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Case 580C steering pump and Engine issue

Shawn Friends,
I've posted this issue before on this site but I'm still at a lost on what the issue could be. I have installed a speedi sleave and replaced the seal on my steering pump shaft. I've had a local machine shop test the pump to determine if the seal is leaking and after pressuere testing the seal they determined the seal is fine.

I keep loosing fluid from my steering pump and at the same time my oil level keeps going up in the engine.

If the steering pump fluid is not getting past the seal on the steering pump shaft then where else could the hydraulic fluid be going for the steering pump? And where else could the hydraulic fluid be getting into the engine block????????? I'm confident it is hydraulic fluid in the engine oil and not water.

I'm hestitant to operate the backhoe in fear I may damage something in the engine due to the oil level being over full. Also I'm getting frustrated at having to fill the steering pump frequently.

I welcome any and all suggestions at this point.

Thanks Shawn

AJ You have been having trouble with that leak for some time now,the machine shop that tested your pump did they stimulate the pump been on the engine and test it to its working pressure of 1500-1700 psi,the only way that the steering fluid can get into the oil is by the shaft seal or a crack in the housing,the bushes that carry the imput shaft must have no play in them,if they are worn too much the seal will not hold the fluid back,the only other thing is has anyone tampered with the relief valve,it needs to blow off when the wheels go to full lock,I do want to advise you to get a new pump as I am not able to examine the machine to determine what is wrong,there is oil dyes used for tracing oil leaks on the market,plenty people that I have come across have used engine oil in the steering with no ill effects.

Shawn Thanks AJ. The machine shop put 500 psi on it which is below normal operating pressure. He indicated the pump operated as if it was new. So my next step is to get some oil dye and see what happens when i put it in the steering pump.

Do you have an email address I could email you directly?

Thanks Shawn

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