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case 590 fuel issues

chris My case 590 came to a stop today, seemed to have run out of fuel but there was lots in it. checked the fuel filter and its probably clogged. changed it and now i cant seem to get the fuel to prime at all with the manual primer on the pump. i have tried turning it over but not a drop of fuel will come out it after many minutes of pumping. any ideas?
Re: case 590 fuel issues

Some 590's have two cannisters and one inline filters,newer ones have only one cannister and one inline,the inline filter is often overlooked,it is located between the valve on the side of the reservoir and the feed pump,secure the machine and go under it underneath where you get into the cab,look up on the side and you will see the fuel on/off valve,further up the supply line will be the inline filter,turn off the valve and remove the filter,turn on the valve to check the fuel flow before putting the new filter on,if the flow is bad remove the valve and clean it,make sure the tank is vented,with the inline filter in place change the one or two cannisters,fill them with clean fuel,open the bleed screw that's piggyback on the banjo bolt, jab the starter till pressure can be felt on the lift pump lever,loosen the return banjo bolt on the injector pump,take it out as it has got a restrictor inside,operate the priming lever till air free fuel comes from the bleeder and then the pump,put the banjo bolt back,operate the lift pump till it goes limp,start the engine.

Chris fuel comes out of the tank line no problem. it is a very new machine, less than 500 hours. only one filter. the tank vents, i can blow in it and hear the air coming our of the vent tube. primed for a very long time with no luck. tried turning the motor over to reposition the cam, no luck. this is starting to really bug me.
AJ Lets start again,there are 10 models of the 590,the first been the 590 up to about 1995,then came the 590SL,its chalk and cheese between those two machines,what is your exact model,has it yours got a inline injection pump,come back with what you got.

chris Sorry to be less then helpful in gedtting you to help me. its a 590 Super M series 2. very new...500 hours on it. I got in touch with a mechanic today, said replace the lift pump. works great now.

thanks for your help.

AJ No sweat,glad you are up and running again.
Good luck

james jacobs i have a case 590 extendahoe replaced fuel pump sencer filter about everything bleed many times now getting fuel to two fuel injectors but not the other two any advice?

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