/issue?

Below is a back and forth from last year. I did by pass as suggested and the rear lights worked for a short period of time, but not any more.
Replacing the switch only worked for a while also.
Sorry for the long post.

The 4 rear working lights on my 580SL series one don't work. Fuse and relay are fine. I think they may have blinked a few times possibly when applying the brake before they went out completely?
Thanks for any help.
AJ It would be my guess seeing there is only one light out that the seal beam unit has failed,take it out of the lamp and test it,if its ok check the wires for power and ground and see what's wrong.
Deewight If all lights are out there is a conn. behind dash on right hand side that feeds power up to lights.It goes up behind switches (heater etc) Have had to bypass conn on some units
steve It is all 4 working lights in the rear, which have two switches. I should have checked for juice at the wires at the lights.
I'll get back to you.
Thanks to you both.

AJ Sorry I misread the post I thought it was only one light that was out,when I reread the post I don't know how I missed,with all four lights out it is more likely to be a common cause multiplug,relay,fuse or switch
steve Sorry, there is only one switch that controls the 4 rear lights. Two switches for front lights.
Power is at the switch but not to the rear lights?
Fuse is fine and I swapped out a relay that I know works with no luck.
What other multi plug should I look for or how/what do I bypass?
steve Turned out to be the switch itself.
Had power there and it lit up but I should have checked it sooner.
Swapped out one of the front switches and it worked fine.
Thank you for the help.

AJ Glat you got them working,all's well that ends well.

AJ That sounds like one of the other lights has a bad ground and is trying to make ground through the signal bulbs,use a jumper wire from the the battery ground direct to a bulb holder of one of the back lights and see what happens.
steve I finally got around to running the grounded wire from the battery to one rear light and it came right on.
Someone told me about a common ground that may be the culprit behind the area of all the light switches, but didn't know for sure?
Any comments would be appreciated. Thx.

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