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Case 585 - Hydraulic Issues

Ryan Hi Folks-

We've been working on this issue on and off for a couple days now trying to figure out what's wrong with our '85 Case 585 with 4750 hours on it.

A brief description of the issues:

The first time we noticed the problem, The Case ran real good in the morning, we were using an auger to put some posts in, ran about 4 hours straight with no issues (other than breaking our last shear bolts for the auger). Parked her, shut her off, went in for lunch and then an impromptu run to the parts store to pick up some shear bolts , came back out started her up ater ~2 hours of downtime and BAM no power steering, bucket lifting very slowly and the transmission was slow/reluctant to engage. We ran her for a good 1/2 hour trying to get her to warm up, it was about 28 degrees out today--thinking that the hydraulic fluid was just gummed up a bit, but no change in how it operated.

Since then, we've checked the fluid levels-perfectly fine. We thought the Multiple Control Valve spool was at issue-- it was jammed up a bit, and apparently it's a big problem historically with the 585/685 Cases' according to the Case service department. But we managed to get the spool loose and it is now sliding freely. We drained the fluid and changed the hydraulic filter.

So this is where we're at now. Since we re-added the same used (practically brand new, less than 10 hours on it) hydraulic fluid, we can't get the bucket to lift, the three point hitch to lift (new problem, it worked before), or the power steering to engage after running her for about 10 minutes and doing what the manual says to bleed the air from the lines (moving controls for the bucket up and down / moving steering wheel).

Any ideas on what's wrong, or what to try next?!?!?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



AJ I'm not into ag tractors but from I make of what you are saying is that you have lost all hydraulics,the maybe reasons could be ice in the oil pickup,main relief valve stuck open or o'ring blown on the body,or the pump has an issue,I would have a look at the main valve first,when you take it out crank the engine over and see if oil is pumped from where the valve was,(do not let the engine start keep the stop pulled)if you do get oil pumped out there you have a problem in the control valve but alas I am not familiar enough with the tractor to suggest where,if no oil comes from the valve port the pump is suspect,it is either not getting oil to pump or is unable to pump it.
Good luck

Ryan Thanks for your insight, AJ.

Got the main spool taken out of the Multiple Control Valve, moving freely now. Also got the system primed by jacking up the front end so the wheels could move freely to prime the system.

So now the bucket works (slowly), the three point hitch works, BUT the power steering can't get the wheels to turn.

When we use the bucket to raise the front end off the ground, the wheels will turn very easily. When we put the wheels back on the ground, we can't get the wheels to turn no matter how we turn the wheel. Any ideas about what this is?!

Could this be indicative of a worn hydraulic pump? It doesn't have the power to raise the bucket quickly anymore, and it can't turn the power steering, but the three point linkage is light so it raises it no problem?

Thanks for any ideas people might have to share.

mk had some of the same issues. check all relief valves!! I replaced a perfectly good pump for no reason, it was a bad valve, cost a lot less.
marcbeloeil I have a similar problem also. At first when tractor has been used during few hours, all hydraulic system stop to work (loader, pto 3 points hitch and p.steering). I have stopped the tractor, to let it cool and everything returned to normal after.
I replaced the hydraulic filter yesterday and now seem to have air in the system because nothing work anymore. Ive tried to bleed the system ( moved the tractor, played with the steering and bucket sticks).
Nothing work.
My tractor is 585 2x4 year 1987 no cab

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