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IH 424 Diesel Fuel pump problems

Bladimir Lopez I have a Case international 424 Diesel and I am having problems with the fuel injection pump.

Does anyone know if there is a kit for the fuel pump?
Or is there a place where I can have the pump work on. I live in Sweeny TX.77480.

I have cleaned the fuel tank and lines, change diesel fuel filter. Now the tractor is hard to start and when it starts it cannot maintain a minimum idle.

Thanks in advance for your help

AJ Your tractor has a CAV DPA rotary pump,if you have cleaned the tank and the strainer on the shut off valve and have a good flow coming through the filter there is another filter gauze in the inlet of the pump,the feed pipe has to be removed and the bigger nut underneath it,clean that,be careful not to lose any of the bits,with that filter clean and the feed pipe back on open the two bleed valves on the pump,turn the fuel on,when air free fuel comes from the bottom bleeder close it and then the top one,loosen each injector pipe nut a couple of turns and crank the engine over on the starter till the pipe nuts are spurting out fuel,tighten the pipes and start the engine,see if it is running as it should,if not the pump may need service,you will have to remove it and take it to your local fuel injection shop and have them repair it,you need to time the pump before you remove it to save the aggro of having to start at scratch when refitting it.

Bladimir lopez AJ, Thanks for the advise. But I will like to ask, if possible, that you have a picture of the locations of the purges (low and High). If you posible.

Thanks in advance for your help

Bladimir Lopez

Re: IH 424 Diesel Fuel pump problems

The two bleed screws ride piggy-back on top of two others and are the only screws on the pump like that,5/16 AF wrench needed,it is important that the system has no air in it,try bleeding it first by undoing the two screws,close the bottom first and then the top,throttle on full,loosen the injector pipes going into the side of the injector not the top,a couple of turns will do,spin the engine over till sharp spurts of fuel comes out and tighten up the pipes and see how it runs,the red dots in the picture is the bleed screws,it is not on an IH but it is the same pump.
Good luck

Bladimir lopez Thanks AJ for your help, I now have a good picture to purge the pump and bleed the air from the system.

Thanks for your help

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