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1986 Case 580 super E won't start

Richard McLaughlin I have a 1986 Case 580 super E that will not start in the cold weather, when I turn the key nothing happens, it has two brand new batteries. I went overseas last December and returned 3 weeks ago, before I left I posted a message about this problem and a man wrote back and said it may be the neutral safety switch beneath the floor boards, but I can't go back far enough in the forum to find out what he told me to do. If someone may know how to rectify this problem I would appreciate it.
Thank You
Richard McLaughlin

AJ There is a neutral start safety switch on the shuttle,it is located on the right side near the back of the shuttle,go under in front of the right side back wheel and look up,its got two wires attached to it,use an alligator clip or jumper wire to connect the switch wires and get a second person to turn the key,if the engine cranks you will know the switch is faulty,if not come back.

Richard McLaughlin AJ
I was unable to find any type of switch on the right side, but did find two wires going into a housing at the base of the shuttle shift on the left side, there are no terminals tough , just two wires coming out and sliced together with connectors. I can't find any type of schematic in my manual, do you know if there is a manual I can purchase which would show this item ?
Thank You

AJ Look at the drawing above,the neutral start is behind the oil filler/dipstick tube (the tube is not shown in the drawing),have you dash lights and headlights etc,there is a circuit breaker on the right side of the engine between the starter and alternator,check it has not popped out,if it has push it back in,see how you go.

Re: 1986 Case 580 super E won't start

Forgot the drawing

Richard McLaughlin AJ,
I think I found the neutral safety switch, I jumped it out but it made no difference, I found 2 wires at the base of the shuttle shift that had been spliced, I disconnected those wires and after a little while it started, but the outside air temp had also warmed up quite a bit so maybe that's why it turned over, I have no idea what purpose those wires serve at the base of the shuttle shift, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the operation of the machine being disconnected, if you have any ideas I'd appreciate the input.
Thank You

AJ The only wires I can think of around the shuttle are the two for the clutch-cutout,two for the neutral start,one for the shuttle oil temperature and two for the parking brake on warning if fitted,now that you know the neutral start switch is not the trouble you need to find the starter relay,it will between the n/s switch and the starter motor,I can't remember where it was located,the early models of the machine did not have a relay,power went from the key switch to the N/S switch on to the starter,the new version with the relay was wired different,the relay had power it its in terminal,when the key was turned to start power was sent to the relay to close it,the ground for the relay was made through the N/S switch,when the relay closed power is sent to the starter solnoid,you can see the relay in the parts drawing but it does not say where it is.

I'll look at thoese items and see if I have any luck

I can get the machine to start in cold weather if I hold a propane torch to the neutral safety switch for a few seconds, so I'm guessing moisture must get in there and freeze the contacts, is repairing it a simple matter of replacing the switch, or would moisture still be a problem?

Johan van Zyl If I may ask a looks like you know the machine well. I recently bought a 580G and am having problems with the fwd and reverse shifter. Recently a mechanic told me that the problem may be the clutch cutout solenoid as it is stuck in a fwd position. The shifter is moving backwards and forwards but no response. After inspection I found five loose wires in the clutch cutout solenoid area. If I look at the picture and comments above I see you mention 5 wires. My question is - do you know what colour wire goes to which part? Thanks!

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