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case davis scatback 430

jason adams I have a case davis scatback 430 front end loader. This model has a wisconsin 4 cyl, is air cooled, hydrostatic drive and four wheel drive. I am guessing it was made in the 1970s. Does anybody know where I can get a service manual for one of these? I thank you for your help.
Scott VanDenHout I have found a Parts manual its part number is H5314 and can be ordered from a case industrial/construction equipment dealer. I to am looking for a service manual. I was told NO documentation existed for this equipment however once I found this part number online they ordered me the parts manual LOL. So even if we can get a part number for the service manual at least we can order one up
Jim Wilson I have a Davis Scatback 430 for sale. It is good for parts or to restore. Tires are good. E-mail to or call me at 503-784-6291. Jim
Kevin Ciza I purchased one of these machines last week and have some questions? There is a lever missing on the hydraulic motor. I'm trying to fabricate one but don't know the shape or function. Some pictures would be very help full.I'm also looking for a parts manual. My dealer told me that it is no longer available by the number in a previous listing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Mark K. You still in need of pictures, I have one I could snap some pics for you
Charles Miller Need service/repair manual for a Case Davis Scatback 430 articulated end loader. This is not a Construction King model. Has hydraulic foot controls to control forward and back movement of the loader. We are experiencing problems with the hydrosatic neutral position. The unit is having a problem with motion control between reverse and forward. We are not finding a neutral position needed to start the loader.
chris c We bought a scatback new in 1977. It's been a fine machine and I could answer alot of these questions. I have the parts book and owner/service manual. I need 2 parts for the drive gearbox. Gear H189621 and shaft H189639. Any help would be appreciated
chris c As I said earlier, we bought our 430new in 1977 and I'm the only operator and also do the repairs so I've seen just about every problem. I have the books in hand but they're original and some part nos. may be superceded. Jason and Scott, service book is 005306 parts book is HOO5314 Kevin, arm on drive motor is hi/lo speed but ours never worked very well since new. lever is H588384 bracket is H256685 Charles, neutral switch was also problem since new, dealer could never get it to work properly so I removed it--just don't start machine unless you're seated! Also,control cable may be worn--my machine gets used 2-3 days a week so it lasts about 5 yrs. H588376 but cheaper to have it made locally. Drive gears and chain about every 4-5 yrs--top sprocket is very expensive so I machined it down on the lathe and buy and machine plate sprockets to fit. I hope this helped--now I have to find gear H189621 and shaft H189639
D . Dillman
Re: case davis scatback 430

I have a scatback runs out very good, tires are 90plus%. also has bucket and forks, center pin and bushings just replaced, also hyd cyls just rebuilt. its FOR SALE contact if interested.

bernie anderson how mutch are you asking
Jim R any suggestions on where to go for part for the bucket hydraulic control valves? I believe my bucket control valve just failed, would like to find a source for some possible parts before opening it up.
Dean Hammon Call Dean at 419-633-2465 if you have a Scatback 430 for sale, wants parts or used running machine.
Ken Hey Jim, did you get what you need to fix your loader? I just bought one and need the drive gear parts. i have a parts manual on the way and a service manual in hand if you need anything. Thanks, Ken
Neil McAskill I am looking for a condtrol cable from the forward reverse peddle to directional control on the engine. Can anybody tell me a source for these cables.
Rick carden I have a 430 ,I need a steering control valve! Any information
Would be appreciated. Rick @863-446-2330

Brian Milliken I go to the Case dealer when I need parts for my 430. Haven't been disappointed yet.
John Miller
Re: case davis scatback 430

Case Davis Scatback 430 for sale: New 30HP Wisconsin 4-cylinder engine installed a few years ago and put about 50 hours on it....bought a newer diesel unit to replace it. Just had the engine tuned-up and the oil change, new battery installed, changed the hydraulic fluid. Runs like a champ. Needs new tires....$6,000 or best offer (903) 880-8658

mike deering looking to buy much can it lift? is it a good snow pusher?thx
pj macias Chris C. what was your tractor doing. My tractor is hopping somehwher in the gearbox. Anybody have this problem? The change seems to want to jump the sprocket and looks crooked.
Frank Aluzzi
Re: case davis scatback 430

I have a brand new Davis Scatback 430. Does anybody Know how much it's worth in money? How much should I ask for it? Thank you for your help

Rod Wall I have a Case Davis scatback 430 model VH4D I would like to sell. Runs great, engine rebuilt, new tires. I am located in central PA if someone is interested. It came with the property that I just bought but really don't have a big need for it.
dean hamman Do you any pictures? give me a call.
Brian t I am looking for a scatback 430 running or parts . Brian 612-384-7700
pete miller need a drive pump any one have one for sale
todd glassey I need to find a hydraulics diagram for the original SC430. We picked one up in parts and have it totally rebuilt now but the SC430 manual we got is missing those two pages.

Any chance any of you have that info and if not could we get you to photograph your setup so we can look at it?


//Todd Glassey

Doug I have a 430 scatback which I had intentions of redoing.Due to financial issues, I need to sell. I have about $600
Doug I have a 430 scatback which I had intentions of redoing.Due to financial issues, I need to sell. I have about $600 into so far. Not really sure what it's worth, but all hydraulics look good. Not running condition though. Good for parts or restore. Thanks
Bob I'm looking to buy a 430 scatback. Does anyone still have one for sale. (I can't tell from the posts how old they are). Thanks
john Doug.
this is a long shot, but do you still have the 430 scatback for sale?
I am rebuilding one and need a few parts. so running or not, not a big deal.

do you still have it available? how much and where?

I am looking for the two hydraulic cylinders that help stabilize the machine as it goes across rough ground.
Also, the gear on the drive shaft, the chain, and the gear and shaft in that the chain rides on at the gear box.
as well as the hydraulic valve that controls the bucket.

Thanks all.

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