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case 580c power steering pump pressure

Ron Marsden My case 580cbackhoe steers hard, took pressure line off power steering pump and installed gauge, ran at high idle and only had 60psi. Is this normal pressure

AJ When the steering goes heavy its a sure sign there is not enough pressure,I do not have the specs,inside the reservoir is the relief valve,there is an o'ring on the valve body that often blows,you will have to take off the canister to get to it,in there also is the steering filter,I think some were metal and can be washed,if it paper it should be replaced,check that valve.

Ron Marsden Took pump apart, inpected all shafts and gears. Inpected valve, could not see anything wrong with it. Reasealed and Put back together and the steering has got alittle better. Are those relief valves known to fail. Thanks
AJ The relief valve can be leaking the pressure,there is a special tool that the valve can be screwed into and a porta-power pump is used to test and set the valve on the bench,I do not have a manual for that machine for to look up the spces,but I think it's around 2000psi but could be wrong,there are two things that go wrong with the steering,if the steering wheel spins freely the trouble is the valve,when it goes heavy it means that the hand pump only is working and the mechanical pump is not,the relief valve can be leaking for a couple of reasons,the valve seat is bad or the spring has gone weak,someone may have a manual and come in with the specs.
Good luck

Sno Ho Relief valve pressure check:
1. Disconnect outlet(top)hose from the steering pump.
2. Install a 0-3000 pressure gauge with swivel tee between hose & pump fitting.
3. Start engine & run at full throttle. Turn wheels all the way to the right or left & observe pressure gauge.
4. If pressure was not as specified(2000+/-100psi)the relief valve must be replaced. The valve is nonadjustable & nonrepairable. The relief valve is in the steering pump.

Ron marsden have to increase engine rpm to get it to turn. connected inline gauge on pressure side and have about 2000psi when wheels are turn all the way to left and right, what else what cause it not to turn at idle, maybe steering cylinders? Pump looks great inside and all resealed.
AJ You sure there is not a frozen king pin or some other mechanical fault,are the hoses connected to the cylinders as they were when the steering was working properly,how has the 60psi turned to 2000psi,try and get the gauge on to one of the cylinder hoses before the tee and see what pressure is getting through the valve.

Ron Marsden i had 60 psi when gauge was connected to power steering pump output directly, i put a gauge inline with a tee at pressure line and turned the wheel all the way and got 2000psi. Just rebuilt both steering cylinders and still have sam symptoms. i will check king pins and pressure at steering cylinders. thank you
AJ Don't forget that the cylinders are connected in series,meaning that the hoses going from one of the tees,one hose goes to the rod end of one of the cylinders and the other hose from that same tee goes to the bottom end of the other cylinder,same with the other hoses,as one cylinder extends the other retracts,thought it might be worth a mention.
Good luck

Snow Ho Steering wheel turns hard, no reponse:
Low reservior oil level. (Fill with Case TCH Fluid)
Steering pump failure. Check relief valve. (Low pressure indicates a bad relief valve or worn pump)
Improper connections in cylinder circuit. (Check connections against diagram)
Worn or damaged parts in steering control valve (remove valve, disassemble & inspect all parts)
Slow or hard steering:
Low reservior oil level. (Fill with Case TCH Fluid)
Worn or damaged parts in steering control valve (Remove valve, disassemble & inspect all parts)
King pins binding (lubricate king pins)
Low tire pressure. (Inflate to specified pressure)50# should do. Update when repaired...

ron marsden replace power steering pump, works great, thank for all the help
shane loosing power steering fluid in 2 transmission

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