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580D No Brakes

Roger Recently bought a 580D cheap but it has no brakes. The parking brake does work. I have a service manual also. I am a little mechanically inclined.
AJ The parking brake is seperate from the foot brakes,the brakes are hydraulic with two master cylinders and two slave cylinders,ie 1 for each side,on the road you would have the pedals locked together so both brakes were applied when you pressed a pedal,there are a few things that could be wrong causing them not to work,if you have a good pedal there could be oil on the discs,the brakes are inboard from the wheels,they are in a housing just in front of the back axle,it is common for the oil seal to leak transmission oil into the housing and then the brake won't grip,the if the pedals are going to the floor it could be that the cylinders are empty,fill them with the same oil as goes in the hydraulics,Case TCH,you will find a bleed nipple on each slave cylinder on top of the brake housing,bleed the brakes and see if you can get a good pedal,refer to your manual about the adjustment.

Roger Thanks for the response AJ. I do have good pedals and I do see oil on the left side where the brake is located. Read where I will need to replace an o ring or a seal? Is this doable with a service manual?
AJ Yes,the left side is easier than the right if the machine is fitted with a diff lock which most were,with a diff lock there is another little housing attached to the brake housing cover,in it is a simple dog gear,there is an extra seal on that side in the hollow shaft that the diff lock shaft comes through.

Roger AJ,
Thank you once again for your help. If I could ask some more questions. Do I need to remove the floor to really be able to see and work? Do I need to drain oil from transmission or brake system? Are there any tips or tricks?


AJ No need to drain the oil,if the floor comes out it is easier to work looking down than up,I have done them from underneath but had a pit to work in.

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