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Case 580C fuel sensor

Ray Ramos
The fuel gauge in my 580C backhoe is not working. I have tried to trace the circuit from the sensor in the gas tank to the gauge in the cab and have run into problem finding the sensor. How do I get to it and how do I test it. what is the ohms reading or any other peertinent test to check it. Any help will be appreciated

Re: Case 580C fuel sensor

The sender unit is in the top of the fuel tank to the right side of the filler neck(see drawing)I can't remember if it can be accessed with the tank in situ, the fuel gauge works like all the other warning lights,when the key is switched on power is sent to one side of the gauge or bulb,ground is made from the other side of the gauge/bulb by the wires going to the sender units,in the case of the fuel gauge sender the ground is made through a resistor,the shorter the distance the ground has to go through the resistor the better the ground and the higher the gauge reads,see the wire attached to the sender unit is connected and is tight,to test the gauge and the wiring clip a jumper wire on to the sender unit wire and ground the end,switch on the key,the fuel gauge should read full,if it does not move there is a problem between the sender and the gauge,find the wire on the gauge that goes to the sender and check it for continuance,to test the gauge put the jumper wire on to the ground side and to ground and switch on,it should read full,if not check to see that the other side is getting power,it should be if the warning lights come on as it is on the same circuit.

Ray Ramos Thank you AJ, with your explanation and the drawing I can go forth with the project. I was just looking at the fuel tank placement and I could not see how you can get at the sensor without taking the whole machine apart. There is a small cover in the area of the sensor from top of the hood maybe be I can reach it from there. I'll wait for a nice day and I will tackle it. Thanks again.


AJ I cannot remember ever taking out the sender but the tank is a right pain,the engine has to come out of the way,some people cut the crossmember out that goes over the tank and reweld it back,dealing with contractors machines every day and I don't see much over five year old its a test for the memory to remember what went on thirty year olds.

wendel My 91 case backhoe just cut off on me.An want restart,its full of fuel but want crank.The fuel pump has fuel coming in but not going out.Someone told me it has a reset switch somewhere is this true if so could you tell me where thanks.

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