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Case 580K starting problem

Bernie Mann Hello, I just purchased a 1986 Case Backhoe 580K. The previous owner had rigged up a separate switch to activate the starter because the ignition switch turned on the power, but wouldn't activate the starter. I purchased a new Case Ignition Switch (Case p/n D134737), hooked up the wires, but the result was the same. All the leads are tight. What could prevent the key switch from activating the starter?

Bernie Mann
Guffey, Colorado

AJ The machine is fitted with a neutral start switch on the shuttle,go under the machine,see the drawing above,when the shuttle is in neutral the switch should be closed and carry power on to the starter relay,to test the switch put the wires together,the relay is under the flap in front of the windscreen on the left as you look down when facing the screen,when the key is turned to the start position power is sent to the neutral start switch and on to the relay,the relay closes power goes to the starter solenoid and the engine should turn over,if not check the light wire connected to the starter,it should be hot when the key is in the start position,if not work your way back,you will feel the relay jump if you have your fingers on it while a second person operates the key,a simple test lamp is handy to check for power at the neutral start switch,there are some multi plugs that can cause trouble,trace the loom and when you find the plug beside the transmission give it a squeeze.

Re: Drawing

Forgot the drawing

Bernie Mann Thanks was the neutral start great now! But I did a dumb thing! The brake pedal went all the way to the floor and the previous owner said he'd parked it on a hill all winter, and they needed bleeding. So I was bleeding the brakes and needed more fluid in the reservoir and added regular automotive DOT brake fluid. Then I read the operators manual and it said use TCH Fluid. Now I have a lot of DOT fluid in the system. How bad did I mess up and what damage did I do? Is it necessary to drain the system and add the TCH fluid? If so, do you have any suggestions?

Bernie Mann

AJ You will have done no damage as nowerdays no fluid sold by law will damage a system,just bleed it out and put in the TCH.

steve i need help AJ
Terry Need help
I have a 1990 Case 580K backhoe. The clutch disengage doesnít work now and I can only start it by putting the right signal light on. The odd time it will work proper and start as well normally. Could it be the relay switch, which is located under the fuse panel in the interior side panel thatís messing things up. So far I have had the plug unit with all the wires under the cab rewired since it was very corroded and still has the same problem. No clutch disengage and need the right turn signal to start it and my four way lights and signal lights do not work as well..
Thanks Terry

Michael Krzenski Where is the magnetic starter switch located on 580k no fuse panel in engine compartment
jason need help engine was sent in for new rings but refuses to start checked and changed all fuel and injectors and pump seems to be over fueling

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