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case 430 won't stay running please help tried everything!

paul I have a 430 draft o matic. It used to run great. Lately it is getting worse. The list of repairs is getting longer by the day. replaced fan blade (had to). Carb was leaking so was shut off valve. Replaced gaskets, needles, everything in carb. sealed gas tank, thought that would take care of running problem. It didn't replaced distributor cap, wires, plugs. still no solution. Was running well cold when sitting in idle, could take a couple laps around with b-hog until engine completely warmed up then completely got worse totally shuts off. I removed the head to see what was going on, looked normal. I put back together lined up distributor thinking maybe it was off somewhat, didn't help. Now it runs worse than it ever has will not stay running even cold for very long at all. Also, I replaced the battery, in between there also. By the way the intake manifold is completely freezing after running for a few minutes. I can't figure this out. I need someone's else's input. Do not know what the normal settings would be for the air intake and governor needles. Please help, completely frustrated!!
yt55 Do a slow process of verification.First determine if it is an electrical problem. When the engine is running badly check to see if you have a good hot blue spark. Your description of attempted repairs does not say anything about replacing the ignition coil.The symptoms you describe suggest that could be the problem.If you have a good spark and it is timed correctly then it has to be a fuel problem.Make sure you have a good flow going to the carburetor. be sure the gas cap vent is open. A plugged one could cause the engine to run good until a vacuum builds in the gas tank.If all those things are OK then it is a carburetor problem. A good initial setting for the main jet is 1&1/2 turns out from being lightly screwed all the way in.Do a through cleaning on the carburetor. Be sure all the passages are clear especially the jets. Frost on the OUTSIDE of an updraft intake manifold is normal.That is why many engines have exhaust gases directed in different ways to heat the manifold. Pour a couple of cans of fuel line deicer in the gas tank. You may have a frost problem INSIDE the intake manifold.
paul kieffer ok thanks
steve m bevis dont forget points and condenser, condenser was a common problem on these
burt I have the exact tractor and have had the exact problems. BUT mine was getting hot on top of the problems you said but not TOO hot. Till one day the entire radiator fill neck blew across my yard while I was mowing! I pulled the radiator out to repair and found some Idiot wedged a thermostat in the radiator hose! which didn't cause a problem until then! I replaced that with a new hose (no thermostat) She runs cooler and with more power than ever! Also take the points and condenser out of it and stomp on them and install the ingitor II kit and you will be hapier! But overall they seem to be a moody little tractor.
bob c on a ford 8n the batt is pos ground and if you put the batt on backwards it does the sams thing that your case is doing--it will run for awhile and then stop. some of the older cases had(have a poss ground

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