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Case 2290 Hydraulic Charge Pump Drive Gear

David The hydraulic charge pump drive gear has a woodruff key that may shear off. In result the charge pump will not drive the main hydraulic pump. I assume that is correct.

I have the hydraulic pump off but looks like the transmission will have to be split to inspect the key or replace it. This means having to remove tractor cab, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to tell if the key is sheared or any help I need it.


AJ I am not into ag tractors and probably never seen a 2290 till I looked it up just now,however I have spent a lifetime repairing machinery,looking at the parts drawing (online parts catalogue)of the charge pump and the hydraulic pump,the hydraulic pump drive is not dependent on the key,the key is fitted in the pinion to drive the rotor of the charge pump,if that key shears the hydraulic pump would still have drive,if your tractor is driving then the charge pump is working meaning the key is ok,a pressure check is a lot easier to do than a tear down to eyeball the parts that there maybe nothing wrong with,what problem are you having.

David AJ, thank you for your reply. The hydraulic pump pressures were tested and no pressure at main hydraulic pump.

The tractor all of a sudden lost operation of the clutch and rear 3-point lift, no pressure at rear remotes. The tractor DID have power steering and hydraulic brakes.

I do not a dealer close by but called a dealer and was told the pump most likely was defective but recommended I check out the key on the charge pump shaft. I purchased a repair manual but really does not tell me anything but reading it appears the transmission will have to be split to check key.

I have a small country farm shop, this tractor somebody had changed out the hydraulic filters but I remove the screen and it was completely stopped up. I checked pressures after cleaning and still no pressure.

Again thank you for your continued support. I have been reading your past comments for quite some time.


AJ I am fairly certain there was a guy on here or some other forum with a similar problem,his trouble started when he changed the filters,he lost the lift,can't say what model tractor it was but when I looked up the filter for yours it is very similar,his pump had lost its prime,I think you have lost prime too,the gear pump I think is for the steering and brakes,you say they are working so the main pump is turning,I would check the suction side to make sure its not drawing air,remove the outlet pipe from the main pump and fill the pump with oil and try it.

David A I do not split the tractor to replace the gears. that said the gears drive all hyds. including steering (gears bad no hyds.)i have had pumps go bad but very uncommon
David Thanks David for your comments. I removed the hydraulic pump - found a hydraulic pump shop about 1-hour drive. They disassembled and call me. I went over and both the main pump and gear pump is need of replacement.

Is there any way to check the key in the charge pump without removing the cab.

case trader you could stick something in the shaft an try to turn it, i've never seen one shear, but it could, i have had to replace the gears more than once, i go through the back (you have to have PTO off anyway)and take the right side trans. inspection plate would be a lot simplier w/cab off.have you pulled charge pump?be carefull not to drop the key.
David Thanks Case Trader for your reply. I hsve not removed the Charge pump - still waiting on the pump rebuild shop. They had to order parts - should be this week.

I removed the (2) screws from outside the transmission when I removed the pump. The thrust bearing and washers looked ok. The shims I had to order and have received them.

I had to stop working on the tractor a few days to get some crops out of field.

casetrader The key you are refering to only drives the charge pump, the gears are on a splined shaft, my understanding on the pump is parts are only available from CIH even though manufactured by speery vickers parts are captive to CIH only.the compensator valve has caused me more problems than the pump.(generaly o-ring or dirt)
jpelletier does anybody know if there is anywhere in CT that work on Oliver farm tractors- the hydraulic system needs to be look at

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