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Case 680 backhoe

Albert Hendon I have an opportunity to purchase a Case 680E it runs and the hydraulics work but it wont move can you give me some help on the worth and probable cause and cost for repairs?any help will be greatly appreciated Al
Albert Hendon On 12-22 I posted a need for help on a 680E but I have not recieved anything.Is there something else I need to do?I cant find a service manual for The 680E can I please get some help?
Thanks Al

AJ Xmas is getting in the way of things,as I'm on the other side of the pond I have no idea on the value,the drive could be something as simple as the brakes locked on,are the wheels free,is there oil in the shuttle,it could have a shot tranny or torque converter,there is a coupling between the axle and tranny that could be broke or a halfshaft in the axle could have snapped,the charge pump in the shuttle or the drive spline in the torque could be any of them things or more,look underneath the machine,see if there is anything broke,check the shuttle shift control cable is moving the valve,did the owner say what happened,it's not easy to guess what could be wrong without any sort of pointer.
Happy Xmas

Albert Hendon Thanks for your reply AJ The owner said he was driving the machine and it quit moving,no noise or any thing other than it just stopped.Oil checked,no locked brake,no visible dirt,and no broken coupler.I am trying to find a service manual for 680E but all that are listed are not E The 9114678.hope you have a great Christmas and rest of trip Thank you and if you think of anything let me know when you return Al
AJ There is a manual on ebay right now,watch it's a service manual as there is lots of parts books there as well listed as manuals,now that it is known there is oil in it and things look intact I would first drain the air reservoirs in case they are full of water,check that the clutch cutout is working and not keeping the clutch disengaged,the next would be the forward reverse cable is moving the control valve,if thats all working we are down to the shuttle and the torque,it is very unlikely the shuttle F/R would fail at the same time so that brings it to the torque or charge pump,a pressure test would either condemm or eliminate the charge pump leaving only the torque,make sure that the axle is driving by lifting the back up and turning the coupling by hand,first jam one wheel then the other and see how you go from there.

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